25 of The Best Bernie Memes

The internet is truly undefeated.


After the January 20th, 2021 inauguration of President Biden, the internet provided many of us with just what we all needed… A break from the toxic, polarizing, and mentally draining political environment we have all endured for what seems like years.

How did the internet do this? By taking Bernie Sanders's inauguration outfit and photoshopping it into thousands of memes that were quickly spread around the internet!

And if you know anything about Money Life Wax – not only do like to discuss making money, saving money, and paying off debt, but we love sharing funny memes! This is why today, we have created a one-stop-shop of all the best Bernie memes the internet has to offer!

25+ Best Bernie Memes!

Here are some of our personal favorite, Bernie Memes!

Bird Box & Bernie

bird box bernie meme

Bernie on the job site:

bernie hanging out meme

Foster Parents & Bernie:

bernie sanders memes

Where is Waldo, I mean Bernie:

wheres bernie sanders meme

Bernie on the pole.

bernie memes

Bernie enjoying others on the pole:

strip club bernie meme

Bernie and Queen:

queen bernie meme

Stickin with the music theme:

bernie meme waynes world

Bernie just hanging out:

hanging with bernie
25 of The Best Bernie Memes 27

Lion King Bernie Meme:

lion king bernie meme

Bernie & Deadpool Meme:

best bernie memes

Bernie UFC Memes:

best bernie meme

Bernie MMA Meme:

best bernie meme

Wrestling Bernie Meme:

bernie wrestling meme

Other Funny Meme Links:

Just another day for Bernie:

1 image 24

Game of Thrones Bernie Meme:

game of thrones bernie meme

Bernie & Mike Pence's Fly:

Noooo Dorthy!

Bernie in Bollywood:

bollywood meme bernie sanders

Bernie in Bollywood 2:

bernie bollywood meme

Girl Scout Cookies? (#21)

bernie girl scout cookie meme

Bernie and Forest Gump:

bernie forest gump meme
25 of The Best Bernie Memes 28

Work Meetings:

bernie sanders memes
25 of The Best Bernie Memes 29

Bernie and Bob Ross:

1 image 32

25. Is this the BEST Bernie Meme yet?

oj simpson bernie meme
1 image 33

Final Word on Bernie Memes:

2 image 34
25 of The Best Bernie Memes 30

It's OK to laugh, enjoy the world, and gander at what the internet has to offer. While you may or may not like Bernie Sanders, the sheer fact that him and his mittens were cropped and placed into photos all over the internet makes me laugh.

And I hope it made you laugh too! JOY, just like negativity is infectious! So in 2021, let's spread more joy, have more fun, and look at more memes!

Speaking of Berne memes, I even tried making my very own “Bernie Meme” myself (that actually had a valid teaching point on student loans):


Question: Do you have any links to great Memes? Share below!

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