Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2: Will It Ever Return

It’s almost been one year since the conclusion of the debut season of Azur Lane, and fans are really curious and asking for Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2. Some viewers really liked this show, whereas it was a complete disappointment for some. The run time of its episodes is only eight minutes. As a result, the audience wants to see more of this series. So, will this anime ever return?

Azur Lane Slow Ahead, also known as Azur Lane Bisoku Zenshin, is a Japanese action-comedy anime series. It is the remake of the 4-Koma manga series of the same name. Yostar Picture and Candy Box studio jointly animated the first season directed by Masato Jinbo. The anime made its debut in January 2021. It concluded in March 2021, after running for twelve episodes plus an OVA episode. Back in 2019, there was also the Azur Lane anime series, but most of them actually came from the game series with the same name.

Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 1: Recap Story

Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2

The anime follows the story of four girls who are the protagonists of the Azur Lane Bisoku Zenshin game. It is another show full of cute girls. There is no particular plot in it. The show consists of a lot of fanservice, and there was some ecchi fan service too in the earlier episodes. However, the series did feature a different side of several of its characters. Each episode only runs for eight minutes. 

Therefore, the makers didn’t get a chance to develop a good plot as the runtime is way too less. Also, the animation and background sounds of Azur Lane are also pretty average. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exceptional either. The same goes for the entire anime series too. We know that this anime was mostly based on a fighting game, so there are not a lot of stories. It was mostly coming from studios, publishers, and other images to make this anime alive.

Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2: Renewal Status

Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2

Most of the viewers of this show gave it a positive or a mixed response. The critics also gave it the same response. So, the response of this anime is arguably good enough to give it another shot. Besides, the show is popular but not that much. And the production company still has some content from the 4-Koma manga to create Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2. So, the chances for the anime’s second season to happen are good but not very high. If the demand increases for its sequel, it will likely get another run. 

But unfortunately, there are also some reasons why this anime will not ever return. Firstly, the first season already has a good and resolved epilog. Another thing to mention is the profit that the publisher gained from this anime was not very profitable. So there was little chance this anime would return. The third reason, the publisher also has not announced the next season yet, even though this anime was just released. The last reason, we know the anime series usually come to make the source material popular. In this case, they already did, and it was not mandatory to continue the series.

Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2: Release Date

Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2

It is hard to predict the release date of this show before its official renewal. If the production company gives it the green light this very year, the show will likely return after one year. So, if this happens, fans can expect Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2 to release by the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023. We just need to hope and make the rating higher for a better chance.