Best (and Worst) Places to Shop Black Friday 2023

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While Black Friday retains a Hunger Games-style level of vicarious appeal for some, serious deal-hunters are desperate to save money on a product they might otherwise not afford. It makes sense to research products and retailers before going into the fray. Here are the best and worst places to find a deal this Black Friday.

1. JCPenney

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JCPenney has no shortage of offers for those looking for a wide range of home-related items, from jewelry to baking goods. The store will offer the best savings with a 59% average discount compared to the competition. One particular deal is a five-piece Protocol Sarasota luggage set at $79.99, down from $400 — more than an 80% reduction.

2. Macy's

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The famous coast-to-coast retail stores give the next-best discounts with a 58.2% average, five percent higher than last year. Some of the retail giant’s most outrageous offers are in the jewelry department, where a men’s diamond chain necklace is down from a staggering $40,000 to $10,000 — 75% off.

3. Belk

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Belk is closing in behind its rivals, giving generous discounts across the board with its clothing, cosmetics, and stylish home accessories collection. Belk gives an average 54.8% discount, presenting great savings on many items, namely kids’ apparel, family sleepwear, jewelry, and holiday decor. Although Belk offers 10% less money off than last year, they still make the top three.

4. Kohl's

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With an average of 48.8% savings overall, up four percent from last year, big box store Kohl’s will be fighting its corner in the Black Friday arena. With access to endless designer goods, appliances, and consumer tech, Kohl’s may be a worthwhile addition to the Black Friday shopping route. Some examples of what to expect are Amazon Fire tablets at more than half price and a line of Ninja kitchen products at great knockdown prices.

5. Target

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Middle America’s favorite store makes the top five for Black Friday value, with 32.7% overall in savings, which sits in line with last year’s offering. Target faces stiff competition this year, though the store’s best deals are found with furniture. A good example of this is their Costway bedroom furniture line, with up to 65% off certain products.

6. BJ's Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club
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Anyone looking for electronics, computers, and phone deals may find what they need in BJ’s Wholesale Club. LG, Samsung, and Hisense smart TVs have the best discounts. BJ’s Wholesale Club has improved its deal output by three percent, with a steady year-on-year deal increase. Other categories promising value are home furnishings, especially beds and couches.

7. Best Buy

Best Buy
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Electronic giant Best Buy makes the top 10 for Black Friday deals, with their 33% overall price drops coming through consumer electronics. Best Buy sits in the top three chains for Black Friday deals on electrical goods, including sizable discounts on televisions, home appliances, and cell phones.

8. Amazon

Image Credit: Amazon.

The online retail giant’s overall savings hit the 29% mark, up four percent from last year, albeit considerably lower than some competitors. However, being the runaway online retail leader gives Amazon an advantage because customers needn’t leave home, which may explain their ranking. Nevertheless, Amazon’s best savings this year come through apparel and accessories.

9. Walmart

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The nation’s most successful retail outlet has increased discounts by two percent, pushing savings to 27% overall. Walmart’s huge visibility across the country gives it an advantage over its rivals. With one eye on Christmas and Hanukkah, children’s toys are going at over 50% off — Lego products are a particular source of value.

10. Dell

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The information technology retail stalwarts have made the top ten this year for their generous discounts on computers and phones. Being primarily computer-focused, Dell is giving consumers great value on its Alienware gaming laptop and XPS laptop range, where up to 30% Savings will be available.

11. Newegg

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Newegg is a relative newcomer on the retail scene, expanding from its well-established Asian market into the USA, among other regions. Like its competitor, Best Buy, Newegg deals in consumer electronics, computers, and phones. Although its overall savings are down from last year’s average, consumer goods deals average 40% of savings this fall — perfect timing for the winter holidays ahead.

12. The Home Depot

The Home Depot
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America’s number one home improvement store, The Home Depot, has dropped its price reductions by 10% this year, although it still makes the top five in furniture deals. However, home appliances come with good offers this fall, with savings of over 30% possible on washer-dryer bundles and up to 50% off vacuum cleaners.

13. Costco

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One of the top three American retail chains, Costco is giving an overall 24% off its products, with computers and phones its best source of value. The company sells everything except toys, leaving Walmart to corner that retail market this year. With Black Friday officially starting on November 24, Costco also gives early-bird deals and an online-only “Savings Start” on November 23.

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