Astra Lost in Space Season 2: Will It Ever Return Back?

Astra Lost In Space is one of the very popular anime upon its arrival and is considered one of the best space shows in anime series. Now, fans began to ask about Astra Lost In Space Season 2 right after the conclusion of its debut season. For two years after the debut, the review from the show and the plotline are quite underrated and definitely deserves more attention from the audience. It has a lot of things to offer to its viewers. So, we still waiting for the second season of this popular show.

Astra Lost In Space, also known as Kanata no Asutora, is a Japanese sci-fi space anime series. It is an adaptation of a manga series with the same name written by Kenta Shinohara back in 2016 and aired until 2017 with a total of 5 volumes published. Lerche Studio followed the manga series for the anime adaptation that made its debut in July 2019 until September in the same year directed by Masaomi Andou. It ran only for twelve episodes and now we waiting for the Astra Lost in Space Season 2.

Astra Lost in Space Season 1: Recap Story

Astra Lost in Space Season 2

In the future of 2063, space travel has become possible and commercially viable. Now a group of students from Caird High School departs to the nearby planet of McPa for their Planetary Camp. Soon after the group arrives on the planet, the nine children encounter a mysterious and unforeseen intelligent sphere of light. Also, it attacks them, transporting them into the distant depths of space. Floating in orbit around an unknown planet, they discover an old abandoned spacecraft nearby. 

Finding it in working order, they resolve to use the ship to return home. To do so, they must cross the 5,012 light-year gulf of space separating them from home by visiting alien planets harboring life to replenish and manage their limited resources. The long and dangerous journey home aboard their vessel, which they name Astra, brings with it new character revelations, strengthening the bonds they share, and the eventual realization that the stakes of their journey are far higher than any of them could ever have realized.

Astra Lost in Space Season 2: Renewal Status

Astra Lost in Space Season 2

The debut installment of the anime received a lot of good reviews from the audience. It was well received by the critics as well. The show got plenty of compliments for its perfect storyline, along with some excellent background music. The environment was also very chilling and relaxing. No wonder why the fans are getting desperate to see more of this show. However, the production studio and the creators haven’t revealed anything about Astra Lost In Space Season 2 so far. It has been two years, and there are still no words from the officials. 

The anime was adapted from the manga series that began in May 2016. It only ran for a year and ended in December 2017 after publishing a total of five volumes. Now, the first season of the anime series almost uses all the content from the source material. Therefore, Lerche Studio does not have any source material left for the production of Astra Lost In Space Season 2. The manga series already concluded three years back, which means there won’t be any new manga volumes releasing in the future as well.

Astra Lost in Space Season 2: Release Date

Astra Lost in Space Season 2

With the high rating and lots of fan base, they are waiting for the release of its sequel. However, the production studio does not have any source material left to adapt for the following season, whereas the mangaka is not giving us any sign to return to make the sequel. Therefore, without enough content, it won’t be possible for the makers to renew Astra Lost In Space Season 2. So, in current circumstances, it is almost certain that the anime series will not return. Our best guess, Astro Lost in Space only have couples OVAs episodes.