7 Best AR Glasses/Headsets to Buy in 2022 [Review/Discussion]

I hope you agree with me when I say this:

Augmented reality glasses still need to progress a lot to give us the finest experience possible.

But that doesn't mean that we don't have any products to get a glimpse of it. And this article is focused on that fact. Keeping that in mind, I will try to let you know about some of the best AR glasses so far. Moreover, by reading this guide, you will understand what are ar glasses & you'll also find some extra frequently discussed questions at the end of this article.

However, for now, do check out our other guides such as the best laptop for Oculus rift  & Best AR apps to make your purchasing decision easier

So, without wasting more time, Let's begin

Best Augmented Reality Glasses in 2022

The below list contains my top picks for currently available AR glasses on Amazon:

1. Lenovo Star Wars AR headset (Android-Powered)

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Why We Love It?

  • Offers one-on-one multiplayer battles
  • Overall solid build quality
  • Extremely easy to set up


Are these the Best AR glasses?

For a star wars lover, replicating the lightsaber fights to the most realistic extent was always the dream. And these Android Augmented reality glasses are the perfect answer for those people. Not only can you enjoy a one-on-one battle with augmented lightsabers with the provided remote.

You also get a chance to train your mind to become the ultimate strategist & can command your AR armies against enemies with these augmented reality goggles. With a solid built quality, you will also get an easy setup with this device.

These glasses offer an augmented reality app that can be used for free. Moreover, if we talk about the gameplay experience, well, I will say this, you will not get dizzy with these AR glasses, unlike some VR headsets.

The experience will be much closer to some real lightsaber fights since you will be able to see your lightsaber augmented in reality. Visuals-wise it's better than you expect it to be, so all-in-all this is one of the best Augmented reality glasses for experiencing the essence of it.

But with all these features, you also get some issues with this new technology. The main issue that people have faced so far is the compatibility issue with smartphones. Even though this device list a wide range of compatible phones, a lot of users have complained that they couldn't manage to pair their device with this headset.

Moreover, these artificial reality glasses are designed specifically for star wars lovers & offer only these three limited experiences: Lightsaber Battles, Holochess, and Strategic Combat. And if you view the price, you can not classify these as cheap ar glasses. But price only becomes a number if you take into consideration the overall quality of this device.

You can get the Lenovo Star Wars AR headset on Amazon. 

2. MARVEL Dimension of Heroes (Lenovo Mirage AR)

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Why We Love It?

  • Includes Marvel Dimension of Heroes game
  • Works with 2 AR different AR games
  • Offers story, survival, and co-op mode



Another Android-powered augmented reality glasses by Lenovo might seem similar to the first one on the list, but this one offers two different games. Although it's specific for the marvel dimension of the heroes game, it's also compatible with Star Wars Jedi Challenges as well.

This makes these augmented reality glasses great for both marvel & star wars fans. Build quality-wise, these augmented reality goggles are on par with the first one, but it offers two controllers instead of one to be compatible with this game.

And another positive thing about these augmented glasses is that they are cheaper than the start wars specific headset. Moreover, these cheap augmented reality glasses offer compatibility with a variety of smartphones.

Even with all these features, it does have some drawbacks. First, about the controllers, well, they are a bit laggy. And this also has compatibility issues with some smartphones.

You can get the Lenovo Mirage AR on Amazon.

3. Google Augmented Reality Glasses Explorer Edition XE V2google glass

Why We Love It?

  • Voice-activated technology
  • Prism display with different features
  • Builtin camera



This is the explorer version of augmented reality google glass, which means this was not to be sold to the general public as it was in beta. Released a few years back, these Google augmented reality glasses offer many innovative features.

You can use these augmented reality google glasses to control many basic features right out of the box such as messaging, calling, taking photos, browsing & my favorite one, navigation with accurate motion sensing. Moreover, you can also take pictures by just winking your eyes. Which to me is a great feature.

Nowadays, you can buy the enterprise version of this google augmented reality glasses from authorized sellers of Google, but those are not available on amazon. The enterprise version is the fine-tuned version of these artificial reality glasses.

In essence, this device performs all the functions pretty well, and you can still use it to browse the internet even after they ended support for it. However, the single drawback of all Google glass products is that they are not cheap.

But as this AR glass is a new technology, and offers so many innovative features for augmented reality. We can safely say that the price can be justified.

4. Merge AR/VR Box

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Why We Love It?

  • Durable Build Quality
  • AR & VR box at the same time
  • Extremely lightweight build material



Essentially a VR headset, this merge device is a hybrid of both AR & VR glasses. When paired with a merge cube, your kids can witness the essence of augmented reality. But you need to invest in all the relevant parts to get the full experience.

