Below Deck: Does Captain Sandy fire Fraser?

Below Deck: Does Captain Sandy fire Fraser?

Captain Sandy and Fraser have had their fair share of disagreements in this season of Below Deck, but it does not seem likely that he will be fired.

Captain Sandy appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean before she appeared on the main Below Deck show, but her leadership decisions have always been controversial.

In season 10 of Below Deck, Captain Sandy has stirred up drama with the interior crew on the St. David and fans are worried that she might fire Chief Stew Fraser Olender because of it. However, it seems like Alissa is more likely to be fired instead.

Captain Sandy’s controversial leadership style

There is certainly no shortage of drama in the Below Deck franchise, but since Captain Sandy has taken over the St. David superyacht from Captain Lee Rosbach in the tenth season of the show, it seems like every episode comes with more fights than the one before.

Captain Sandy made her debut on Below Deck Mediterranean back in 2017 and it did not take long for her to get involved in controversial squabbles with her crew.

Even now that Captain Sandy has taken over as lead in the main franchise of the show, fans and crew members have weighed in with their opinions about her leadership style. She has even been branded the villain of the show.

Below Deck: Does Captain Sandy fire Fraser?

Most of the drama in this season, below the deck of the St. David, stems from the fact that Captain Sandy feels like the interior crew is not doing enough of the work and is not respecting the hierarchy on the boat.

On the other hand, the interior crew feels like Captain Sandy is favouring the deck crew and is not treating them fairly.

The underlying conflict between Captain Sandy and the interior crew in this season of Below Deck has already gotten Stew Camille Lamb fired, chief stew, Fraser Olender, chewed out, and Alissa Humber sent to the bridge.

Many viewers of the show have been worried that since Captain Sandy blamed Fraser’s injury and poor communication skills for her failed volleyball excursion, he will be the next crew member fired if the drama continues to escalate as the season progresses.

In fact, in the most recent “Cool Cool” episode, Fraser gets caught between trying to protect his subordinates and Captain Sandy’s wrath.

Fortunately, he decides to hold Alissa accountable for her actions, despite disagreeing with the way that Captain Sandy handled the situation.

Moreover, it seems like Alissa may be the one to get fired, and not Fraser. For now, Below Deck fans will just have to wait and see whether Fraser makes it to the end of the season or not.

Why are viewers so sure that another crew member will be fired?

While it seems unlikely that Fraser will be the one to leave the St. David yacht this season, avid Below Deck fans have been convinced that one more crew member will be fired.

The mid-season promotional video that was released for season 10 of Below Deck showed that a replacement crew member will be joining the yacht at some point in the last half of the season.

Therefore, fans are convinced that this crew member will be a replacement for one of the current interior crew members when they have been fired.

How does Captain Lee feel about Captain Sandy making changes to his crew?

Captain Sandy’s decision to fire Camille was already getting polarising reactions from fans of the show when Captain Lee took to Twitter to share his opinion on the matter.

According to Captain Lee, although he agrees with Captain Sandy’s decision to fire Camille, he is disappointed that she would make changes to his crew before checking with him first.

For this reason, rumours have been circulating that Captain Lee will return to the show before the end of this season.

How does Fraser feel about the drama between himself and Captain Sandy?

When the twelfth episode of the season starts out, Fraser mentions that he is in shock after Captain Sandy goes off on the interior crew members.

He even goes as far as calling her a “horrible human being”, which is part of why fans are worried about his future aboard the St. David yacht.

However, now that the filming for the tenth season has concluded, Fraser seems to have changed his opinion about Captain Sandy slightly.

He insists that he has realised that they just have very different leadership styles. He has also mentioned that it took some time for them to find a “groove”, which implies that their relationship is in a much better place now.