Barbie and Margot Robbie Influence Trends in Everything From Home Design to Diet

The movie Barbie, featuring Margot Robbie's depiction of the iconic character, has garnered worldwide attention, reaching over $1 billion at the box office.

In addition to increased interest in pink clothing, striped bathing suits and Robbie's fitness and dietary routines, Warner Bros. biggest film ever spawned increased interest in home makeovers echoing the Barbie film’s style.

Searches for “Margot Robbie Diet” Soar

After the Barbie movie premiered, searches for the “Margot Robbie diet” surged by 1364% in the United States, according to a study by Total Shape. The fitness resource site notes that the search volume hit a 5-year high.

Robbie's role, which includes wearing a 1950s-style striped swimsuit, has sparked interest in her fitness routine and diet. Many online users are keen to know how the actress maintains her physique.

Decoding Margot Robbie's Healthy Diet

When preparing for a role, Robbie’s diet focuses on high-protein and nutrient-dense foods while avoiding fast foods, sugary drinks, and excessive saturated fats. She uses an air fryer to prepare many of her meals.

Robbie often opts for porridge oats with blueberries for breakfast, complemented by a kale and apple smoothie. These choices provide sustained energy due to their mix of complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, and vital nutrients. Oats provide steady energy and their fiber content can help maintain fullness, reducing the desire for snacks. They also support gastrointestinal health.

Her lunches and dinners typically consist of protein-rich options paired with nutritious carbohydrates and vegetables rich in essential nutrients, supporting muscle recovery, heart health, and overall vitality.

A spokesperson from Total Shape cautions, “While the foods within Margot's diet have plenty of health benefits, it's important to remember that one diet does not suit everybody. It can be helpful to try different foods to see what works best for your goals, whether that be weight loss or building muscle.”

Pink Is The New Black

Along with interest in Margot Robbie’s diet, the work of British costume designer Jacqueline Durran has also skyrocketed. Searches for pink outfits, Barbie jewelry, and Barbie-inspired clothing options have shot through the roof, with Google noting a 1,300 to 3,200 percent increase in queries, depending on keywords, since the film hit theaters. 

Sophie Miller, a celebrity expert at Booking Agent Info, commented on the findings, “The Barbie movie has breathed new life into the fashion landscape. Its emphasis on playful and vibrant pink tones, along with daring and innovative styling, has sparked a collective desire to infuse our attire with these exciting elements. People are increasingly embracing bold choices, re-imagining classic styles, and breaking away from conventional norms.

“The surge in online searches for ‘barbie inspired outfits' [sic] is indicative of a shift towards more self-expression through clothing.”

Interestingly enough, according to Random Names, a baby name generator, Barbie (short for Barbara) means a “traveler from a foreign land, stranger, foreigner.” Its origin comes from the Greek word “barbaros,” which means “stranger” or “foreign.”

The movie’s main character takes a trip outside of Barbieland to the real world and back — but apparently, her style lingers.

Barbie-Inspired Home Makeovers Take Center Stage

Following the release of Barbie, there's been an increase in homeowners inspired by Barbie's distinct interior style.

Harrison Gough, a specialist at Moving Feedback, developed a guide for those aiming to infuse their homes with elements from Barbie's design.

According to Gough's guide, homeowners can take several approaches to include Barbie-inspired decor, including using pink decorative elements and refreshing old furniture by upcycling.

Gough also suggests mixing materials for varied looks and refined effects have emerged. He recommends using diverse designs and patterns to create interiors with distinctive character. The professional guide blends fun designs with personal style, yielding interior spaces that demonstrate optimism and ingenuity.

A couple in Nottingham, U.K. had a head start — they were already redesigning their home in a Barbie-inspired theme before the movie debuted.

Vrons and Chris Beaumont moved into a two-bedroom apartment in August 2019. Looking for a change, they painted their kitchen pink in December 2021 Using Pinterest as a reference, they painted their refrigerator pink and added colorful stick-on tiles to the space.

Once that was done, their love of color took over, and, despite being new to the Do It Yourself (DIY) space, they transformed their “boring” new build themselves in just 18 months. Their home sports colorful decor in nearly every room — predominately in pinks, blues, and greens. 

Celebrity Influence on Lifestyle Choices

While people may emulate what they see in fashion, beauty, fitness, and home design, experts caution that celebrities can inspire others, but their choices might not align with individual needs. They advise researching and considering various options based on one's fitness, health, and home aesthetics. 

The ongoing influence of entertainment on societal trends and individual lives is an intriguing subject. The connections between the appeal on TV and the subsequent choices made in the real world are worth noting. Robbie's character resonates beyond her on-screen presence, catalyzing people to purchase a rowing machine or other exercise equipment, work towards a lean body, and be creative with their home décor.

Barbie’s continued popularity is a strong reminder that individual preferences are as fluid as the fictional figures that influence them. The transition from the screen to reality involves a process of interest and imitation, serving as a bridge between entertainment and everyday life.

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