Ear Candy Alert: The Top Audiobooks That Will Satisfy Your Listening Cravings

Are you searching for some incredible audiobooks with excellent narration? Then, we've got you covered.

Someone recently shared that their job requires almost zero mental activity. So they listen to audiobooks during their work shifts and requested good ones. Here are the top-voted recommendations.

1. Project Hail Mary

Someone stated, “Project Hail Mary is great as an audiobook. Neil Gaiman's books are mostly all narrated by him and well done.” Another person agreed, “I recently listened to Project Hail Mary and loved it!”

Project Hail Mary has the best freaking narrator on the planet, Roy Porter. When you're done with that, check out the Bobiverse series he narrates,” a third user suggested. 

2. The Dresden Files

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher,” shared one. “I came here to see if anyone else mentioned The Dresden Files,” another admitted. “James Marsters was a phenomenal choice!” 

3. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

“The Audible version of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court is narrated by Nick Offerman and is entertaining,” shared one.

“I second A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Think Ron Swanson transported to a Medieval Age populated by idiots.”

4. The Demon Cycle

“One of my jobs is similar, and I loved the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown, too. Have you tried The Demon Cycle? It starts with the painted man and can be extremely dark, but it's well-written. Long books, too, got me through weeks of work, and I've listened to them twice.”

5. The Odyssey

Another said, “The Odyssey was translated by Emily Wilson and narrated by Claire Danes. I've never really paid much attention to Claire Danes as an actress, so I figured she would be a fine narrator, but I didn't have any expectations of her. She was amazing. I had to stop listening at one point to say, ‘Dang. She's good at this,' to myself without missing anything.”

6. Bloody Jack

“I can relate to your story,” someone shared. “When you can listen to anything all the time, it seems like forever between when you find something new worth listening to. Anyway, when I think narrator, I always think of the Bloody Jack series. Kathrine Kellgren is so talented compared to other readers that it stuck with me.”

“There is a scene where two school girls, one from England, and one from America, are doing impressions of men they know. It hit me that not only was one narrator able to create different characters, but also able to do distinguishable impressions of her characters through the voices of other characters that she created.” 

7. How to Train Your Dragon

“The How to Train Your Dragon audiobooks are the best I've ever listened to, hands down (and I hate audiobooks). David Tennant narrated them, and he did an excellent job. He pulls you right into the story,” shared one.

Another replied, “I was just thinking about the How to Train Your Dragon series, narrated by David Tennant. I kept checking for more narrators in the title details because every voice sounded so unique. It's fun and easy to listen to while you are working.”

8. Thrawn Trilogy

One user said, “I suggest the Thrawn Trilogy of Star Wars books, specifically the audiobook versions. They follow the plot of George Lucas‘s original vision for Episodes 7-9 and are recorded with sound effects and almost sound like radio plays.”

9. The Outlander Books

“I listened to all of the Outlander books on audiobook,” one user confessed. “They were just as good if not better than the actual books. Davina Porter is such a fantastic narrator.”

Another agreed, “Yes! I listened to all the Outlander books on audiobook too, and was coming here to say that!” 

10. The First Law Trilogy

Finally, someone said, “The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie, beginning with The Blade Itself, is one of my favorite fantasy series— there are a total of ten books set in this universe. Stephen Pacey narrates them, and he is beloved in the fandom, and with good reason.”

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