12 Best Budget Planner to Use In 2023– Check Out Number 10

Finding the best budget planner can make huge difference in managing your budget

That's why I took the initiative to compare different budget planners to help you come up with a decision on the best budget planner that suits you

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Keep in mind there are so many people will try to convince you that doing your budget on paper is an old fashioned outdated way

Ultimate Budget Binder
Ultimate Budget Binder – complete pdf files and sheets to manage your money

They recommend many budget apps as it is more efficient and mistakes free

In fact, I will give you a great advice, it is up to you to use it or not

Maintain a digital copy of your budget like a one built in Excel or Google sheet

At the same time, stick with your paper budget as it helps you to stay focused

You can visit my product page to download your free excel budget and word document for you to print

Anyway, in my post below I will do a comparison to pin point the best budget planner

What is the best budget planner?

Actually every budget planner comes with its unique features

It is very tough to tell which budget planner has the best overall Pros for what customers are really looking for

For example, there are budget planners that are small like a pocket size

That's for a reason which is to make it portable to carry it everywhere and to put it in your handbags for ladies

You see what is considered a feature or pros can be cons for some other users

That's why I encourage you to read all the list of budget planners below

I decide to add Amazon ratings with total number of reviews

Hint, one day I was looking to buy a product and I found an item with 4.6 stars and 100 reviews while the competitive product is 4.5 stars and 3,500 reviews

I ended up buying the 4.5 as it was completely incomparable for total number of reviewers

Dated and Undated Budget Planner

This is my own product that I have been using for long time

If you have access to a printer then print it – they are PDFs

It reduces your stress and overwhelming feeling of how to start budgeting

undated monthly budget
undated monthly budget page 1 and 2

Buy it now to get the following

  • One undated and 3 years budget planners current year and 2 future years
  • Undated and dated ones have the following
    • One page financial goal
    • 12 months with 2 pages side by side starting with month's goals and checklist followed by income and savings and a calendar for the month at the bottom and on the other side the budget for the month
    • Monthly budget review
    • 2 pages Expense tracker
    • 8 pages of saving tracker – each page has 2 saving tracker sections
    • 8 pages of debt tracker – each page has 2 debt tracker sections
    • 2 pages of Christmas budget
    • 2 page summary of the year
Christmas holiday budget
christmas holiday budget 2 pages at the end
summary of the year
summary at the end for the whole year
  • Two budget sheets that you can open in Excel or Google sheets – type your numbers and all required calculations like totals and percentages will happen automatically
  • One Microsoft word budget document to customize it to your needs
  • 11 printable PDF files
savings tracker 8 pages at the end
debt tracker 8 pages

For Only $5

Buy Now

Clever Fox Budget Planner

4.6 out of 5 with 15,465 reviews

This is one of the best budget planner according to its current rating based on thousands of reviews

Clever Fox is a complete budgeting sheets

I don't think you are going to miss any budget form – you are fully covered

One of the customers says that it took him 54 years to figure out that it was a good idea to use Clever Fox as a budget planner

Clever Fox budget planner comes with many pages that includes the following

  • Monthly goals for what you want to achieve for current month
  • Checklist for what you plan to improve your finances
  • Income and savings – usually it is accumulated amounts for up to date values
  • Bill Calendar to mark your bills to pay and incoming paychecks
  • Financial goals for the year or a period you decide
  • Mind map for your achievements
  • Strategy – write points you like to follow every time you use your budget planner
  • Affirmations – write what you need to remind yourself of – positive quotes and motivational sentences
  • Tactics – actions to carry to make more money
  • Track your savings throughout the year
  • Debt tracker – write down your up to date debt when you pay money
best budget planner - clever fox budget
clever fox book
86 Budget Stickers IncludedInstruction is in tiny font and blurry
Pocket for Receipts and Billsfew pages 40 only
Quick Start User ManualMissing an area for a check register
No date – you can start anytime
Pen loop and elastic closure

