20 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon

Pokemon. Everybody knows what it is. Made by Gamefreak, it has many different forms of entertainment. Starting from a rather simplistic Nintendo game, and then having the anime and manga released in 1997, followed by Trading Card Game (TCG) launched a year later, and now, it has become a mobile game that millions of people play worldwide. 

There is no reason to hate Pokemon (seriously if you hate it, you might want to see a psychiatrist). The story in the game is brilliant, the anime is fun to watch, the game is enjoyable, and it has many different kinds of Pokemon depending on your taste. 

20 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon

Today's topic is about 20 truly beautiful flower Pokemon. As I said, Pokemon came in many forms. The soft yet strong Dragonite, the powerful and intelligent Metagross, the swift and agile Crobat, Pokemon has it all. And of course there are the (supposedly) beautiful and elegant flower Pokemon. 

I said that, but in reality if we are speaking about the species itself, there are around 9-10 Pokemon that can be called “flower Pokemon”. Those Pokemon that you might think of as a flower Pokemon, might not actually be one of them. 

So, when collecting the list, I simply picked all of the Pokemon that have “flower” on its species' name, regardless of whether it shapes like a flower, or how ugly it might be. And for the rest, I chose the Pokemon that looks like a flower even though it is not a real flower Pokemon. 

Of course, this list is based on how beautiful the Pokemon actually looks like. It does not matter if it is actually a flower Pokemon, if it is ugly then down she (or he) goes. With that being said, starting from number 20:

20. Bellsprout

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Bellsprout
Credit: Yorozuya Ezra

Surprised? Well, it is literally named “Flower Pokemon” (I would love to have a conversation with those who decided to call it that). It is arguably an ugly flower Pokemon, but the rules are the rules. So that is why I put it down below here so we can have a good looking one up there. 

But in spite of having a bad look, Bellsprout has established itself as one of the most powerful Pokemon in the series. Remember that one Bellsprout who beat Pikachu and Bulbasaur into the pulp? Yep that Bellsprout is a total beast. Still, it does not look real good as a flower. So let us just move on into the next one. 

19. Ivysaur

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Ivysaur
Credit: Takamizawa Usui

Now we are into something. Again, not the best looking flower like Pokemon, but Ivysaur at least resembles a flower more than the previous one. Its back looks pretty similar to the Rafflesia flower, a parasitic flowering plant that lives somewhere in South East Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. 

Ivysaur itself has quite a lot of appearances in the anime. Characters like May and Shauna have it. And studio OLM depicts Ivysaur rather well, showing its power and its cuteness at the same time. In the manga, Ivysaur has arguably a more notable role, being one of Red's main Pokemon, and even evolved into Venusaur. Good job for him raising his Pokemon, unlike the other main character who left all of his Pokemon unevolved.

18. Venusaur

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Venusaur
Credit: Ore-B

Speaking of which, Ivysaur's evolution is also managed into the list. While Ivysaur resembles the Rafflesia flower, Venusaur brought a literal Rafflesia Arnoldi, a bigger, stinkier Rafflesia on its back. Does it make Venusaur more beautiful than its pre-evolution? Possibly. I mean it looks more like a flower despite looking more dangerous. 

In the game, Venusaur is arguably one of the best starters in first generation Red and Blue. Its typing makes the player able to go through the game more easily than the other 2. Sadly, its popularity is not as skyrocketing as Blastoise and of course Charizard. But those who know how useful Venusaur is can definitely appreciate its existence. 

17. Vileplume

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: CurrentlyTr_Ash
20 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon 22

Compared to Venusaur, this one is a literal Rafflesia Arnoldi. The Japanese name of Vileplume itself is “Ruffresia” (I promise this is the last time I mention those flowers). In terms of aesthetic appeal however, Vileplume is subjectively not as good looking as other Pokemon that managed to get into the list. 

But still, Vileplume is generally not hated because of how it looks. On the contrary, it received quite a good amount of love from the fans. Vileplume itself has appeared since the earliest day of the Pokemon game, thus a lot of the fans shared a lot of memories with this literal Flower Pokemon. 

16. Lurantis

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Lurantis
20 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon 23

At the first glance Lurantis does not look like a flower at all (thus might make you wonder why it is ranked higher than Ivysaur and Venusaur). But its species is called “Flower Sickle Pokemon” in Japanese translation. Lurantis is also based on orchid flowers. 

Being first introduced in the 7th generation, most of the fans perhaps do not have that many memories surrounding Lurantis. Perhaps one of the most memorable ones was the Totem Lurantis in the game and anime Sun and Moon that creates havoc for the players. Apart from that, let us hope Gamefreak or OLM will somehow make more appearances for Lurantis. 

