15 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

Finding the right baby shower gifts for moms is more challenging than you think!

Do I get something practical, something sentimental, or something personalized? 

Only you can answer these questions, but what we can do is show you 15 of the best baby shower gifts for moms in 2021. Our favorite is The Bff Beauty Spa set. What do you think?

Let's have a look!

1. Spa Gift Box

This Bff spa set is one of the most complete sets you can buy. Prettily presented this ten-piece gift box containing only vegan and cruelty-free products such as shea butter and coconut oil.

You may want to buy two sets because you will also want one.

2. Compression Socks

Mom-to-be will love these colorful compression socks from Charming. You get eight pairs in the set, and you can take my word that mom-to-be will benefit from wearing these great socks on her aching legs.

3. Robe

This comfy robe had been designed with mom-to-be in mind. Available in 20 colors, the robe is proportioned to fit moms through pregnancy, delivery, and nursing. She will still be wearing this when the baby goes to high school.

4. Bath Bombs

You don't need to be a mom-to-be to enjoy these lovely bath bombs from LifeAround2Angels. Relaxing and moisturizing, these bath bombs will not stain your tub.  

Vanilla, Coconut, Mango, Rose, Melon, Strawberry, and Lavender fragrances will ease away the tension and stresses of the day.

5. Bump Box Subscription

This is the “thought of everything in one box gift idea. Boxes are available for the first, second, and third trimesters and the products inside vary for each—a thoughtful and handy baby shower gift for mom. 

This is a beautifully thought-out gift for any mom-to-be. She will love them.

6. Kindred Bravely Delivery Socks

Okay, so on a lighter note, these non-slip fun socks are a great idea for putting a smile on mom's face before the big day. They are available in several colors and text; pick the one that suits mom the best. If you are thinking about several baby shower gifts for moms, these socks are a great add-on gift.

7. Pregnancy Journal

This cleverly designed journal guides mom and dad-to-be through each stage of pregnancy. You can add your pictures as you go along, adding all kinds of information resulting in a treasured record to keep forever.

8. Kiinde Anika Breast Pump Bag

This beautifully crafted bag from Kiinde is an ideal gift for a baby shower, and one looks forward to the baby's arrival and life beyond. The bag contains an insulated pouch for breast milk, ice packs, wipes, a compartment to store a breast pump, a laptop and phone compartment, and ample storage space. This wipe-clean bag is an excellent idea for a mom on the go.

9. Sonogram Frame

A sonogram frame is one of the most popular baby shower gifts for moms. There are many out there, but this triple-frame version is easily the cutest!

10. Pregnancy Pillow

Of all the baby shower gifts for moms, every mom-to-be will want one of these PharMeDoc pregnancy pillows. They were designed to support mom at whatever stage of her pregnancy. It has a detachable extension that can be used in several configurations to support mom and help her relax in comfort.

11. Milestone Blanket for Baby Girl & Boy

This unisex blanket kit comes with everything you need to record baby's milestones. It is eco-friendly, anti-dust mite, and non-toxic. The blanket will look great in any nursery, and the kit includes rectangular and star-shaped frames

to record the days, weeks, and months of the baby's progress.

12. Gift Gangsta Mom To Be Gift Box Postpartum Essentials Kit.

Everything a new mom needs after the baby arrives but maybe never thought about. This kit includes a peri bottle, belly band, mesh panties, and pads, plus the essential first poop stress ball!

13. Milkology Breast Feeding Course

This online course can be an absolute godsend for a first-time mom or even an experienced mom who is having issues breastfeeding.Milkology's online courses include breastfeeding classes, back-to-work classes, and more. A Milkology course could be one of the most thoughtful gifts ever.

Their website is here.

14. Okp K4 Robot Vacuum


Yes, most moms-to-be hate having to vacuum. So why not get her a robot vacuum to save her aches, pains, and bad back? This robot vac from OKP comes highly recommended by the experts (not us) as well as someone who has one who loves it.

15. Your Time

Best Baby Shower Gifts for mom
15 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mom 3

Without getting too slushy, one of the best baby shower gifts for mom-to-be is your time. Whether that is to help clean the house, do the shopping, pick up the kids from school, babysit, or just take her to the cinema or the hairdresser or for a weekly meet-up at the coffee shop. 

If you can't do any of the above, then pick up the phone and call her.

And if you are still struggling for ideas why not have a quick look at our article on best baby gift boxes?