Clever Fox Budget Book

4.6 out of 5 with 2,973 reviews

Clever Fox book comes with organized book that helps you living a more productive, organized and fulfilling life

This budget book will not only organize your budget but will reduce stress and gives you the sense of full control of your life with light weight of 0.65 LB and comes in variety of different colors

First, it is perfect size as it comes in A5 size with 5.8 inch wide and 8.3 inch long

It comes with 2 sheets of stickers and sturdy inner pocket for your bills

Also it comes with sturdy pen, elastic closure and a ribbon bookmark

What is more important is that it is no bleed paper

It is undated and comes with quick start user manual

79 Budget Stickers IncludedBinding comes with small font
Pocket for Receipts and Bills
Quick Start User Manual
Undated – Start Anytime
Pen loop, elastic closure and ribbon bookmark
Quick start user manual
Weighs 0.65 LB
12 different colors

Clever Fox book features

  1. It starts with My Financial goal page with up to 10 financial goals and the page next to it is My Mind map which is a classic dot grid layout
  2. Followed by 2 pages one page for Strategy and the opposite page is for Tactics
    • Strategy has 2 sections, first section is new skills you need to learn to achieve financial freedom followed by your money affirmation section
    • Tactics has 2 sections, first section is actions to take to earn more money followed by actions to take to cut your expenses
  3. Saving tracker where you write down what you are saving for, amounted needed and due date with 12 rows for each saving within the same month with 12 set of saving tracker pages to cover the whole year
  4. Debt tracker where you reduce stress and 4 debt tracker sections for the whole year
  5. Monthly budget page with one page has monthly goals followed by checklist sections and below that 4 rows for both Income and savings side to side and finally followed by a calendar to track your bills and the next page is the budget page
  6. It comes with 2 pages for Expense tracker for each month with 35 rows in each page
  7. Monthly budget review where you summarize total of Income, Expenses, difference, total savings and balance forward at end of every month
  8. At the back of your budget book you have 2 pages for Christmas budget where first page has Christmas budget with 15 rows followed by 15 rows for Christmas gifts and the page next to it is for Christmas spending with 35 rows
  9. Summary of the year where you list your total for the 12 months for Income, Expenses, Difference and Savings

Simplified Monthly Budget Planner by Zicoto

4.6 out of 5 with 2,885 reviews

Simplified monthly budget planner is an all in one financial planning book

With plenty of room to jot down expenses, you can forecast your budget and then write down what you actually spent.

Also it comes with a section where you can review and journal what happened that month and what did work and what didn't

What can be better than that where you have cute stickers to track your progress

You can start your budget with simplified monthly budget planner any time of the year

  • Plan every month with one sheet to track monthly income and monthly savings
  • Track daily expenses with one sheet called daily expenses
  • Keep an eye on your savings with one sheet called savings tracker
  • Track your debt with debt tracker sheet
  • Month in review sheet with totals for savings, budget total and expenses amounts
  • Year in review sheet to track the whole year
  • Financial goal setting
  • Strategy and action plans
  • Monthly bill tracker
  • Saving and debt tracker
  • Plus: Christmas tracker to track your best time of the year
  • Notes section
simplified monthly book by Zicoto
Material is a synthetic leather imitationSize and space to write is tiny
Each month is divided by
full pages section
Missing a calendar
Multiple blank pages
for writing notes
Font is size 12
which is good to read
Undated, you can start anytime

Legend Budget Planner

4.6 out of 5 with 2,389 reviews

Legend budget planner comes with brilliant white and high quality papers with its embossed design cover that makes it stylish

Plus it comes with beautiful and functional stickers

Along with instruction pamphlet that gives suggestions on everything related to this budget planner

And what you need to know starting from how to get the most from your budget and financial planner