15. Skiploom

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Skiploom
Credit: XeloEgo

From this number to some others, it will consist of Pokemon who were based on windflowers like dandelions. Skiploom would be the first one in the list. Some of the newer fans might not know what this Pokemon is, but all OG fans from the 2nd generation will gladly explain to you everything you need to know about Skiploom. 

The pre-evolution of Jumpluff is known as the Cottonweed Pokemon. It floats in the air so that it can absorb as much sunlight as possible (which is why one of its abilities is chlorophyll). Skiploom also can detect the change of temperature in the air. Some trainers use this as a thermometer. 

14. Gossifleur

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Gossifleur
Credit: Cavefoxx

The Flowering Pokemon that is a pre-evolution form of Eldegoss. In Japanese translation, however, its species was called “Flower Decoration Pokemon”. Gossifleur can travel via air, and is able to heal sickness with its pollen. This is especially effective towards children. 

At this point I ran out of something to say about Gossifleur. But it comes to no surprise since it was just introduced a year ago from Pokemon Sword and Shield. So who knows, perhaps the developer will have something to do with Gossifleur. It could be in the game, manga, anime, whatever. Perhaps, since the anime is currently airing, it is possible for Gossifleur to finally play a major role. 

13. Jumpluff

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Jumpluff
Credit: Ameblaziken004

The final form of the Hoppip evolution line. Fun fact, Jumpluff has the lightest weight among all other final evolution, only weighing 3 kilogram. Which is reasonable since it is literally based on a dandelion. With that weight Jumpluff can easily float in the sky and move from one place to another. 

And with that being said, it is honestly difficult to maintain a conversation about Jumpluff and other windflowers, since it is not as popular as other flower Pokemon. In the game, Jumpluff itself does not thrive that much. Still, aesthetic wise Jumpluff certainly does not look bad, and I personally do not think fans will disagree.

12. Eldegoss

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Eldegoss
Credit: Purphasma

I must tell you from now on, it is more difficult to decide which flower Pokemon is more beautiful than the other. Everyone has its unique traits and its own beauty, making the selection process harder than ever. Putting Eldegoss here is no different. 

Based on windflowers like dandelions (duh), Eldegoss' origin name might actually refer to edelweiss flower, which makes sense since its legs are pretty similar with it. Again, with Eldegoss being introduced in the very latest generation, there is not much to talk about it. It is one of the few Galar Pokemon who made it into Pokemon Unite. And it is quite a good one (I have not played it so I wrote it based on opinions from the internet). 

11. Flabebe

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Flabebe
20 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon 24

This (spoiler: alongside with its evolution lineages) is one from two fairy type Pokemon in the list. But it does not really matter, since Flabebe is called “Single Flower Pokemon” by the Japanese translation. Moreover, it is perhaps our first truly beautiful flower Pokemon in the list. If only there were not any other more beautiful flower Pokemon, Flabebe could be placed higher. 

Flabebe itself, despite having only one major appearance, fans will always remember it since it was with Bonnie. The cuteness from that episode might cause fans to have diabetes. It  also appeared as a cameo in other episodes, still brimming with cuteness. 

10. Sunflora

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Sunflora
20 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon 25

Sunflora is a literal walking sunflower that lives in the Pokemon world. Because of its legs, there are memes showing a haunting portrayal of Sunflora, saying something like this Pokemon might kill you because of its shape. But there is no way Sunflora is going to do so. Perhaps. 

Sunflora is mostly remembered from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness. It has a role of being somewhat the eldest sister of the exploration team, saying “oh my gosh” on almost everything. That adds an extra flavor of comedy because it is unnecessarily funny. She is also portrayed as a reliable adventurer, something that other Sunflora will be envious of. 

9. Cherrim

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Cherrim
20 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon 26

This Blossom Pokemon could be ranked higher if the sunshine form is its normal form. Even though its name is rather close to “cherry”, Cherrim actually resembles a cherry blossom, a type of flower that blooms in Japan. New piece of information for those who thought that this Pokemon is a giant cherry or something. 

Like many other flower Pokemon, Cherrim does not have much screen time in either anime or manga. It does however have many cameos throughout the series. Some of the cameos also showed Cherrim in its sunshine form, something that the fans most likely love to see and will never get bored out of. 

8. Roselia

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Roselia
Credit: Musical Combusken

Fans theorize that its name is a combination of 3 types of flowers: Rose, Azalea, and Camellia. If that is not flowery enough, then I do not know what is. Behind that small stature, it turns out Roselia contains a toxic inside her head. No wonder its other type is poison.

