22 Best Bearded Anime Characters

I have been writing a lot of character tropes on this platform. We got ourselves black haired anime girls, cute loli, dads, etc. And frankly they are all an easy topic to write (weird flex I know but it is true). But for today's topic, it is something that is quite challenging for me. 

As you may have seen from the title, today's topic is about 22 best bearded anime characters. On paper, this is supposed to look easy like other topics. But well, I realized how wrong I was after researching my first character to be placed on the list. 

So in Japanese, the word “beard” can also refer to “mustache”. So there you have it. Me cheating to make a list about bearded men that consist mostly of characters with mustaches. But hey, if it works, it works. I am still able to collect these characters for this list. 

And that is the initial idea, until I realized that I might get canceled because of some click bait. I mean, some people truly want to get what they have clicked and will not be satisfied until they have seen the exact thing that they have imagined. So perhaps I shall cancel this idea considering how dangerous they are if not getting what they want. 

You may have to see a lot of old men because most of the bearded characters are all old farts. Not only that, since I am not a beard expert, I am mostly going to talk about something else, and not beards. So yes, this is a highly subjective list. You all have been warned. 

So, let us not delay further. We are going to start from number 22:

Best Bearded Anime Characters

22. Nakiri Senzaemon (Food Wars) 

Bearded Anime Characters: Nakiri Senzaemon

With that kind of body, I am not sure why he became a culinary expert rather than a wrestler or martial artist. But that is totally none of my business because if it works, then it works. Senzaemon is still to this day, the most respected figure in the Food Wars universe. 

He knows a variety of techniques, spices, and of course cuisines around the world, making him nicknamed as “Food's Demon King” in Japan. Not to mention his merit to Japan's culinary world by creating Totsuki Academy and producing talented chefs is an amazing feat in that universe. 

21. Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryuusai (Bleach)

Bearded Anime Characters: Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryuusai

As I said, you are going to expect to see a lot of old bearded men. And General Yamamoto is no different. I have no idea why but old men in anime are depicted as something like crazy strong characters. And again, General Yamamoto is certainly no different.

His Zanpakuto is something that can only be countered by something that has specifically been prepared. Like Wonderweiss for example. If the opponent is not prepared, chances are they are going to be doomed. Like Quimera Parca for example. That thing is strong, but cannot counter Yamamoto's Zanpakuto. So it dies.

20. Makarov Dreyar (Fairy Tail) 

Bearded Anime Characters: Makarov Dreyar

(As I said, you are going to see a lot of them) I honestly have no idea what to say about Guild Master of Fairy Tail. It is worse when you realize he has a mustache instead of a beard. But hey, I did my explanation, so just take it or leave it. 

We already know how strong Makarov is (well duh, if he is not strong he would not be a Guild Master). So consider this entry as some sort of calibration and adaptation because there will be a lot of characters who have mustaches instead of beards. So yeah, brace yourself. 

19. Ox King (Dragon Ball) 

Bearded Anime Characters: Ox King

Even though he is among the minor characters in Dragon Ball, seeing him always makes me happy. Perhaps this is due to his cheerful personality and acts like your normal dads. This is even better with his menacing look, because his personality is everything except for being menacing. 

And let us not forget how he loves his family so much and tries his best to protect everyone (even though they barely need any protection considering how strong Goku is lol). And that is what a real man does. That beard is certainly not a mere display only. 

18. Marshall D. Teach (One Piece)

Bearded Anime Characters: Marshall D. Teach

Some people love him, others hate him, but for me I think he is more on the interesting side of a character rather than supposedly being hated. If you think about it really carefully, there are not many known facts about Teach, and up until these days we are still waiting. 

But I guess I understand the fact that he killed his “father” without feeling guilty and laughing maniacally is really obnoxious. I myself also was pissed by this. Which is why I do myself a justice and put him here, really low on the list. 

17. Ging Freecs (Hunter x Hunter) 

Bearded Anime Characters: Ging Freecs

If only I could find more characters with beards, then I would definitely put others here rather than Ging. That does not mean I hate him, not at all. I just feel like he sets a bad example for bearded dudes because of his irresponsible act towards his son. 

