30 Best Anime Teachers of All Time

Nobody can separate teachers and anime. They appear in almost every subgenre of anime. Whether it is an adventure, slice of life, thriller, and the good old classic action anime, teacher-like figures are there, to accompany pupils on their journey and give them advice whenever they get stuck. 

30 Best Anime Teachers of All Time

And since this character trope ranks so popular, today we decided to make an article about the 30 best anime teachers of all time. And since there are so many of them (and they are all such brilliant teachers), picking the ultimate 30 is not an easy task. But hey, we need to sacrifice some things to get what we one. 

For anyone's favorite anime teachers missing here, that is not because they are bad teachers; some others are just slightly better. 

With that being said, we are going to start from number 30:

30. Kisuke Urahara (Bleach)

Kisuke Urahara Bleach Studio Pierrot VIZ Media Anime

This unassuming store owner is rarely seen without his green and white striped hat. Unbeknownst to humans, he used to serve as captain of the 12th Division and a master swordsman but is highly skilled in unarmed combat as well. Urahara is lethal in both close and long-range combat forms. 

After being banished to the land of the living, Urahara creates an elaborate underground dojo beneath his shop. When he trains Ichigo Kurosaki to become a Soul Reaper, his combat genius is fully revealed

29. Franken Stein (Soul Eater)

Franken Stein Soul Eater Studio Bones

While arguably not the most ethical teacher, Franken Stein, a professor and doctor at the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA), is definitely one of the most talented. He attended the DWMA in his youth, graduating as the strongest student to go through the academy before returning as a meister. 

Stein teaches the Especially Advantaged Talent (E.A.T.) class, where he trains Maka, Black Star, Death the Kid, and Soul Evans to fight against the forces of evil. 

28. Toga Yagari (Vampire Knight)

Toga Yagari Vampire Knight Studio Deen

Toga Yagari, a one-eyed vampire hunter, mentors twins Zero and Ichiru Kiryu. Yagari is a substitute teacher at the Cross Academy, where he instructs students in ethics before rising to the role of Chairman. 

This cowboy-hat-wearing hunter does his best to protect his students — human and vampire — from the outside world, and each other.

27. Yukio Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

Yukio Blue Exorcist A 1 Pictures

When you’re a teenager, it can be hard going to school with your siblings. Being a teacher at the same academy your older brother is attending has to be a nightmare. Yukio Okumura faces that situation every day. A teacher at True Cross Academy, Yukio is a demon-fighting prodigy who is also a skilled doctor.  

It’s bad enough when you’re the son of Satan; having to grade papers and keep an eye on your older twin brother all at once can make for a hectic school term. 

26. REM Saverem (Trigun)

Rem Trigun Madhouse

A crewmember of a Project SEEDS spaceship, Rem convinces the rest of the crew to spare the lives of two alien plants, twins Knives and Vash. Rem becomes a mother figure to the boys, raising them and teaching them to live peacefully with nature and humanity. She stresses the importance of non-violence and kindness.

Although she dies, her teachings have a lifelong impact on Vash, who uses his superior power to help mankind.

25. Nariyuki Yuiga (We Never Learn)

Best Anime Teachers: Nariyuki Yuiga

Narijuki is a literal high schooler who became a teacher because he needs a scholarship so badly. He did, however, a considerably good job teaching some of these lovable female students. 

Nariyuki still lacks experience in terms of teaching. But his motives and willingness to become a good teacher is certainly compelling enough to enlist him in this article. 

24. Uesugi Fuutarou (Go-Toubun No Hanayome)

Best Anime Teachers: Uesugi Fuutarou

Oh look, another high schooler tutor but this time, he needs money. Nariyuki teaches quintuplets who are more difficult to order and have less intelligence than Nariyuki's students. 

But apart from that, there are not many differences between Uesugi and Nariyuki. And despite his lack of experience, he's still a nice guy.

23. Jigoro Kuwajima (Demon Slayer)

Best Anime Teachers: Jigoro Kuwajima

Zenitsu's teacher gets little screen time throughout the series. Yet, when he appeared, it defined Zenitsu's character as a whole, and had a big influence on Jigoro.

Training a person like Zenitsu is not easy. Yet Jigoro has the patience, passion, and most important thing, kindness to teach him thunder breathing. If he had more appearances like some other teachers here, Jigoro could be placed higher. 

22. Nezu (My Hero Academia)

Best Anime Teachers: Nezu

Nezu is actually the principal of UA High School. Despite not teaching directly in classes, his cultivated method guides UA students so that they can become great heroes. 

His method works beautifully. 

21. Mafuyu Kirisu (We Never Learn)

Best Anime Teachers: Mafuyu Kirisu

At first, Mafuyu appeared as an antagonist who tried to stop Fumino and Rizu from getting into majors that they did not master. When her backstory emerged, what she did make sense. 

