Bargain Block’s The Forest House and finding inspiration in nature

Bargain Block’s The Forest House and finding inspiration in nature

Bargain Block’s Keith and Evan have nailed one of this year’s most popular design trends in the show’s most recent “The Forest House” episode.

If your interior design passions stretch beyond tuning in to watch Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum transform each of the rundown homes that they tackle on their HGTV hit show, then you may know that a return to nature has been one of the biggest design trends for this season.

Vogue’s Elise Taylor predicted in January of 2023 that this year would see various earth tones, as well as natural elements like paper fabric and silk used in unconventional ways.

This returns to the interior design space and Harper’s Bazaar which warned that organic curves and sanctuary-type spaces will soon become all the rage.

All about The Forest House’s design

Moreover, it seems like all of these natural and organic design trends have now even found their way into Bargain Block’s little corner of Detroit, as seen in the October 11, 2023 “The Forest House” episode.

While this episode initially made it seem like Mother Nature may just be Keith and Evan’s worst enemy, with debris and branches absolutely swallowing the small starter home that they had chosen for this episode – Keith somehow managed to find the magic in all of the chaos.

In classic Bargain Block fashion, Keith takes these natural elements, and uses them in several unexpected and imaginative ways.

With this, he transform this previously dilapidated home into a forest-inspired sanctuary fit to be a relaxing oasis away from the rest of the world.

When to catch “The Forest House” episode again

In case you missed it, or if you simply want to watch this fantastic forest-chic transformation all over again, the HGTV schedule does list the following re-run airings for this “The Forest House” episode:

Date Time
October 12, 2023 12 a.m. Eastern Time, 11 p.m. Central Time
October 14, 2023 6 p.m. Eastern Time, 5 p.m. Central Time
October 24, 2023 2 p.m. Eastern Time, 1 a.m. Central Time
November 5, 2023 12 p.m. Eastern Time, 11 p.m. Central Time

The natural landscapes that have inspired the Bargain Block season 3 homes

The ‘treasures’ that Keith found during the interior landscaping that he and Evan had to do in this episode of Bargain Block definitely inspired most of the home’s final design.

But Keith has been very outspoken about the various natural landscapes which he has drawn from for this season’s designs.

This includes the warm tones of Texas sunsets, and the open and airy look of the French provincial style, the shapes and tones of Colorado’s mountains and the minimal focus of the Scandinavian style.

Keith’s tips for creating this look in your own home

There is absolutely no doubt that Keith is a master at creating a unique personality for a home through clever DIY-projects and second-hand or found items.

And since sustainability and what Enis Karavil (the creative director of Sanayi313 Architects) termed in Elle Décor’s 2023 design-trend roundup “a more expressive approach to interiors” are so hot right now, this could be the key to recreating The Forest House’s design in your own home.

When Keith spoke to Hour Detroit in March of 2022, he revealed that the secret to recreating his unique and personality-focused design style on a budget is to mix new items in with old items, and all of the items that you already have.

The trick to getting all of these conflicting styles to balance is to keep an eye out for “anything unique” while you are perusing your local thrift stores, Facebook marketplace finds, garage sales and estate sales and then DIY-ing it to fit into your vision.

What to expect for the remainder of this season

“The Forest House” episode is the seventh episode of this most recent season of Bargain Block and the show is slowly nearing its end, with only a few episodes left before fans have to bid Evan and Keith farewell for a while.

However,  although this may be distressing news for many Bargain Block fans out there, Keith and Evan have shared that season three will certainly not taper down, as it reaches its end.

In fact, Keith shared with HGTV around the show’s mid-season break that these last few episodes will be even funnier and have even more surprises than the first half of the season did.

And Evan and Keith seem to have been alluding to a few new projects on the horizon in a recent Instagram post, where the couple shared a few snaps from their recent vacation, with the caption “Got some fall foliage in before our schedule gets crazy!”.