Legend budget planner comes with the following pages

  1. My life financial plan
  2. Write down your 1 year financial goals
  3. Follow your saving goals by using saving tracker
  4. Paying your debt sheets
  5. Monthly budget with a calendar on the facing page to track your bills
  6. Track your expenses during the month by using expense tracker
  7. Review your budget at month end by using monthly budget review
  8. Follow up with your monthly bills with regular bill tracker
  9. Track your progress with monthly and yearly expenses summary
Legend budget book
Bleed resistant paper – it is good at separating water based paints or ink from running into papersWriting space is somehow small as claimed by few use
190 colorful stickers
Undated – you can start anytime
Ribbon bookmark
Inner pocket
Pen loop and elastic closure
Monthly budget and calendar is side by side

12 Month Budget Book & Financial Budget Tracker by Erin Condren

4.6 out of 5 with 1,671 reviews

12 Month budget book and financial budget tracker is an alternative to Clever Fox

Great portable size not heavy and with pages that aren't too thin

Durable quality and good layout

This book has the following pages

  • Month at a glance – a page that summarizes the total for Income, savings, housing, food, utilities, personal, auto, entertainment, medical and other
  • Spending summary pages to track your spending
  • Debt tracker
  • Expense planner
savings tracker inside 12 budget book
It has 80 pagesSome claimed that this book tears easily
Good for entire year
You ensure it covers 12 months
Every month colored differently
12 month financial book

Boxclever Press Large Budget Planner with Pockets

4.6 out of 5 with 1,200 reviews

Boxclever budget planner comes with sturdy cover and elastic closure with a ribbon bookmark

Don't be confused between Boxclever and Clever Fox as names are similar but totally different products

This is a nice undated budgeting book with perfect size and simple layout

It comes with a pocket for every month which makes it perfect for keeping your receipts and paper bills

Boxclever comes with the following features

  • Starts with one pages debt tracker with 31 rows
  • Side by side with 31 rows for saving tracker
  • Bill tracker for all months with 12 columns for each month and your rows are the bills you want to keep track of
  • Similar to the above but for Expense tracker for all months with 12 columns for each month
  • A page for every month divided into 2 sections monthly income and savings with side by side full page monthly budget
  • Labeled for every month day to day spending
  • Dedicated page with annual expenses
  • Labeled for every month spending totals
  • Monthly calendar for enough spaces to track your monthly bills
  • Extra expenses page with side by side a page for Christmas budget
boxclever comes with sturdy cover
Undated – you can start anytimePages are super thick – hard to write on
Comes with pocket for every month
13 sturdy receipt pockets
Reasonable budget book size
Sturdy material

Planberry Budget Planner

4.6 out of 5 with 45 reviews

Planberry budget planner is an undated monthly finance organizer that comes with hardcover green pastures

It will help transform your approach to spending, making your financial goals an achievable reality

Also with a detailed 12 months sections where each month starts with a spacious monthly calendar, followed by a monthly goals setting section, income, savings, and expense trackers, and a categorized monthly budget table

Planberry planner comes with the following features

  1. Monthly plan 2 pages for each month divided to month's goals, income, savings, checklist for things to accomplish in that month, regular expenses and on the opposite side the budget categorized by all household expenses with actual and budget amounts
  2. Monthly budget review page side by side with monetary tips
  3. My financial goals on one page side by side with my mind map page
  4. Personal finance strategy on one page side by side with personal finance tactics
  5. Expense tracker for each month with 2 pages side by side
  6. Calendar on 2 pages side by side for each month
  7. Savings tracker for each month with 2 pages side by side
  8. Debt tracker for each month with 2 pages side by side
  9. One page divided into 2 sections holiday budget and holiday gifts with side by side holiday spending
  10. Summary of the year 2 pages side by side enough for 12 months columns
planberry book to manage your income and savings
It comes with gift boxComes with one small pocket, for some people it is not enough
Colorful stickers
3 pages of motivating quotes and
Comes with inner pocket to store bills and notes
Undated which makes it flexible