Mafuyu-sensei dreamed of becoming an ice skater. Even though she performed well, she could not continue because an ice skater's performance normally peaked at high school. Because she chased her dream, she thought that she abandoned what she was supposed to achieve when she became an adult. That is why Mafuyu-sensei rejected the idea of “following your dreams” instead of “following your talents”.

20. Zeff (One Piece)

Best Anime Teachers: Zeff

For Sanji, Zeff is more than just a teacher who taught him cooking. He is a father figure.

But of course Sanji would not admit it. Yes he did cry after he left with Luffy. But typical of him, he tries his best to conceal his true feeling. And that alone showed how meaningful Zeff is in Sanji's life. 

19. Silvers Rayleigh (One Piece)

Best Anime Teachers: Silvers Rayleigh

If there is a person that can teach a dense numbskull like Luffy, he/she definitely deserved a place on the list. And Rayleigh has mysteriously managed to teach Luffy the concept of Haki. 

Rayleigh was able to teach him and even made Luffy a great Haki user. Perhaps Luffy's fighting sense saves Rayleigh, or else there is no way he is able to drill all of those knowledge inside his head. 

18. Asano Gakuhou (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)

Best Anime Teachers: Asano Gakuho

The principal of Kunugigaoka Junior High School would perhaps be the best teacher in the series, if it was not his tragic past that made him lose his student. It turned him into a monster whose goal is to make a number one student who will not fail in every aspect. 

Those who do not meet his criteria will be banished to Class E. At the end of the series, thanks to Koro Sensei and Class E students, Gakuho finally realized his error and eventually turned into a better educator than before. 

17. Kurosawa Minamo (Azumanga Daioh)

Best Anime Teachers: Kurosawa Minamo
Credit: Jinto.Lin@gmail.com

Kurosawa-sensei mainly teaches physical education. But compared to her colleague Yukari, she is more popular due to her knowledge, patience, kindness… Basically she is literally more superior than Yukari. Just do not let her get drunk, or else you might learn her other side. 

16. Master Roshi (Dragon Ball)

Best Anime Teachers: Master Roshi

The legendary Turtle Hermit from Dragon Ball made it into the list, although some of you might complain on how he is placed quite low on the list. But again as I mentioned, you will understand when you see who else tops him as a better teacher. 

It is thanks to him that Goku and Krillin have become great martial artists. Though he has a perverted mind, it does not really matter considering his skill is literally no joke and he can teach quite well. 

15. Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Best Anime Teachers: Izumi Curtis

Teaching Edward and Alphonse alchemy was perhaps something that Izumi regretted. Who would have thought that they will use that ability to resurrect their mother. And after that, there is nothing that she can do anymore to fix the situation. 

Still, she is always there for Ed and Al no matter how difficult the situation is. Yes she could be scary like some of the teachers on the list. But you already know the drill. Behind that tough exterior, Izumi is a softie inside. 

14. Biscuit Krueger (Hunter X Hunter)

Best Anime Teachers: Biscuit Krueger

Bisky-chama (that is how she wants to get addressed) might only play a major role in one arc. But without help, we would never ever see Gon and Killua. She is arguably the sole reason for the massive improvement of these boys. 

Apart from her “shoujo-like” antics, she is a proper teacher and knows what she is doing. And for good reason, since she also the teacher of Wing. Her age also means she had tons of experiences, making her a perfect teacher for the inexperienced Gon and Killua. 

13. Takeda Ittetsu (Haikyuu)

Best Anime Teachers: Takeda Ittetsu

Karasuno's advisor is by far one of the most underrated teachers on the list. But those who watch Haikyuu know how valuable Takeda-sensei is for the volleyball club.

He is willing to put his pride aside and keep begging Ukai to coach the club. Not only that, he slowly learns on how volleyball actually works, piling up experiences. And his best attribute is that he is able to comfort the Karasuno boys with his words of wisdom. Now that is a teacher material right there. 

12. Yami Sukehiro (Black Clover)

Best Anime Teachers: Yami Sukehiro

Could Yami be considered as a teacher with that kind of act and his position? Well yeah why not? Despite his status being a captain, he still taught many things to subordinates directly or indirectly. And for me, that is a good sign of a teacher if you can lecture without giving them a lecture. 

Yami is that type of teacher who gives difficult exams so that their students can improve immensely. It is his way to show that he does care for his subordinates, even though of course, he would not say it in front of them. 

11. Jiraiya (Naruto)

Best Anime Teachers: Jiraiya

Here we have our Pervy-Sage who has taught 2 some of the strongest characters in the series (well one of them is actually the main character, so yeah). 

There is no end to Jiraiya's story when it comes to teaching. Most of the time he acts goofy and perverted, making you wonder whether or not he can teach. But once you know him, Jiraiya's skills and knowledge about the Ninja world will quickly erase your doubts because that is how good Jiraiya actually is, even if he's a pervert. 