Thankfully Ging did meet Gon at the end of the show (even though he needs to be forced). So I guess that kinds of paid for his mistake after neglecting Gon. His great ability as a Hunter also got into my consideration, knowing he is a 2 star Hunter. 

16. Danjuro Tobita (My Hero Academia)

Bearded Anime Characters: Danjuro Tobita

Deku has said that Gentle is the most difficult opponent he has ever fought. Well not because he is as strong as Muscular or Shigaraki Tomura, but more because he has some value inside himself that makes him not really like a villain. 

I always like it when antagonists are not straight villainous, but rather have more of a humane side and reasons why they are doing what they are doing. We can argue that as it is right now, Gentle is the best villain in My Hero Academia and no one will top him in a short period. 

15. Puri Puri Prisoner (One Punch Man) 

Bearded Anime Characters: Puri Puri Prisoner

Perhaps he is the most unique character on the list. Because you know… Stuffs. But it does not matter. As long as he has a beard, he is most definitely welcomed into the list. And that is exactly what happened to Puri Puri Prisoner. 

We can argue that in terms of looks, he might not be as good looking as others who made it on the list. But when we talk about personality, he is sweet, caring, strong and really lovable. What more do you want to have from a hero? He is perfect the way he is.

14. Isaac Netero (Hunter x Hunter)

Bearded Anime Characters: Isaac Netero

Most HxH adults do not really have mustaches or beards (except for maybe Ging who does not make it into the list), unless they are really really old. Just like the old man Netero. And here we got another prime example why we should fear old men from anime. 

At his old age he is able to fight toe to toe with Chimera Ant King, the possibly strongest character in the series, when others may have no chance to defeat it. He died, but at least he still put up a really good fight.

13. Van Hohenheim (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Bearded Anime Characters: Van Hohenheim

A homunculus who roams for hundreds of years to stop the “Father's” plan and also seeking a way to become a mortal human being for once again. Doing so made him kind of neglected his family, and even got despised by his own son, Edward. 

I actually have talked about him in my best dad article, so you better read it, but to sum it up, Van Hohenheim is a really good homunculus (I almost said a human being but he is not a human), who tries his best to ensure the safety of his family and also achieving his goals.

12. Atomic Samurai (One Punch Man) 

Bearded Anime Characters: Atomic Samurai

In a world where a lot of people have some sort of superpowers to save the day, who would have thought that our number 4 S-Class Hero is actually a samurai. It sounds pretty heroic and humble, until we realize that Atomic Samurai also has his own superpower. 

I mean, what kind of samurai can slice that fast (it is anime I know. But that still defies logic). Not only his slicing, Atomic Samurai also has quite a superhuman body, even though it is not as monstrous as Saitama or Silver Fang. But it is nice seeing a swordsman in this anime though. 

11. Hiruzen Sarutobi (Naruto)

Bearded Anime Characters: Hiruzen Sarutobi

In the Naruto universe, Hiruzen is being nicknamed “The Professor” because it is said that he can learn jutsu really quickly. We have not seen the evidence (I suppose that happened in the past), but as a Hokage, I guess that fits his nickname.

When he battled Orochimaru, we saw Hiruzen use a lot of Jutsu. One of them even cost his life. So, I think that is more than enough evidence to prove that he truly is “The Professor”. Some of you may think he is a bad Hokage, but that does not change the fact he is a strong shinobi. 

10. Jirou Souzousuke Shunsui Kyoraku (Bleach) 

Bearded Anime Characters: Jirou Souzousuke Shunsui Kyoraku

This character has piqued my personal interest (not in the gay way) because of his laid back personality. He loves playing around, taking naps, and flirting with his assistants. Talking about freedom of life. But there is one thing about lazy people that is unique to them. 

If you watched other anime (I am sure you did), you will notice that the laziest of them all bears a good amount of responsibility. And that also applies to Kyoraku. Telling you what it is right now would be a spoiler for the manga. But hey, the new season of Bleach will come out pretty soon.

9. Master Roshi (Dragon Ball) 

Bearded Anime Characters: Master Roshi

This old perverted turtle sage is another example of how hard it is to find bearded men rather than bearded old men (gosh how many old men did I put on the list already?) That aside, I truly do not hate Master Roshi. In fact, I quite like him because he was responsible for the birth of the strongest character ever. 

