Auto Mechanic Shares Life Hack for Installing Ball Joints: He Freezes Them

ball joint for car

If you've ever completed a DIY car repair, you know it always takes way longer than you initially thought. My dad used to joke that it always takes at least twice as long as you're hoping and will take at least one extra trip to the auto parts store before you're done.

Auto repairs can be frustrating, and when you run into issues you weren't expecting, it's time to get creative. That's what this TikTok mechanic did when he ran into a problem installing his car's ball joints.

Instead of suffering through the installation, he decided to try and freeze his ball joints so they would go into space more easily. How did he do it?

Watch his full video for his hack:

@hails_on_mars It just slids right in 🤣 #balljointpress #carpartchallenge #acuracars ♬ original sound – SpongeBob background music


How Exactly Does This Hack Work?

Here's what I am speculating:

First, freeze the ball joint. This is not more complicated than just setting it in the freezer for a few hours. You may want to put the ball joint in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture.

Once you're ready for the installation, grab your usual tools like your gloves, hammer, and safety goggles. Then, you'll need to remove the old ball joint and follow the manufacturer's instructions since each vehicle is different.

Typically, you must detach the control arm and steering knuckle first, but a repair manual or YouTube video might have the exact instructions for your car.

When the old ball joint is out, clean the mounting points and prepare your frozen ball joint for installation. Align the ball joint to the mounting point and gently hammer it in place.

Why Does This Work?

Science tells us that when metal freezes, the extreme cold causes the metal to shrink slightly, which means it will fit easier into the mounting point. And as it cools, the ball joint will expand back to its proper size. The cold temperature also makes the ball joint slide in more smoothly than it would at room temperature.

Once it's all in, make sure it's secure and functions correctly, and voila! You are good to go.

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