Baymax! Series Delivers Humor & Heart

In 2014 Baymax stole fans’ hearts in the Disney Animation Studios’ film Big Hero 6. One of the more underrated Disney movies, but those who love Baymax will be thrilled to see he is back in yet another series.

Big Hero 6: The Series lasted three seasons, but focused more on Hiro and his friends, rather than Baymax. However, in Baymax! everyone’s favorite personal healthcare companion is at the forefront of the shorts.

Short Spotlight

There are just six episodes, each averaging eight minutes of runtime (including credits), making for an easy binge-watch. For those who have been missing Baymax’s antics, the itch will be scratched. Right from the first episode, this series follows Baymax as he journeys through San Fransokyo, helping those in need.

Each of these characters has something personal going on in their life, on top of their actual health issues, and who better to help them than Baymax. There are some deeper themes like first periods and new allergies, but it is done in a way that children can enjoy as well as adults.

Baymax! Series Delivers Humor & Heart
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Yes, one of the episodes features a gay character and a gay relationship. The best part about this is it is thrown into the story as no big deal, which is how this should be. Everyone should be represented on the screen in 2022, and in a way that is natural. Big props to Disney for doing this, yet again.

Baymax! tells a cohesive story, with everything coming together in the final episode. Baymax has helped others out and it is now their time to band together and do what they can to help him. This is where the show really explores themes of friendship, and it warms the heart.

Behind the Scenes

Speaking strictly on the animation, it is absolutely stunning. The attention to detail is incredible. For example, there is one episode that features a food truck – complete with scuffs on some of the walls. It is the things like this that make Baymax! believable and realistic, on top of entertaining. It is easy to fall back into this world of Baymax and Big Hero 6, as this show does a great job of capturing the same feeling of the original film both in look and style.

Some of the fan-favorite characters, like Hiro, make appearances, but go into this knowing this is Baymax’s adventure. He is the lead of the show, and who viewers will spend the most time with.

Baymax has always been a bit clumsy, and even though he wishes to help, he often makes things worse. But in this series, it is clear he has learned a bit since we last saw him, and he is able to help even those who don’t want it (which is pretty much everyone he crosses paths with). Along the way, there are quite a few hilarious moments, as Baymax does his best to earn the trust of others, but it is the final episode where all the pieces come together where this series really shines.

Baymax! Series Delivers Humor & Heart
Image Courtesy of Disney+

An entire season of a show, made up of just six animated shorts, may not be the norm, but it is what makes this Baymax! series work so well. Each episode is just long enough to tell the story, without dragging the plotlines out. They fly by due to the length and are a blast to watch.

Baymax! might have its silly moments, but it has a lot of heartwarming ones as well. Each episode has an “aww” moment – some of which might cause the audience to pull out their tissues. This series is unafraid to tackle some heavy topics, as mentioned earlier. A period story can be hard to pull off, but the writers here do it with ease.

Baymax! is now available on Disney+ and for those who have been missing this lovable personal healthcare companion, this show is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Rating: 8/10 SPECS

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