21 Best Chibi Anime Series You Should Definitely Watch

Best Chibi Anime Series

If you have no idea what chibi means, well… Chances are you already did. Or else why would you click to this article? But if you are seriously that clueless about the meaning of chibi, well… Go ahead and read this explanation first before reading this (there is no way I would explain this lmao). 

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Okay, into today's main topic: 21 best chibi anime series you should definitely watch. I know the fact that it is rather uncommon to see a specialized chibi series. So I mostly took all of these entries from the spinoffs of many popular anime. And to my surprise, there are a lot of them. Like more than you think. 

And of course I would only pick the best (well, at least for me). So, before we truly jump into it, let me explain what made this article “kind of” different. As you know I take these entries from Myanimelist. But this time, I will not include the score, because… To put it bluntly, they are all rubbish. 

And I will also not put the synopsis because most of these series are parodies to the main anime. So what should I talk about honestly? Instead I will talk about my opinion about this anime, just like the old days. Well basically I just rambled about this and that, but hey, it is still better than having nothing to talk about at all, I guess. 

Okay, let us not waste anymore time. Starting from number 21, we got:

Best Chibi Anime Series You Should Definitely Watch

21. Chibi Maruko-chan

Best Chibi Anime Series: Chibi Maruko-chan

I know just because a series has a “chibi” on the title, it does not mean that I can include them to the list. But Chibi Maruko-chan is an actual chibi series. And do not disrespect this anime, because this is some of the OG anime alongside some others. 

If you love a slice of life anime that is rather simple and does not need thinking about pretty much anything, do me a favor and give it a try. The story may be a bit childish, granted this is because it is targeted for young audiences. But it will also give you a peaceful feeling and some of the good old nostalgia from the 90's.

20. Accel World: Acchel World

Best Chibi Anime Series: Accel World Acchel World

After that possibly questionable entry for some of you, here we got ourselves a real chibi anime series. And perhaps this one depicts what I meant when it comes to this kind of series the most. It is all about being a parody of their own respective anime, and being kind of an exaggerated version of it. 

And this will also apply to all of the other anime on this list. But worry not, every single one of them has their own uniqueness that makes them distinct from one another. So I would not need to repeat every explanation over and over again. 

19. Oreimo Animated Commentary

Best Chibi Anime Series: Oreimo Animated Commentary

I have told you all that I am not a big fan of Oreimo (no really. Just check it out yourself which article was it lol). But I need to admit that their chibi series is really good. Have you ever imagined an anime character commentaring their own story? Yup, that is the whole premise.

It should be pretty obvious already from the title, is it not? Well there are a lot of anime that broke the 4th wall, but I was kind of surprised on how well this would actually be. Sadly, it is Oreimo after all. And I had quite a bitter experience with it. This anime is still good though. 

18. Chibi Kero: Secret of the Kero Ball!?

Best Chibi Anime Series: Chibi Kero Secret of the Kero Ball

If you have no idea on what Sergeant Keroro is, it is possibly one of the most underrated comedy anime. It is mostly targeted for children or a juvenile adult like me, but it is seriously funny when you are already hooked into it. And it also has their own chibi series. 

Well you will need to watch the regular show first to get a gist about what the heck they are talking about. But you should see the bigger picture here. It means that you have more shows to watch during this time. It is a win-win solution, am I right? 

17. The Irregular at Magic High School: Get To Know Magic Studies!

Best Chibi Anime Series: The Irregular at Magic High School Get To Know Magic Studies!

Have you ever needed a brief explanation about what is going on in a certain anime? Like why does this happen, why is he or she doing that, what the heck is going on in the series? This anime (there is no way I am going to say the full name) is doing you a favor to tell you every single thing you need to know about the world of The Irregular at Magic High School. 

I personally do not think that it is quite hard to understand the series, but I cannot think that everyone can comprehend something as fast as I do. So this series is probably more important than you think. 

16. Petit Eva: Evangelion@School

Best Chibi Anime Series: Petit Eva Evangelion@School

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a series that is more known for its… Frankly I have no idea what was going on about Evangelion. I would love to act like I do get what happened in the series but then I would make myself look like a total idiot. But here I do kind of get what the series is about. 

