Best Budgeting Tips For Beginners To Learn And Use Right Now

Do you maintain a family budget?

Are you looking for the best budgeting tips?

If so, then you are in the right place

In a previous post, I talked about the common budgeting mistakes and how to avoid them

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Now I found there is a need to cover more tips on budget techniques

Best budgeting tips to use

In my post below, I will show you some tips on how to budget your income and save money

Best budgeting tips for beginners

I will start with the basic budgeting tips every beginners should go through

Although they are simple but they require commitment and self control

Automate your savings

You go to your bank and ask them to deduct specific amount or percentage automatically from your income when you get paid

It is called pay yourself first, which means save your money before you start spending

Separate your saving account

When I first started saving money, I found it is a kind of temptation to deduct some money and I still have access to it

Best way is to separate your saving account into either a locked investment account or different bank account

Build an emergency fund

You can never tell if you will face an emergency situation

Those that happen and you are not prepared for like fixing your roof after a sudden storm or your car stops working

That's why it is crucial to build an emergency fund to face any crisis

Eliminate your debts completely

There are so many ways to tackle your debt

I like Dave Ramsey's method in his book Total Money Makeover

He advices his readers to sort all debts in terms of smallest and going up

Assuming these debts don't have a mandatory to pay like taxes

Then pouring most of the money into the smallest debt and maintaining the minimum for all the rest

Doing that gives you a great energy to continue fighting your debt

Get rid of non essential expenses

Now let's say you already built your budget

Look at the expenses, don't you see anything to cut

Number one advantage of having a budget is to look at all expenses and find some expenses to cut

It can be a GYM membership, you can replace it with a used treadmill from Facebook Marketplace

Or your home phone as cell phones are enough

Or it can be your cable, you can replace it with IPTV

Cut back on discretionary spends

I am a coffee addict especially Starbucks coffee

Spending more than $2 daily for my morning coffee is not acceptable

So I reduced it to once or twice a week

Actually I wouldn't notice that with a proper budget that tells me where I spend my money

Track your daily spending

To keep your budget on track, it is highly recommended to track your daily spending

You need a simple sheet of paper to write what you spend daily

It would be easy as you won't forget

You can use the weekly spending sheet below

download weekly spending sheet to keep track of your spending
Weekly spending tracker

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Setting your financial goals

I always describe the person who does not set up his/her financial goals with whoever going for fishing without a fishing rod

Setting your financial goals will urge you to take actions

I also recommend writing them on a sheet paper and hang it on a place in front of you

Choose a budgeting method

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your budgeting method

You have to check what suits your best or what you think it is possible to achieve

There are so many methods like

  • The zero sum budget method
  • Cash envelope method
  • The value based budget
  • The half payment
  • 50/20/30 as known as the balanced money formula
  • And few more

I recommend to learn all of them under budgeting method

Best budgeting tips for adults

Once you finish your college or university and start looking for work

First thing that comes to your mind is prepare yourself to get married

Actually marriage is the beginning of your journey

But also you should consider to

Save money early – save as much as possible

You need to save money as soon as you start working

If you start saving money early then you will never regret it

Saving money for your future home will build you wealth

Think about saving for retirement

To retire with good saving, you need to save for at least 35 years

The more you save early the better for you

I have met so many people who think about saving for retirement when they reach 40

They regret not saving earlier in their twenties but I also say it is never too late

Even in your forties and you do it persistently

You can save 10% or little it bit more that would be great

Best budgeting tips for common laws or those about to be married

Are you about to get married?

I hope you already know your spouse well especially when thinking about financial aspects

Agree together on your future financial plans

One of the best budgeting tips also crucial for you to consider making sure you agree with your spouse on your future financial plans

It is very frustrating to discover you tend to save and your spouse splurges

Don't tell you it was a surprise for you

There are so many signs to tell you if you both have the common financial values

Best budgeting tips for couples or newly married

Let's say you both share a good common financial values

Below is what to do next

Create a joint venture spending account

I don't see any reason to have separate accounts for each spouse

You should both have one joint account unless you want to hide something

I talked in a previous post about why you need fun money?

So you agree to have a room for your own spending but other than that you are supposed to agree on what both can spend together

Combine your finances together

You have to combine your finances together

Don't think what will happen if we get divorced

It doesn't work like that, you are not supposed to get married worrying about what if you get divorced

Combining your finances help both of you share the right decision on your money

Budget for fun/vacations and romantic time together

Thinking about retirement by saving money is a good thing

But if you think that you can save thousands on what you will spend on vacations towards your retirement

Let me tell you, if you don't enjoy your life while you are young

Do you think you will enjoy it when you retire?

I believe there is money to save and money to spend for fun

Set some time to discuss your budget together

I know talking about budgeting and planning your finances can be boring

But if you both agree to set up a 15 minutes every week to look at your spending and check your budget – trust me it is really worth it

I discussed in a previous post, how to work with a spouse who refuses budget commitment?

Best budgeting tips for parents or family

Budgeting for a family is an experience that is totally different from empty nesters couple

I believe you both sacrifice for your children and you don't feel like sacrificing

Below is few points on what you need to do

Save extra money during the 9 months pregnancy

You know a new baby is coming

Till this happens you have got 9 months to save money

Budget extra for food

One of the budgeting tips for family is to budget extra money for food

It is really hard to deprive your kids from what they like to eat

Build zero-sum family budget

Use the zero sum budget method

In simple words, you assign a task for every dollar you earn from your income

It is called giving every dollar in your income a job to do

You get a budget with net value of zero

Pack your lunches

When I was single, I used to buy lunch most of the days

It is really tough to keep this practice when having a family

There is nothing wrong if you pack your lunches every day from your left over dinner

Budget activities and spots for kids

I had once a big bill because I did not plan for my 2 kids swimming lessons

That caused me to pay around $700 but because I know now that I will pay this amount twice a year

From now on , I decided to plan for it throughout the entire year

Save for kids education

I will speak about myself, I know it is hard feeling to see my son not able to join the college/university he likes because of money shortage

Before it is too late, I decided to save for my kids education by maximizing the annual contribution and leave their money to grow in a well selected mutual funds investment

Consider buying used items

I have sold so many household items I stopped using on Facebook Marketplace

Also before buying anything new, I go and check it there

If I find it in a very good condition, I buy it without hesitation