10. Karasuma Tadaomi (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)

Best Anime Teachers: Karasuma Tadaomi

Karasuma is not like other teachers in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. He has a knowledge and most likely ability to teach, but it is nowhere near Koro Sensei or even Gakuho (but definitely better than victh-sensei). 

What makes Karasuma considered as a good teacher is his kindness and patience for teaching. He only acts like a teacher because the situation demands him to, yet he is serious and earnest doing his job. Slowly but sure, he is finally get accepted by Class E and they considered him among one of their best teachers. 

9. Urokodaki Sakonji (Demon Slayer)

Best Anime Teachers: Urokodaki Sakonji

Tanjiro was extremely lucky to have a kind teacher like Urokodaki. 

 Urokodaki is also known for his strict training, thus making Tanjiro and other his disciples like Giyuu and Sabito amazing demon slayers. Last thing to mention about Urokodaki is how he considered Tanjiro and Nezuko his grandchildren, something that is absolutely wholesome.

8. Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)

Best Anime Teachers: Hatake Kakashi

Here we have our 2nd Naruto character, and arguably among the best teachers in the series. Kakashi was initially portrayed as a rather cold and unforgiving teacher. But later on, we learned that it was for the sake of great teams that value comradery more than rules. 

His past also influenced him to act like so. He still could not forgive himself for being unable to save his best friends. Despite of that, he is a still great teacher and character who faces everything with smile and protect his students regardless the situation. 

7. Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Best Anime Teachers: Gojo Satoru

Who could forget the amazing Gojo Satoru? Although he acts irresponsible most of the time, when he needs to be serious, he acts like a real teacher and assists his students to become better and better. 

What fans love about Gojo is that behind his childish antics, he is actually pretty thoughtful and deceptive on what is actually going on in the Jujutsu world, making him actually one of the most responsible characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. But yeah, since Gojo Satoru is Gojo Satoru, he prefers to act like Gojo Satoru. And no one can stop him.

6. Hiratsuka Shizuka (Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy WA Machigatteiru)

Best Anime Teachers: Hiratsuka Shizuka

Everyone who has watched Oregairu have fallen in love with Hiratsuka-sensei. She could act rough at some points, but usually it was Hachiman's fault to tease or mock her. 

She relentlessly gave Hachiman and the gang support, kindness, and advices throughout the series. Her approach towards Hachiman has finally transformed him into of a less soulless man and finally enjoyed his time in school. 

5. Onizuka Eikichi (Great Teacher Onizuka)

Best Anime Teachers: Onizuka Eikichi

This list would not be complete if we skip our OG teacher figure, Onizuka. Yes he has quite a lot of problems when it comes to behavior. But in terms of teaching, Onizuka is arguably one of the best. 

Surely his methods are a bit “unique.” But knowing Onizuka, when it works then it works. Problem solved. And most importantly, he taught something that even a real teacher rarely does: life-lessons. T

4. Might Gai (Naruto)

Best Anime Teachers: Might Gai

Gai is the best teacher in the Naruto series. Yes he is hyperactive, but that is simply to burn his students' spirit.

Speaking of Lee, we already know of his deep relationship with busy brow. That it does not mean he abandoned his other students. Gai gave Lee more attention because he had a similar past and hoped that Lee would become a great ninja despite his lack of Ninjutsu skill. 

3. Takahashi Tetsuo (Demi-Chan WA Kataritai)

Best Anime Teachers: Takahashi Tetsuo

Those who have watched Demi-chan wa Kataritai, there are many things to love about Takahashi-sensei. His curiosity towards new things, his politeness, his will of steel, and of course, his teaching ability. 

Takahashi-sensei yearns for equality in school. Takahashi-sensei did his best to stand up for these other races. We have seen a lot of students who got bullied because they are different among other students, and teachers do nothing to protect them. His example should be followed by any teachers in school. 

2. Aizawa Shota (My Hero Academia)

Best Anime Teachers: Aizawa Shota

This beggar-like hero is arguably the best teacher in UA High School. His teaching methods might be harsh, but it is all to produce magnificent heroes. And his work definitely paid off. Just look at students of Class 1-A.

On top of that, he is willing to sacrifice himself to protect his students. Of course, any good teacher would do so. But it just proved how Aizawa-sensei deeply cared for his students, hence deserving the 2nd place. 

1. Koro Sensei (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) 

Best Anime Teachers: Koro Sensei

There is no denying that Koro Sensei deserves to be the number one for everything he has done to his students. 

Starting from a killing target, he became the most beloved teacher in Class E. Koro Sensei's charisma, knowledge, patience, and perhaps his comedic timing, combined with his superpower, making him such a perfect teacher. 

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