Ultimate Audible Review: How It Works

Ultimate Audible Review: How it Works

Whether you’re looking for a summer beach read, want to read more, or are looking for something to do other than watch TV, then Audible might be an excellent app for you to use.

Audible, one of the top suppliers of audiobooks, allows readers to listen to many of their favorite books, all for one monthly price. Are you interested in listening to books rather than reading them?

If so, then keep reading for our honest Audible review.

What Is Audible?

Audible is Amazon’s audiobook provider. With monthly subscription as well as single-purchase options, the app allows users to listen to their favorite books while on the go.

Audible books are either read by the authors or well-trained third-party readers. Some famous performers who have read other people’s books for Audible include David Spade, Gabourey Sidibe, Trevor Noah, and more. Authors that have read their works include Michelle Obama, Anthony Bourdain, and Carrie Fisher.impression

How Does Audible Work?

Audible requires a couple of things to sign up. The first is that users must sign up with their Amazon account. You do not need to have the paid Prime membership but must be an Amazon customer.

Second, you must download the Audible app on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or another listening device.

Getting Started

The easiest way to sign up for audible is by either downloading the app or navigating to audible.com. You will need to sign in with an existing Amazon account or create one.

After you are signed in, you will be able to see your available credits in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You will start with one credit and can use it to purchase your first audiobook right away.

First Month

Every Audible account gets their first month for free. This means that, while the app will ask for your billing information, you will not pay for the app until your second month. You may select your first audiobook to download.

Once you have purchased the audiobook, you will have lifetime access to it. If you download the audiobook in the app, you will be able to listen to it offline as well.

Each Month

Depending on your membership level, you will receive as little as one credit per month and up to 24 credits per year. Users may also keep their Audible accounts active and choose not to have a membership.

If you choose this option, you will pay the full price for your audiobooks instead of the monthly membership fee.

Audible Membership Levels – How Much Does Audible Cost?

Audible has five subscription membership levels as well as a free membership. The free membership gives users access to the Audible app, and they can make full-price purchases of any available audiobooks.

Each membership gives customers access to tokens. Each token is redeemable for one audiobook. The monthly and annual plans are as follows:

  • Gold Monthly – The Gold Monthly subscription plan automatically bills users $14.95 per month. In exchange, users get one credit per month. Unused credits remain active for one full year, and users may cancel this plan at any time. Users of this membership plan will also get access to 30% off any additional audiobooks they purchase as well as other perks including access to premium podcasts, daily deals, and complimentary newspaper subscriptions.
  • Gold Annual – Similar to the Gold Monthly membership, users receive 12 credits to use per year but get all of them at the time of purchase. In addition, subscribers receive two Audible Originals from a curated selection each month, and users can keep all their audiobook credits, even if they cancel. This plan is billed once a year at $149.50. This brings the cost per audiobook down to $12.45. Members of this plan also receive benefits such as 30% off any additional audiobooks they purchase, podcasts, and newspaper subscriptions.
  • Platinum Monthly – The Platinum Monthly plan bills subscribers $22.95 per month in exchange for two Audible credits. This brings the cost per audiobook to $11.48. Users can roll over their unused credits month to month, but they expire 12 months after the date of purchase. Members of this plan receive the same benefits as the previous two plans.
  • Platinum Annual – The Platinum Annual plan bills users annually at $229.50. Users receive 24 credits upfront and have 12 months to use the credits before they expire. This is the best deal of all the plans, as it brings the cost of each audiobook to $9.56. Members of this plan receive the same benefits as all the other monthly and annual plans.
  • Audible Escape Subscription – The Audible Escape Subscription is a unique membership plan. This subscription allows users to borrow romance books. Users are limited to borrowing up to 10 books at a time. To access this subscription, users must already have the Kindle Unlimited or another Audible plan. This add-on plan costs $6.95 per month. If users do not have a Kindle Unlimited or other Audible plan, this subscription costs $12.95 per month.


Using the App

If you have used other audio apps or even the Amazon app, the Audible app is intuitive to use.

How To Browse Audible

When you are in the app or a browser window, you will see ‘Browse Audible’ at the top. If you hover your mouse or click on the ‘Browse Audible’ tab, you will see a menu that includes audiobook categories, best sellers, new releases, and more.

If you are looking for a great deal, sales and promotional offers are listed on the home page and are exclusive to people who enroll in an Audible membership. If you are looking for a more personalized list of recommendations, you will see suggested books based on your Audible and Kindle purchases on your home screen as well.

Audible Originals

Most Audible memberships include access to two Audible Originals per month. Audible Originals are exclusive books produced in the Audible studios. To find these titles, look for the star in the Audible app. You will then be able to download the Amazon Original title.

How to Purchase Additional Audiobooks

Users may purchase audiobooks in addition to their monthly credits. All plan subscribers get 30% off any additional audiobooks they purchase.

To buy an additional audiobook, you will browse Audible as you usually would. When you click on a book you’d like to download; you will see your payment options. Instead of using credits as you usually would, you will authorize the purchase via your credit card instead.

How To Maximize Audible Listening Time

Many audiobooks take five to 10 hours to listen to. Some people may not think that they have this much time to sit and listen to an audiobook each month. However, there are several ways to maximize your listening time.

  • You can listen to audiobooks that you have downloaded offline, so if you go for a walk or run with headphones in, you can listen to an audiobook while getting exercise.
  • If you have a commute, listen to an audiobook instead of the radio.
  • Download an audiobook before taking a road trip. You’ll have several hours to listen to a story or lessons while driving.
  • If you want something to listen to while working on a home project or cooking a meal, you can listen to audible instead of music.

Should I Use Audible?

Now that you know how Audible works, you might be asking yourself if you should commit to a membership. Deciding if a new subscription is right for you might come down to weighing your options, so we’ve laid out a few pros and cons for you.


There are plenty of great reasons to use Audible. These include:

  • The first month is free, so you can decide if you love listening to audiobooks before committing to a subscription.
  • The price of $14.95 or less per book is less than most physical copies of books, and costs less than most audiobooks available on the Audible website.
  • Audiobooks are easy to listen to while doing other activities, making it easy to consume information when you don’t have time to sit and read.


Of course, Audible isn’t for everyone. Here are a few setbacks:

  • Sometimes, the readers do not convey the meaning of the audiobook as well as you would if you were reading it. Be sure to read reviews on the narration as well as the quality of the book before using a credit.
  • The Audible recommendations are not always up your alley. It might take the algorithm a while to figure out what you enjoy, so you might have to put in a little bit of work to find a book that you want to listen to.


The Bottom Line

Audible is the largest audiobook retailer and producer in the United States. It has over 200,000 titles that users can choose from, and both monthly and annual subscribers have access to these titles at an affordable price.

If you are considering an Audible membership, it is free to try, so we recommend signing up today.

Sign up for Audible today.





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