Live-Action Star Wars Characters: The Good, the Bad, and Jar Jar Binks

Do you have favorite Star Wars characters that have appeared in live-action? Recently a fan asked, “Which Star Wars characters had the best live-action debut?” Here are the top-voted responses. 

1. Best – Chopper (C1-10P)

Many users had no idea that Chopper made a brief live-action debut in Rogue One. One confirmed, “Toward the end. He's on screen for about three seconds and only in the background. It's a nice easter egg but a waste of the Rebellion's number two war criminal.”

Another added, “The Ghost is at the base almost right next to where you see Chop, and Hera is at the base, so it's virtually a given that Chopper is there.”

2. Best – Cad Bane

“Watching Cad Bane walk in from the desert, silhouetted against the sky, was friggin awesome,” admitted one user. Another shared, “My first thought when I saw his silhouette was, ‘Wait, I know that hat!' And I loved how he showed off that he's still the fastest gun in the outer rim, even in his advanced age.” “I had to pause it and take a couple of laps around my apartment, lmao,” a third person confessed.

3. Worst – Cad Bane

Alternatively, one user expressed, “The worst debut was honestly Cad Bane for me. Seeing him again after Clone Wars was awesome, but he did not fit the script. They just used the character as a cash-in and killed him off immediately afterward. He probably isn't dead, but that was what we are meant to think.”

4. Best – Bo-Katan

Bo-Katan, took me off guard as I wasn't expecting it,” one user admitted. “Agreed,” said another, “Bo Katan was my favorite as well. Not only a remarkable character, but they got Katie Sackhoff to do both the voice and the live-action versions.”

5. Best – Saw Gerrera

“I was looking for an answer with Saw Gerrera. Forest Whitaker has killed it every time he's in a Star Wars show. His passion comes through as the gritty – do whatever it takes rebel,” one person said. “Forrest crushed it in Andor, far, far better than his Rogue One iteration, another clarified. 

6. Worst – Grand Inquisitor

“Grand Inquisitor, no one can best Jason Isaacs. I was disappointed they did not cast him for the role,” one stated. Another said, “Grand Inquisitor looks like Humpty Dumpty doing a Star Wars cosplay. Not even half as menacing as the OG Grand Inquisitor. It's missing a lot of Pauan details as well.”

7. Best – Ahsoka

“The best had to be Ashoka in the Mandalorian,” one user shared, “The intro in the foggy forest just seeing the lightsaber ignite, strike, and disappear.” “I was most excited to see Ahsoka, and I still love her in live action, but the appearance was disappointing,” determined another.

“First, it was sad to see her in the final season of Clone Wars, then a couple of decades later (I think) with an even smaller Lekku than she had in the Clone Wars. However, I understand that for the sake of all the action she was in, they had to have something that could move easily and not fall off constantly, especially if they wanted it to be authentic and not CGI.”

8. Best – Black Krrsantan

“Krrsantan looks freaking great,” one user expressed. Another commented, “Black Krrsantan isn't my favorite, but I'm so glad comic characters are becoming included in live-action stuff.”

9. Worst – Fifth Brother

“Fifth Brother is easily the worst because he barely did anything, and that voice was horribly overacted,” one user suggested. “Agreed,” said another, “Fifth Brother in Rebels was a significant intimidating and shark-looking figure, while in live-action, he was very plain-jane.”

10. Best – Boba Fett

A little further down the list, one Star Wars fan asked, “Boba Fett was the best Animated to Live Action. How did you miss this?” Many others agreed with this sentiment. 

We hope you enjoyed this Star Wars Reddit picks list for best live-action debuts. Also, check out these times that Star Wars has made us cry.

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