First, you need to buy a headset that is fairly priced. Then you need to invest in a merge cube & a controller to get the Augmented reality experience with this headset. So, investment-wise, this can extend to over a 100$ budget range.

This still classifies it as cheap augmented reality glasses, but the limited functionality it offers is a drawback. By the overall look of it, this headset possesses more features for a VR headset than AR, but with the limited number of options available in the market, it's a great fit for beginner AR glasses.

The bottom line about this device is that it's one of the best AR glasses for kids to introduce them to Augmented reality. Moreover, you can use multiple mobile devices with this VR/AR headset for continuous entertainment.

Moreover, we have also classified this as our top choice for the Best VR Boxes for Games, Movies & Learning in 2022.

You can get the Merge AR/VR Headset on Amazon.

5. Vuzix Blade 1.5 Upgraded AR Smart GlassesVuzix blade check price

Why We Love It?

  • Sleek-looking AR smart glasses
  • Comes with Voice control
  • UV protected lenses


During my research for Augmented reality glasses, Vuzix Blade 1.5 was the one that is most similar to our regular glasses. This device looks more like augmented reality sunglasses than most of the products on this list.

These AR smart glasses might seem expensive at first, but the features it houses are incredible. It offers a full-color see-through display on the right eye. Which can be operated with an app, voice control & touchpad on the left side of the device.

Moreover, you will also find an in-built auto-focus 8mp camera in this device. Furthermore, these augmented reality sunglasses have UV-protected lenses, so you can easily wear them to protect yourself from the sun.

All-in-all, the design of these holographic display augmented reality glasses are very unique & futuristic. Just by the look of it, they look like normal sunglasses. I just hope that in the future we will see some cheap AR glasses designed like this one.

Nevertheless, even if they are a bit expensive, the included features such as the Android operating system, expandable storage & much more are worth every penny. And all these features can place it at the top spot of the best Augmented reality glasses. And they look more like smart glasses, and if you are looking for smart glasses check out our guide on the best smart glasses.

You can get the Vuzix Blade glasses on Amazon.

6. Xhope AR Box FOV 50°

Why We Love It?

  • QR code to download the app
  • Compatible with all prescription glasses
  • 4.2- 5.7 inch Smartphones support

If you are in the market for a Holographic AR display that uses your mobile, then this is a considerable contender. These cheap AR glasses can be used for watching movies and playing games.

Plus they are compatible with Bluetooth controllers, so you can use them to play many AR games with a holographic display. Moreover, these go well with nearly every prescription glasses, so your viewing experience will not be tainted. To me, these glasses are great for watching movies.

But the overall features of this device are basic, and It might not provide you with a premium AR experience. Also, the max screen limitation of 5.7 inches can be a downer for most people since most smartphones nowadays are over 6 inches.

Furthermore, the QR code for these AR glasses is not that great because it takes to directly to a Chinese website for downloading the app. So overall, these might not be the best AR glasses on the market right now but if you consider these AR glasses' price, then the features can be justified.


Finding the best VR headset for gaming or movies is considerably an easier job than finding the best Augmented reality glasses because of limited options. But sooner rather than later we will see an amazing variety of open-source augmented reality glasses.

I am especially looking forward to the upcoming AR glasses by apple because they usually transform technology to another level. But for now, these products are some of the best AR glasses on amazon right now.

So, feel free to get one for yourself to start your experience with augmented reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are AR glasses?

AR glasses are a new concept that is very similar to VIrtual reality, but these glasses augment things directly into our real life. On the other hand, Virtual reality uses a virtual world to create a separate reality. To learn more about AR glasses, refer to the video below:

Are there any Samsung augmented reality glasses?

As of now, there are no purchasable versions of Samsung augmented reality glasses. But in CES2020, Samsung revealed a glimpse of their upcoming Virtual reality glasses. Check out this resource for more details

Are there any Apple Augmented reality glasses?

This year, both Samsung & Apple are trying to develop their AR glasses. For now, not many details have been released about the features of the upcoming Apple Smart glasses, but it might end up looking like this:

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What is Microsoft Holo Lens 2?

Holo Lens 2 is an Augmented Reality glasses from Microsoft with so many different features just like the Google Glass 2. But for now, you can purchase it directly from Microsoft. Moreover, the current selling price of MS Holo lens 2 is around 3500$. Which to me is a lot for not yet perfect AR technology.

Is VR better or AR?

As of now VR technology is much better compared to the AR we have available right now since it's being developed for longer intervals. To measure the true extent of VR technology our guides on best VR for gaming & best VR for kids will definitely enlighten you.

“With all this information, you must be interested more in AR now. So, stop waiting & pick up your favorite to indulge in AR immersion”