Anna is the Creator of And Then We Saved. Combined, her methods have helped readers get out of millions in debt in just a couple years! 

Her book, The Spender’s Guide to Debt-Free Living: How a Spending Fast Helped Me Get From Broke to Badass in Record Time, has given thousands of people hope and has helped them FINALLY get out of debt once-and-for-all. She's dedicated to teaching women how they can empower themselves through financial autonomy. 

Her Spending Fast method provides a clear path to get out of debt faster than you ever dreamed was possible

Anna is an author and real estate agent that specializes in residential real estate in Denver, Colorado.

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Anna Newell Jones Author and Real Estate Agent Denver Colorado

A Note from Anna:  

Hi, I’m Anna, I live in gorgeous Denver, Colorado with my son, Henry. We love to eat sweets and hang out with our old dog, Humpty.  

My blog, And Then We Saved, started as a way to keep me accountable as I navigated through my brand-new Spending Fast®. I was sick of feeling like crap about myself and the mess I had gotten myself into. I was sick of not being able to be fully honest and truthful in my relationships. I was tired of hiding who I really was.    

After my fiance (now former-husband) decided he couldn't share an account with me because of the way he saw me spending it woke me up. It was the sign I needed. It showed me that I wasn't fooling anyone. When I wasn't ignoring the debt, it weighed heavy on me. I didn't see any way out and it got a say in every area of my life. In a lot of ways I thought that since I'd always have debt, that I would definitely be dying with it and that "I might as well just enjoy myself!" Of course that kind of thinking only made the problem worse.

Before too long the weight of my debt had become unbearable and I was desperate to get out of it.  

Budgets and cutting back hadn't worked for me so I thought maybe a Spending Fast could work. At the time, (2010) there were no books or blogs on How to do a Spending Fast so I figured out the bare bones of how I'd structure my Spending Fast and then... I just went for it.  

I messed up a lot along the way and I was just as surprised as anyone when my plan worked. AND, it worked SUPER fast. How fast? I was able to get out of $23,605.10 in debt in just 15 months. And, you'll never believe this, but I did it all by myself on my 33k salary as a clerk for the state of Colorado.  

Because it worked so well for me, I'm now on a mission to help others get out of debt super fast too.  

Let me tell you, life is SO much better without debt. You deserve to know what that feels like so you can be who you were put on this earth to be. So you can pursue your passions and really, just be happy and content. You owe it to yourself.  

You can read my full story in my book, The Spender's Guide to Debt-Free Living: How a Spending Fast Helped Me Get From Broke to Badass in Record Time. It includes some gnarly personal, never-before-told stories about what it was really like to do a Spending Fast day-to-day. This is the get out of debt book that will change your life. 

One Last Word:  

Being in debt is an isolating, shame-triggering experience. I know, because I’ve been there. While our situations might be different I encourage you to look for the similarities in our stories rather than the differences. The feelings associated with having debt, are universal, no matter what the total amount of debt is. Please know you are not alone. Use our closed Spending Fasters community to find your people. Talk with them, commiserate with them, cheer each other along, and before you know you'll be well on your way to living a debt-free life. You really can do this!


- Anna

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