Bags + Stella Has The New Must-Have Candles 

In the past year and a half, you have probably burned through the two dozen candles that you had collected over the years. You were likely spending more time at home and quickly discovered you liked burning different scents depending on what you were doing. Craving cookies, but not wanting to bake them? Light up a French Vanilla candle. Wanting to harness some cozy vibes? It’s time to grab that Autumn-themed candle that smells like campfires and pumpkin spice lattes. You may also be a newfound candle lover — TikTok definitely inspired people to check out a bunch of book and character-themed candles. Regardless of when you became a candle lover, we have a relatively new brand that you have to check out.

Bags + Stella Has The New Must-Have Candles

Bags + Stella Candles
Bags + Stella was founded in 2019 and the brand is adorably named after Creative Director and Founder, Brennen’s French Bulldogs, Sir Maxwell Bags III and Lady Stella Backrolls. With over nine years of experience designing and reimagining events, Brennen combined his passions for events and design, creating their San Francisco lifestyle brand. The brand is a purveyor of home accents and little luxuries and these candles are definitely luxurious!

Their candles have a unique, boho style that has a distinctive California look and feel, that allows you to dole out elegance and charm within your own home. They offer a variety of styles and sets to choose from, ranging from a petite scent sampler trio to a beautiful candle and cloche set that comes with their large matches.

Bags + Stella candles come in clear glass vessels that can be repurposed into drink glasses or vases and they are packaged in recyclable black boxes. They are hand-poured and made from American-grown soy wax with a cotton lead-free wick, made exclusively for the brand by LAIT. What’s great is that they have a 40-hour burn time, so you don’t have to worry about burning through one in a single day.

You can choose from three scents; Signature, Bloom, and Bliss. The Signature scent has subtle notes of white tea with the soothing calm scent of lavender. This is the perfect candle to unwind with after a long day at work or stuck in Zoom meetings. Bloom is a scent that prolongs the essence of summer with the scent of a garden filled with rosacea and geraniums, with the subtle essence of eucalyptus. Bliss is an invigorating scent, infused with notes of blood oranges, green tea, and lemongrass. It’s the perfect candle to burn if you need to feel energized.

If you aren’t looking for candles, Bags + Stella also has bath salts that you can pick up individually or as part of their Spa Set. They also have room sprays, which match the scents of their main candles. This would be great for freshening up any room, putting in a guest bathroom, or even spraying onto potpourri.

Bags + Stella is a brand-to-watch as they continue to grow and offer new products, in partnership with artists in California. If their candles are any indication of where they’re going —  I know I’m excited to see them blossom into a name brand.

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