Without his existence, there is no way that Goku would be this strong. Sure he is a Saiyan, but without any guidance it would be pointless. Let us not forget that Kamehameha was Master Roshi's signature move before Goku used it more often.

8. Thors (Vinland Saga)

Bearded Anime Characters: Thors

Thors is a great man. The perfect analogy to explain his story is the main characters who have finished the journey, and now simply want to live peacefully, far from drama and stuff. Sadly he got dragged once more into something that he did not want to. 

Worse, it costs him his life by the end of this. And even at the end of his life, Thors still remains as mighty as ever. Some said that beards do not define someone's manliness. You can find any other men who have one and still act like a total piss. But not Thors. Nope, definitely not him.

8. Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Bearded Anime Characters: Maes Hughes

It is true that Maes does not have that kind of muscle and mustache to prove his manliness. He is more humble in terms of body stature and beard. But he shows it with another form of manliness: a caring and loving father. Oh yes that is really important to talk about. 

Have you ever met an abusive dad who hurts his family and does not do anything good? Yuck, that is not manly at all. That is a shitty being that does not deserve to live. Thankfully, Maes is not like that. And he is really far from being a “bad dad”.

7. Saiba Jouichirou (Food Wars)

Bearded Anime Characters: Saiba Joichiro

Being a legendary chef who roams around to cook, Jouichirou left his son in the care of Totsuki Academy to pursue cooking. It sounds pretty irresponsible at first, but luckily we learned that it was all Senzaimon's plan for his granddaughter (basically an indirect matchmaking). 

I mean there are way too many bad dads in anime, we can afford to have more than we already had. And we can see how responsible Jouichirou is, even trying to fix his supposedly personal problems between him and Azami. Oh, about the beard topic? He has a pretty cool one. 

6. Asuma Sarutobi (Naruto)

Bearded Anime Characters: Asuma Sarutobi

Like father, like son. You can see there are some similarities between Asuma and his dad Hiruzen, such as his beard and his smoking habit. But it is quite unlikely that Asuma will admit it, since he had personal problems with his dad. 

And we can assume that it was quite a big one because he left the village because of it. Fortunately he returned to Konoha and is willing to work with his dad. Some moments after the death of Hiruzen, Asuma confessed that he is a cool dad and apologized in front of his grave.

5. Gildarts Clive (Fairy Tail) 

Bearded Anime Characters: Gildarts Clive

The badass wizard from Fairy Tail has shown us many times why he is the real boss. I believe there is a reason why he appears not that often, because if he does, then the fight would be so easy and can be finished within an episode rather than a couple of them. 

And no, I did not think it was a joke, because there really are characters that have less appearance because of how overpowered their strength is. Some people think that it is basic and cliche, while others do not care at all because Gildarts really is a badass.

4. Aizawa Shouta (My Hero Academia)

Bearded Anime Characters: Aizawa Shota

Have you ever thought about a teacher who is so good at teaching and deeply cares for his or her student, so much that eventually this teacher got called their real parents? This is exactly what happened to Aizawa-sensei after the first season ended. 

Starting off as a cold teacher who seemingly does not care about his students, he eventually shows how protective he is towards his students. Over time, he also started to show how he believes in his own class, and really proud of their achievement, although he did not explicitly show it.

2. Askeladd (Vinland Saga)

Bearded Anime Characters: Askeladd

After Thors died, Askeladd deliberately took Thorfinn under his wing. It looks like he takes advantage of him (and to some extent he actually does), but he still taught Thorfinn a lot of things, even though it is pretty indirect. It could be a combat skill or a life lesson. 

And one other thing to note is that Askeladd did that because first, he respected Thors, and second he saw his past self inside Thorfinn. A man who constantly sought revenge after all these years. Man, the story of the Vinland Saga is so beautiful and well made is it?

1. Shanks (One Piece)

Bearded Anime Characters: Shanks

Oh look. It is Gildarts but from One Piece. If you know the comparison between those two, it means that you have been in this fandom for long enough. But if you have no idea, well… Just look at their faces side by side and you will realize. 

The only thing that puts Shanks above Gildarts is that Shanks acts like a father figure despite not being a real dad, while Gildarts is the total opposite. I do not know about which one is stronger though, since Shanks has not shown his full power after all these years.