Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence: Top 10

Alice in Borderland is a suspense manga series written and illustrated by Haro Aso. It was serialized in Shogakukan's Shonen Sunday S magazine from 2010 to 2015, and later was moved to Weekly Shonen Sunday in April 2015 and finished in 2016. The manga was later adapted into a 3 episode OVA released from 2014 to 2015 and a live-action series produced by Netflix and directed by Shinsuke Sato, premiered worldwide in December 2020. The second season of the series is announced to be premiered in December 2022.

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Any Alice in Borderland fans knows that the players in the series need to think fast to survive the deadly games in Alice in Borderland. It is impossible to survive the twisted games without a bit of luck, a few friends, and some quick thinking. Being strong physically is not enough to survive the games.

These are the best Alice in Borderland characters based on intelligence, ranked.

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

10. Chota Segawa

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

When Chota is first introduced, most of you might think that he would be the funny supporting character. However, his background story is much darker than you can expect.

His past with his mother's religion affects his judgement, which is underscored when he finds himself being easily manipulated by Shibuki. Instead of trusting his old friends, his insecurity leads him into believing a complete stranger he just met.

9. Daikichi Karube

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

Karube portrays all the characteristic of a strong supporting character. Being the reckless, carefree, and loud best friend, Karube always has Arisu's back and he can be helpful when it comes to physical activities.

The way he evades and defeats the masked tagger shows that he can be strategic during fights. He mostly relies on Arisu for solutions, but at least he doesn't get in the way like Chota.

8. Saori Shibuki

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

Shibuki is a smart competitor, even though it was portrayed through her cruelty and manipulative actions. She reveals how she only cares about her own sole survivor from the very beginning.

She doesn't actually care about Chota, too. But she understands the competition enough to know that she needs allies in order to survive. Her schemes, however, don't get her though the end.

7. Hikari Kuina

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

Kuina attracts the fans the most since she has the most interesting and moving background story when it comes to the other characters on the list. Kuina is known to be the LGBTQ+ character representation in the series since she is a transgender. Her past proves that not only is she smart enough in martial arts moves, she is also incredibly brave.

She has experienced hardships through her family because of her gender identity, giving her the strength and confidence necessary for surviving the life or death games. She does tend to rely on others like Chishiya to solve some tough puzzles, but she is actually clever enough to use her own skills.

6. Aguni Morizono

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

Aguni's most memorable moment is when he rejects his role as a villain and becomes a hero during a crucial time. He is portrayed as a heartless and violent antagonist in the Beach.

In the series, however, viewers get to see his complicated past with his best friend, Hatter. Aguni is more mature and level-headed than Hatter. He is also ambitious and clever enough to fake a rivalry with Hatter to keep the players under control. His inability to overcome his own guilt, however, causes his own downfall.

5. Hatter

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

The Hatter is the leader and the creator of the Beach. He brilliantly manufactures a fake story about how collecting all the cards can free at least one of them from the deadly games. The fact that he might actually be right is just another testament to how his actions are often a mix of cleverness and pure luck. It is disappointing, however, that we never get to see him win a single game.

4. Yuzuha Usagi

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

Usagi is known to be agile and athletic, and even more than that. When it comes to practical survival skill, she is the best. Thanks to her outdoor experiences with her dad, she knows how to survive in the urban landscape where the games are being held.

She even teaches Arisu on how to hunt and set up a proper shelter. She has fewer clever tricks in the games, but she occasionally show that she can think fast when she climbs the building like a pro on the game of tag.

3. Ann Rizuha

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

The members of the executive board at the beach has to be the best of the best, especially when it comes to intelligence. This is why, it is not surprising to see Ann to be their most valuable member.

She is able to solve games through investigation and deduction, as she is a forensic on her past life, giving her the knowledge to check for fingerprints in the witch hunt game. When she tested Arisu during the light bulb game, she actually already figures out the answer within the first few minutes.

2. Shuntaro Chishiya

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

Chishiya could be the most intelligent character on the show, but we haven't seen him had the chance to unlock his full potential yet. In the tag game, instead of charging headfirst into the challenge, he chose to hang back a little and observe until the last few minutes. It is a clever strategy that has kept him alive long enough until he has the plan on stealing Hatter's card deck.

While everyone else is busy trying to survive every single day, Chishiya chose to look at the bigger picture.

1. Ryohei Arisu

Best Alice in Borderland Characters Based on Intelligence

Arisu is the one in the game that has photographic memory that makes him brilliant. He is also able to apply everything he remembers to overcome challenges, such as how he's able to complete the first game with Chota and Karube.

Arisu is able to come up with solutions to even the most mind-bending games. He rarely needs anyone else's help to complete the games, but he is also empathetic enough to at least try to save other players' lives.