GoGirl Budget Planner

4.5 out of 5 with 7,633 reviews

With the small and light budget book exactly 5.3 inch wide and 7.7 inch long

You will be able to control spending and track your expenses on the go and it is able to track your budget for one full year

The tiny size comes for a reason to be able to carry it everywhere and easy to fit in ladies handbags

I am not sure the name and design looks like it is a good fit for women

But that doesn't mean that men cannot use it, of course it is for everyone

As it comes with 16 different colors and as the pinky color you see on their amazon description image

GoGirl Budget Notebook made from animal-friendly PU leather hardcover with an elastic band, pen holder, 2 bookmarks and an accordion pocket for bills and receipts

And a bleed resistant premium paper with up to 40% thicker paper than most conventional planners

GoGirl Book for managing your finances

GoGirl book features

  1. It starts with my financial goals section where you can list up to 7 financial goals
  2. The page next to the above is my strategy page where it is divided into 3 sections
    • First section is the skills you need to develop
    • Second section is the actions to take to earn more money
    • Third section is the actions to take to cut your expenses
  3. Then comes the 8 monthly savings trackers and 8 debt trackers – these trackers are great for saving for something especial or paying your debt
  4. After that comes the monthly budget 2 pages with monthly financial goals section followed by upcoming purchases and beside it an upcoming bills and underneath it 5 lines for income and beside income another 5 lines for savings and finally on the next page is the monthly budget page
  5. Next comes the expense tracker with 4 pages and each page is 28 rows and that is plenty of room to track your expenses
  6. After your end your month, it comes with monthly budget review to write your feedback for the month with a list of 3 questions like listing your obstacles for this month, how to improve for next month and goals you can set for next month
  7. Finally at the end of GoGirl book, it comes with Christmas budget and gifts with 11 rows for each and the page next to it is the Christmas spending with 28 rows
  8. Last page is summary of the year where you list your totals for income, expenses, difference and savings for each month
GoGirl pages from inside the book

Is GoGirl small size a real issue for you?

It is weird that with all these Pros but all the 1 and 2 stars are because of the small size

Easy to fit in ladies handbagsSize can be an issue for short sight people
Undated – start any time good for one year
Animal-friendly PU leather hardcover
Elastic band and pen holder
Accordion pocket for bills and receipts
Bonus colorful sheet
A quick start user manual filled with examples
16 different colors

Budget Planner by Artfan

4.5 out of 5 with 779 reviews

This budget book by Artfan is unique as it comes with attractive colorful pages

It comes with gold lay flat twin-wire where binding allows to open one page at a time

Artfan book is small in size with 5.3 inch wide and 7.6 inch long which makes it a good fit to carry it with you everywhere and in your handbags for ladies

small design by Artfan
12 Best Budget Planner to Use In [year]- Check Out Number 10 25

This Artfan budget planner is undated so you can start anytime with a perfect size of 5.3″wide by 7.6″long smaller than A5

It comes with closing function with magnet that makes the budget book close securely

With inner pocket for each month this makes it perfect to keep your receipts and bills

Undated where you can start anytimeSmall size can be an issue
Inner pocket for each month
Comes with magnet that makes book close securely
Annual bill tracker for 12 months page

As shown below, Artfan planner comes with annual bill tracker and expenses budget

Also 12 months of monthly budget planner and expense tracking

You will be able to keep track your progress by using monthly income and monthly regular payments that comes at the beginning of every month

It comes with spend totals pages and Monthly overview

At the end, special part for Christmas spending

annual expenses by Artfan
12 Best Budget Planner to Use In [year]- Check Out Number 10 26

Budget Planner by Feela

4.5 out of 5 with 383 reviews

This undated Feela planner allows you to keep all important dates, to do lists and goals in one place

It also comes with a colorful sticker to make it easy and fun, made of faux leather hardcover

Regarding its measurement, it is 8.2 inch long and 5.6 inch wide equivalent to A5

