All the need-to-know details for Bargain Block season 3

Bargain Block’s Temple House: A modern take on boho-chic

Bargain Block season 3 will follow the same format as the previous seasons, and it will start airing later this year.

Bargain Block’s mission is to gradually increase the property value of entire neighborhoods, rather than just upgrading one family home at a time.

This mission is one of the reasons why the show has become so popular and why Discovery has decided to bring Bargain Block back for a third season. The show should start airing before the end of 2023.

Bargain Block’s plans for Detroit

Whereas most home renovation shows focus on upgrading one house at a time, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, who are the designer and carpenter co-hosts of HGTV’s Bargain Block, have much bigger plans.

This duo, alongside their in-house real-estate expert, Shea Hicks-Whitfield, has plans to revitalize entire blocks of Detroit real estate.

They do this by renovating and upgrading several old, run-down houses in the same neighborhood and then selling them as starter home to first-time buyers. They do this so that the property value of the entire block increases as they progress.

All the need-to-know details for Bargain Block season 3

Bargain Block’s unique format and the fame and notoriety that Bynum and Thomas received after they competed on HGTV’s competition-based home renovation show featuring several of the channel’s star-decorators “Rock the Block,” has made Bargain Block a fan-favorite for the network.

Fortunately, this means that the show’s second season was so popular that Bargain Block has already been renewed for its third season.

In fact, about 18 million viewers tuned in to watch the second season of Bargain Block, which helped the show to rank in the top three of non-news and -sports programs in the women 25 to 54 years old upscale demographic.

Discovery officially announced that Bargain Block would be coming back for its third season in November 2022.

Loren Ruch, the group senior vice president of programming and development at HGTV, confirmed that they decided to bring the show back, because “They’re on a mission to improve more neighborhoods and we’ll help them get there.”

Bynum and Thomas have already confirmed in interviews that the filming and production of this season are already well underway.

This means that Bargain Block fans can expect to see their favorite team of home renovators back in action and revamping run-down houses very soon in order to give them unique, custom designs like all of the previous projects on the show did.

If this third season of the show is as popular as the previous seasons were, Bynum and Thomas will certainly be well on their way in their mission to change the Detroit real-estate market one affordable flip at a time.

When will season 3 of Bargain Block start airing?

Discovery already confirmed that Bargain Block’s third season will start airing sometime in the summer of 2023, but no further details have been announced so far.

This means that the third season of the show still does not have an official release date, but it will definitely start airing before the end of this year.

This announcement also confirmed that the third season of the show will have ten episodes in total, similarly to the previous season.

This will give fans plenty of opportunities to watch the Bargain Block team revitalize and upgrade even more forgotten homes.

Will season 3 move away from Detroit?

Though it might seem like Bynum, Thomas, and Hicks-Whitfield must have run out of extreme cheap homes in Detroit to buy and fix up, it seems like the team has no plans to move out of the area just yet.

In fact, Thomas even said that he was “tied” to Detroit. He went on to say that he would only mentor people who wanted to carry on their mission in other places, but they would not move away from the city themselves.

What to expect from the third season of Bargain Block

Fans who have watched the first two seasons of Bargain Block, will already have an idea of what they can expect from the third season of the show, as it seems like neither Discovery, HGTV nor Bynum and Thomas have plans to change the show’s popular format.

However, Bynum and Thomas have mentioned that the show’s third season will focus on some new budgeting challenges that the team has had to face now that there are less old and forgotten houses for them to buy at extremely low prices.

This means that they have had to be even more creative with their designs, as they have less money left in their budget to upgrade the homes completely.