Its major appearance was of course from that one episode of the anime where it is used as the main Pokemon of Drew, who became May's rival. A smart choice from Drew since Roselia is only known for its beauty, and nothing else (fans from the competitive play know what I am talking about). 

7. Comfey

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Comfey
Credit: Cassandra Trissler

Have you seen a Hawaiian tradition where a guest from a far is given a bunch of flower necklaces called “Lei”? That is Comfey right there, the Flower Picker Pokemon based on the Japanese translation. And also the 2nd fairy type in the list. And is it beautiful? Most definitely. 

Even better when you can enjoy Comfey's appearance in the anime. It is Nurse Joy's replacement for Chansey in Alola Region. Brock also had one when he came to this Hawaiian based region. According to the lore, Comfey can produce a soothing aroma. We cannot smell it yes, but by seeing Comfey would probably do the same. 

6. Shaymin

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Shaymin
Credit: Flufflixx

Do you think I am going to skip this hedgehog like Pokemon? Of course not! Despite being categorized as a “Gratitude Pokemon”, Shaymin is well-known to resemble flowers (even though it does not really look like one) . Shaymin itself lives in flower meadows, collects flowers, and will migrate to places where flowers exist.

Since its introduction in the 4th generation, Shaymin has been a fan favorite. It has its own movie, and as a mythical Pokemon, it also has its event in the game. Combined with its cute form, and its playful nature as we have seen in the movie, there is no reason whatsoever to dislike Shaymin. 

5. Floette

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Floette
Credit: MMD Pokemon

This tiny “Single Bloom (or flower, in Japanese translation) Pokemon” is arguably one of the cutest flower Pokemon in the list. Sadly the term beauty does not really fit into it. Regardless, Floette still deserves its place at number 5. 

Players from 6th generation Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will remember the story of AZ, an old king who wandered around to look for his Floette. It turns out it left AZ because he used life energy from other Pokemon after AZ tried to revive Floette from death. AZ eventually redeemed himself, and was able to meet Floette once more time. A beautiful piece of story that made us love Floette even more. 

4. Bellossom

Beautiful Flower Pokemon:: Bellossom
Credit: Drawer Elma

The counterpart of Vileplume the Flower Pokemon. Subjectively, Bellossom is arguably better in terms of aesthetic. Interestingly, both of them are based on Rafflesia flowers. While Vileplume is adapted from Rafflesia Arnoldi, Bellossom is based on Rafflesia Keithii, a tinier version of Rafflesia flowers. It also has a Hawaiian background on its design, since it looks similar to a Hula dancer. 

Bellossom appeared in the game as Erika's Pokemon in Johto series, replacing her Vileplume from the Kanto series. Sadly, most fans think Bellossom is easier to defeat rather than its counterpart. But it does not really matter, because Vileplume itself cannot defeat Bellossom in terms of beauty. 

3. Lilligant

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Lilligant
20 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon 27

A generation 5 Pokemon that falls into a “Flowering Pokemon” just like Gossifleur. If you read Lilligant's description, everything about it resembles beauty. Its petals, aroma, and even its oil made from the flower petals. Nothing is a waste if we are talking about Liligant. 

Except the part where it does not get that much exposure in the series. It has some episodes or chapters when it played a major role, but compared to the other 2 flower Pokemon above it, Liligant just fell short in that aspect. We can only hope that Lilligant can show it true potential, just like how people in Pokemon world describe its beauty. 

2. Florges

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Florges
Credit: Wolfen

Florges is beautiful. Most fans will agree with it. But is this Garden Pokemon (that got questioned by fans on how it is not a grass type) more beautiful than Lilligant? It is debatable. Whether it is more beautiful or not, it really depends on your taste. But there is one thing that Florges does have while Lilligant does not: screen time. 

The anime Florges is actually a villain despite having a good reason behind it. It even teamed up once with Team Rocket. This Florges is responsible for Sliggoo's evolution into a Goodra, which for some fans is far more memorable than being sick and needing some medicine. 

1. Roserade

Beautiful Flower Pokemon: Roserade
20 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon 28

Of all flower Pokemon in the list, this one is arguably the most beautiful. Coincidentally, it is also based on arguably the most popular flower worldwide, a Rose. And what makes it even better, Roserade's beauty can also be utilized for its own benefits and in battle. Its beauty is not only for a show. 

Players from Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum still remember how Cynthia wrecked their team. Roserade was included on her team, and caused a good amount of problems for those who have not been prepared. It was also in Gardenia's team, and even more difficult to beat considering how limited the option of fire type Pokemon early in the game. Roserade is not only beautiful, but also a strong Pokemon that should not be underestimated.