When you buy this planner package, it comes with the following

  1. One undated budget planner enough for 12 months each include one date page, one monthly plan, one monthly budget, 3 expense tracker, one monthly budget overview and one dotted page
  2. A user manual
  3. One multi color ball point pen
  4. 3 sheets of budget stickers – total of 249 stickers
  5. It comes with one financial goal, one strategy, 4 savings tracker, 4 debt tracker
  6. At the end, it comes with one holiday budget, one holiday spending, 2 regular bill tracker, 2 summary of the year and one dotted page
  7. One back pocket, one pen holder and 2 bookmarks with elastic closure
  8. 6 budget envelopes
budget planner by feela
Undated where you can start anytimeEnvelope holder in the back is not sturdy
It can come apart easily
249 stickers which is more than enough
2 bookmarks with elastic closure
One back pocket
6 budget envelopes

Budget planner by Nokingo

4.8 out of 5 with 227 reviews

Nokingo planner comes with 2 years of printed months and this makes sure you can use it easily for 2 years

It comes with monthly tabs to find where you are easily with back pocket and flexible cover and twin wire binding

Easy to organize your life with 8.5 inch long and 6.5 inch wide

Nokingo planner comes with the following

  1. Yearly overview for 2 years calendar

Law of Attraction Budget & Wealth Planner

4.8 out of 5 with 48 reviews

I know it is a weird name but it has the highest reviews

With size of 8.3 inch long and 5.8 inch wide equivalent to A5 with vegan friendly

It also comes with financial guide booklet

As I mentioned earlier, I couldn't rank it on top as low number of reviews is not enough to judge the item

Anyway this deluxe top quality undated budget and wealth planner ideal for women and men will show you the way to really master your financial success

You have a solid way to pay off your debt, increase savings, build emergency fund and track your expenses

If you buy this law of attraction planner you will get the following

  1. One undated monthly budget and wealth planner enough to cover 12 months
  2. Each month has monthly goals, upcoming bills and expenses, monthly balance sheet and full 2 page of monthly calendar side by side with income and saving tracker down below along with a dotted part in the bottom
  3. Comes with the millionaire secrets booklet
  4. Inner pockets
  5. 3 sheets of colorful budget stickers
12 month undated from law of attraction
Undated where you can start anytimeCouple of misspelling in some stickers
Elastic closure
3 sheets of stickers
Inner pockets

DebtorEdu Budget Planner

4.3 out of 5 with 364 reviews

This planner has all the tools you need to manage your budget and it is undated

This means you can start any time during the year

And completely portable as it measures 8.5 inch long and 6.5 inch wide

Protected by scratch resistant and covered with golden metal corners and inner pocket to help you store your receipts and bills

It is packed with 12 months with pages for financial planning and 2 free stickers

Where it offers the ability to set realistic money goals, manage your budget, track your spending and log your bank accounts

Equipped with money challenges, so you can also participate in saving challenges

It also comes with instruction on how to use your budget planner

DebtorEdu Budget Planner
Protected by scratch resistant coverOne buyer complained that
it is not suitable for students
Covered with golden metal corners
Inner pocket to store your receipts and bills
Comes with 52 weeks money saving challenge

How do you prepare your budget?

Before I finish I think it's good to cover few points on how to prepare your budget

1- Start by setting up your financial goals

Like what do you want to achieve by writing all you want to achieve

Why you want to save money? what you would do with that money?

Financial goals
financial goals from ultimate budget binder

2- Figure out how much you earn

I meant here your net income as known as your take home pay

3- Track your spending for the future by writing them when they happen

The best way to speculate how much you will spend on each category is to get all the expenses which were already made from your debt and credit cards

Collect 3-6 months and come up with average

4- Make a plan to track your spending daily or every 3 days and to look at your monthly budget to assess if you are on track or not

5- Adjust your spending habits according to your current status

6- Review your budget at end of the month to see your progress and how to fix any issues in future months

undated budget review

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