The Best Characters From Netflix’s Marvel Series From Karen Page to Colleen Wing

The Netflix Marvel universe may no longer be on Netflix but it is still filled with characters we’ve come to know and love in the world of the Defenders. Taking its new home on Disney+ means that fans are revisiting or just heading to Hell’s Kitchen for the first time and so let’s talk a bit about some of our favorite characters out of all the series!

Whether it is wishing we could have had more of them in our lives or our desire for them to have their own shows, these characters excite us so let’s unpack the characters of the Netflix MCU!

Ward Meachum

ward meachum
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A sad rich boy who seemed like a character we’d hate, Ward Meachum quickly became a favorite out of the Iron Fist series. Played by Tom Pelphrey, the character had a whirlwind of a ride on Iron Fist and was set up to have quite the future working with Danny Rand so the fact that it was seemingly the end of the show is a bit upsetting, especially for someone like me who loves Ward Meachum.

He’s not perfect, he makes mistakes all the time, but he tries and even in these attempts he messes up again. He’s the rich sad boy that you love to root for even though he’s lived a life of privilege and having him come back to the world of Marvel in some way would be a great addition to the MCU and also great for fans. Because who doesn’t love the idea of more Ward Meachum?

Foggy Nelson

foggy nelson
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Matt Murdock’s best friend and business partner, in the beginning, is Franklin Pierce “Foggy” Nelson. What works about their dynamic is that Foggy is just trying to do his job despite everything that Matt gets himself into and while their relationship has its ups and downs, they work together to try and make Hell’s Kitchen a better place than it currently is. Foggy sometimes loses faith in his friend or think’s that Matt is dead but still, the two protect each other and it was beautiful to see.

I would love a series that focuses on Nelson & Murdock without the Daredevil aspect or maybe even just a show about Foggy getting to be a lawyer all on his own without Matt Murdock being involved. Foggy deserves his time or he, at least, deserves his time back in the world of Marvel especially if Matt is doing things in the MCU.

Dinah Madani 

dinah madani scaled
Courtesy of Netflix

What worked so well about series like The Punisher is that we got to explore different kinds of jobs and characters within the same world. In some regards, they even got to play a bit with genre and one of the reasons why characters like Dinah Madani stands out is because she was one of the only people in season 1 to know that Frank Castle was alive and then, in season 2, she was the only one who seemed to care enough to help him.

Madani having her own spin-off doing homeland security work and checking in with Frank or even just a show about her being, seemingly, the only officer who knew what she was doing would be fun. We still don’t know who of the Netflix MCU series will come back but I do hope that the world of The Punisher gets to return in something of the same way.


Courtesy of Netflix

This might be controversial given how horrible of a villain Killgrave is but a show exploring his origin a bit more and looking into what made Killgrave into the Purple Man would be a terrifying look into David Tennant’s character. I stand by the sentiment that there has been no villain scarier than Killgrave and while some (mainly men) think that title goes to Thanos, it’s not true. Thanos thought he was terrifying. Killgrave actually was.

There’s so much damage he did not only to Jessica Jones but to other women and that isn’t something I want to explore ever again but it would be interesting to know a bit more of what made him into the monster we see in Jessica Jones. He doesn’t need a full-blown show all his own but maybe just some kind of look into his past in the future? After all, he is one of the more terrifying comic villains out there.

Claire Temple

claire temple
Courtesy of Netflix

She may have been in a lot of the Netflix MCU shows in her position as the Night Nurse but Claire Temple is a fascinating character to visit. Starting by working with Matt Murdock, she became associated with the Defenders and was their main source of medical attention. While the MCU did have Helen Cho for a while and technically has Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer, there aren’t that many characters there just to help take care of our heroes when they get hurt.

So having someone like Claire Temple join the overarching Marvel Cinematic Universe would work because they always need a doctor. Pair that with the influx of heroes coming to the New York side of things with Hawkeye and the inclusion of the Defenders and it’d make sense to have her back in the Marvel world. If we do get to see Claire again, it’d mean we get plenty of other characters we know and love coming our way.

Trish Walker

trish walker
Courtesy of Netflix

We got plenty of Trish Walker’s storyline in Jessica Jones but Hellcat has plenty of storylines that we can still have for her and while we all have our theories about when we’ll see Krysten Ritter’s return, there are plenty of places that Trish could show up that would make sense without being directly connected to Jessia. But with so much of Trish’s story that we still haven’t seen in the Netflix world, it’d make a lot of sense to bring her back into the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hellcat is a fun character and it would feel weird to not have her come into the MCU in some way shape or form and while it might not be soon, it’d still be nice to have her come back. She had a long storyline in Jessica Jones but there is always a way to bring Hellcat into the stories and have her time!

Colleen Wing

coleen wing scaled
Courtesy of Netflix

Now the end of Iron Fist set us up with a great storyline for Colleen and we ended up not getting to see where it would go. When anyone talks about the show as a whole, they typically talk about wanting Colleen back more than anyone else so of course, it’d be nice to see her return to the world of Marvel! Actress Jessica Henwick brought her to life in a way that let us know the kind of person Colleen is right off the bat and brought us into her world with open arms.

Getting to see her again would be a great move for the Marvel Cinematic Universe because while people have their issues with Iron Fist, one thing the show did get right is Colleen and she deserves to have a chance to shine again. Especially now that she has the power of the Iron Fist on her side.

Karen Page

428 RNG207 30189 scaled
Courtesy of Netflix

The world of Matt Murdock, and by extension Frank Castle, Karen Page plays an important part. One of Matt’s first cases turned brief love-interest then close friend, Karen played an interesting part throughout the entire run of Daredevil and then The Punisher but she also deserved to have more of her storyline explored. Karen had quite the journey in the span of the Netflix MCU and while we left her as she was exploring her life as an investigative journalist, there are still a lot of places we can see her go.

Karen Page is a fascinating character because she’s also trying to figure out her own life through the process of the series and she’s constantly changing as she navigates the world she’s found herself in thanks to Matt and Foggy. So it’d be nice to have her back in the larger MCU to see how she fits in with the rest of the New York-based characters.

Erik Gelden

Erik Gelden
Courtesy of Netflix

Ben Walker joined season 3 of Jessica Jones as Erik Gelden, a fellow enhanced being who could tell when someone wasn’t a good person, but he didn’t exactly know what to do with his power. Teaming up with Jessica, it helped him turn from blackmailing people to trying to use his power to stop things from happening and while the only times that Erik can truly live headache-free is when he’s either drunk or pleasing someone, it leads to an interesting dynamic between himself and Jessica.

But we only briefly got to see the two of them together as the series came to an end without knowing what would happen to them both in the future because Jessica Jones does have a track record for ruining her relationships between seasons. So bringing Erik back in some way would be a fun energy for the larger MCU to try and tackle.

Misty Knight

misty knight
Courtesy of Netflix

Misty Knight is a strong woman who doesn’t put up with liars or people trying to use her and in Luke Cage, we saw her willingness to fight against everyone to keep Harlem safe. There’s something about Misty that is just so fascinating that you keep wanting to see her shine. Watching as she trained with Colleen to still be able to fight? Amazing and if there was a show that was just Misty and Colleen out on adventures together, I’d watch the entire thing in one sitting.

But there are plenty of ways to bring her back into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and she’d fit well with whatever they have planned for their New York-based heroes. Plus who doesn’t love watching as Misty Knight solves cases with ease? She’s great and I think that the Netflix MCU could have used her more so I hope that the larger MCU takes her on.

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