If you remember, the main characters of Evangelion supposedly went to school. Supposedly, because it was quite rare to see them actually doing it. And in the series, they are actually going to school and living a peaceful life. Something that will never ever happen in the original anime. 

15. A Certain Magical Index: Specials

Best Chibi Anime Series: A Certain Magical Index Specials

Ever since I wrote that one article where I told you that A Certain Magical Index is one of the most underrated action anime (here is the link if you are interested to read it. You are welcome), have you watched it? No? Then you better pause your reading and watch that show. This is an order… 

But jokes aside, you should watch it. Because just after that, you can enjoy this chibi show, which consists mostly of our cute, beloved, Index. And do not worry, it is definitely worth your time because this whole series is amazing. That of course includes this particular anime. 

14. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: 4-Koma Theater

Best Chibi Anime Series: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 4-Koma Theater

Well when it comes to body size, perhaps this anime cannot be considered a “chibi series”. But for the essence of the show, it definitely fits. Like you got everything that you want from this kind of anime. And it is especially good because you can see the “somewhat” behind the scenes of Fullmetal Alchemist. 

However, I do believe that the best part is actually that almost everyone can enjoy this show because they all have watched this series. What? You have not? Well I do not understand why but this is your own loss. And I will not bother to ask you to go watch the series. 

13. Toradora!: SOS! Hurray for Gourmands

Best Chibi Anime Series: Toradora! SOS! Hurray for Gourmands

To sum this series up, it is basically the main cast eating stuff. Okay moving on (no no wait, just kidding. Let me elaborate further). But if I am being totally honest, that explanation alone should be enough to give you all on what kind of content they give us for this anime? 

No? I mean, the title has the word “gourmands“, which translates into “a person who enjoys eating and often eats too much”. A softer sentence for the word “gluttony” or “pig”. So yes, I spent quite a lot of time already here to convince you all. Now moving on to the next entry. 

12. The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya

Best Chibi Anime Series:

Do not worry, that is the real title of the show. I did not misspell or anything. But into the topic, I think I have mentioned before that I did not like this show because of the infamous endless 8 and also how annoying Suzumiya is as a character. 

But if you can get past that stuff, then congratulations this anime is definitely for you. Because I personally cannot stand these characters in this chibi series. And I hate the fact that I need to admit that it gave me some good laughs because how stupid it is. So yeah, I can give it that at the very least. 

11. Sword Art Online: Sword Art Offline

Best Chibi Anime Series: Sword Art Online Sword Art Offline

Okay… I literally have no idea where to start about SAOffline because… See I am already confused (I am not making this up. I am genuinely confused lol). So… I guess we can start with my previous explanation about the chibi series. If you expect this to be some sort of parody of SAO, then you are kind of right.

Kind of. I believe the best thing that I can say about SAOffline is that this is something that a hardcore SAO fans will definitely watch because they need more content about SAO. That is it. Like I have no idea what to say anymore so let us just move on. 

10. Re:ZERO Starting Break Time From Zero

Best Chibi Anime Series: Re ZERO Starting Break Time From Zero

Here is the thing. Watching an anime that has gore and having some sort of dark and heavy story is something that can be tiring. Well at least for me. That is why watching a series where the characters have a peaceful life without needing to worry whether they will be killed or not is kind of reassuring. 

At least we can see them being in peace and having fun with other casts. No heavy dialogues, no need to think that much. Just seeing them live happily ever after. And that is pretty much the case for this chibi Re:ZERO.

9. Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades

Best Chibi Anime Series: Overlord Ple Ple Pleiades

Overlord has some great side and supporting characters in the series. And of course that includes the Pleiades (or the maids, if you have no idea). Fun fact, Pleiades are treated kind of like an idol in Nazarick, and even got their own fangirls. 

But back to the topic, as you may have thought, this series pretty much focuses on the Pleiades. And of course you will still get a cameo from the strongest being in Nazarick. For me, the best part of the series is that you will see everyone's other side. Something that you will rarely get in the main series, hence becoming the reason why this show is created.

8. Shingeki no Kyojin Picture Drama

Best Chibi Anime Series: Shingeki no Kyojin Picture Drama

Attack on Titan is a series that is known for its complex storyline, ultimate action scene, and good piece of drama. Basically it is a complete package of goodness that will be remembered as one of the best anime, if not the best, of all time. 

On the contrary, this series is the total opposite of it. It barely has a storyline, does not have action, and the drama is… Let us not talk about it. Is it good? Well you tell me, since it is rather subjective. Should you watch it? Oh yes. Especially if you love Attack on Titan. There is nothing wrong with giving it a try. 

7. Koro Sensei Quest!

Best Chibi Anime Series: Koro Sensei Quest!

This series is pretty much the good old Assassination Classroom but the characters live in a medieval era RPG sort of thing. And that is pretty much what it is all about… That is normally what I would say if the show is rather normal and has nothing unique. 

But if you have watched Assassination Classroom, this will be a good treat for you because there is so many inside jokes and parodies to the main series. Of course, just like many other entries, you need to watch the actual anime before starting to watch this. But hey, it is always worth to watch Assassination Classroom. 

6. Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!

Best Chibi Anime Series: Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!

Of all the anime that I have been included on the list, I think this one is the chibi anime series that takes them quite seriously. And yes, even among some of the upper entries. Picture this. Most of these anime only have like 5-10 minutes at maximum in one episode. 

Bungou Stray Dogs Wan's one episode takes 11 minutes. That is crazy if you ask me (Please stay I cannot control myself to joke around)… But okay in all seriousness, you can see the production team work their best to satisfy Bungou Stray Dogs fans. Even they take their chibi series rather well. 

5. Fate/Zero: Please! Einzbern Counseling Room

Best Chibi Anime Series: Fate Zero Please! Einzbern Counseling Room

Starting from our previous entry, we have some of the chibi series that you should definitely watch. And for this one, you shall give this a try especially if you are a Fate fan. Even if you are not a Fate fan, you should still give it a try because this anime is made from Ufotable

And you know what Ufotable does best? That is right, making a stupidly good anime that will make us in awe (like seriously this anime studio is absolutely brilliant). And they do exactly the same to this “mere” side series that should not be taken seriously because… Well it is a chibi series. 

4. One Piece: Straw Hat Theater

Best Chibi Anime Series: One Piece Straw Hat Theater

Honestly I have not that much to tell you all about this anime. If you personally ask me what is it all about, apart from the chibi part it tells you basically what the Straw Hats do whenever they get too much free time on their ship. 

They are doing this and doing that, it is funny and sometimes idiotic and does not make any sense whatsoever, mostly because of Luffy's antics. But One Piece fans should definitely give it a go because… It is One Piece. You always want to give One piece a go. I mean there is nothing to lose, so go on. Watch it. 

3. NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals

Best Chibi Anime Series: NARUTO Spin-Off Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals

I think we all can agree that Rock Lee is one of the most underrated characters in the Naruto series, and also perhaps the most wasted (I cannot explain further because man it is going to be very long). Sadly he did not get that much exposure after the great ninja war. 

Luckily for Rock Lee fans, he got his own mini series. I mean it is arguably not at Naruto level, but hey it is still quite nice seeing him as the main character. On top of that, the show is actually funny and pretty entertaining to watch. So what could possibly go wrong? 

2. Attack on Titan: Junior High

Best Chibi Anime Series: Attack on Titan Junior High

Yes, Attack on Titan got 2 entries here because we need to wipe out the tragic memories that we got from the main series. While the previous one is basically just characters… Talking, this one at least got more actions and storyline. As you may have noticed from the title, it is pretty much what you get. 

And the best thing here is that every character lives happily ever after, in a parallel universe where even titans still exist. If you are somehow traumatized by every occurrence that hasu happened in the main series, you should definitely check this anime out to cleanse your eyes. 

1. Isekai Quartet

Best Chibi Anime Series: Isekai Quartet

If there is one title (well apart from the other top 5 entries), it would be this one. For real I cannot recommend enough for you all to watch this series. If you think that Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest crossover that humankind has ever made, well think again.

Because this anime contains some of the best main protagonists and some antagonists from various Isekai anime. And well… The rest is pretty much just like the other entries on this list. But this one has literally the most amazing cast. I personally do not think you will get bored by watching this, especially if you are a fan of them. 

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