Best Dark Type Pokémon Ranked

Introduced in Generation 2, the Dark type Pokémon stands out as one of the more sinister offerings. Many Dark Pokémon in the series have creepy designs or less-than-altruistic motives. Some legendary Pokémon and starters have this typing, so it has such significant variation. 

We ranked the top 25 best Dark-type Pokémon in the entire series across all nine generations below. This includes one Pokémon per evolutionary line, based on their visual design, how they fit the typing, stats, moveset, utility, popularity, and more. 

1. Darkrai

Image Credit: Nintendo.

When it comes to the Dark typing in the Pokémon series, Darkrai almost has a monopoly on it. Its name features its typing, and its visual appearance offers an idea unlike any other Pokémon. It feels equal parts horrifying and well-designed at the same time. 

The Gen 4 legendary Pokémon has it all when it comes to its typing, appearance, moveset, and stats. This helps it rise above the rest, but the nail in the coffin remains its inclusion as the star of The Rise of Darkrai anime film, which ranks as one of the best in the series because of this Pokémon

2. Zoroark

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The illusion Pokémon line from Gen 5 could both show up on this list. Both Zorua and Zoroark feature the most substantial designs from that entire generation. In addition, the mix of Ditto-like transformations and impressive moveset make Zoroark almost the best Dark Pokémon ever created. 

3. Greninja

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Many players know Greninja more for its Water typing than its secondary Dark typing, but this doesn’t stop the Gen 6 starter from representing this group well. From its Ash-Greninja form to its surprising but effective design to its immense utility make it a solid representative of the Dark group.

4. Umbreon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

When it comes to the evolutions of Eevee, Umbreon stands at the top. Its simple design shows that less is more sometimes while being a mascot for Dark typing. Its iconic status and immense popularity put it near the top of the list. 

5. Galarian Moltres

Galarian Moltres
Image Credit: Nintendo.

For some, the original Moltres in Generation 1 felt like the weaker of the legendary bird trio. However, Gen 8 addressed that with Galarian Moltres and its brilliant, deadly flame appearance. Its terrific design matches with the weird but fun Dark and Flying typing. 

6. Spiritomb

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Ghost and Dark typing remains one of the most overpowered typings in the series. Before Generation 6, the bizarre Spiritomb had no weaknesses at all. Even now, Fairy remains its only weakness, and it makes up for that in its stats.

7. Chien-Pao

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Like many Dark Pokémon, Chien-Pao has a lot of weaknesses to other typings. It makes up for that glaring flaw with its tremendous visual design as this icy sabertooth legendary and impressive stats, which make it move faster than most other Pokémon. 

8. Roaring Moon

Roaring Moon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Roaring Moon fixes many of the issues Hydreigon has, offering a much better Dark and Dragon Pokémon. Its moveset remains fantastic, while its stats feel fantastic. Couple this with its Salamence-like design, and it rises above its fellow Dark Dragon. 

9. Houndoom

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Gen 2 Dark and Fire Pokémon showed the breadth of the typing as soon as it released. It has a strong moveset and type coverage for a variety of Pokémon. This hellish hound even improves when it uses its excellent Mega Evolution. 

10. Meowscarada

Image Credit: Nintendo.

When it comes to the standout starter design in Gen 9, Meowscarada wins hands down. It also has some incredible moves and abilities, which make it quite powerful. This makes up for its massive set of weaknesses as a Grass and Dark Pokémon, which keep it at this spot. 

11. Morpeko

Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Pikachu knockoff does enough to justify its existence. It looks like Pikachu, but the Electric and Dark combo hints at its secret: it changes appearance every turn in battle. It goes from the adorable and goofy Pikachu-like to the angry purple and black hungry creature. This shift gives it a fascinating edge. 

12. Absol

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Absol heralds the end of the world and remains one of the poster Pokémon for the Dark type. The Generation 3 Pokémon has a beautiful angelic appearance that betrays its sinister lore. Add in its incredible Mega Evolution, and it represents the typing well. 

13. Tyranitar

Image Credit: Nintendo.

A pseudo-legendary like Tyranitar has one of the most detailed and interesting designs from Generation 2. Its Godzilla-like design paves the way for its unique Rock and Dark type combination. While not the most lucrative typing, it has impressive utility in competition. 

14. Kingambit

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Generation 9 saw the release of the third stage in the Bisharp line. This unexpected introduction gave way to one of the most powerful Pokémon in the entire generation. Only its middling design let down its moveset and excellent type combo of Dark and Steel. 

15. Chi-Yu

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Chi-Yu has such a unique design and story behind it as a relic comes to life. Its bizarre fiery fish design belies the Dark typing, which ties into its twisted origins. It has some solid stats, which help this very unique Gen 9 Pokémon. 

16. Yveltal

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Pokémon Y legendary box art Pokémon has a strange typing of Dark and Flying. While not the most powerful typing around, it balances this with excellent stats and a solid design. It may not be the most impressive Dark legendary, but it does a decent job. 

17. Liepard

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Like its feline idea, the elegant Liepard balances beauty and evil motives quite well. Liepard remains one of the best Generation 5 Pokémon ever created and the second-best Dark one from those games. 

18. Lokix

Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Generation 9 Pokémon gave players the first Bug and Dark-type Pokémon in the entire series. This makes it one of the better Bug Pokémon, and its design looks great. While it has a few more weaknesses than some may like, it stands out well. 

19. Incineroar

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Incineroar looks great and remains one of the most vital starters in the series, but it doesn’t fit the Dark typing as well as some of the others on this list. Despite this, its powerful Fire and Dark type combo bumps it up a few spots. 

20. Zarude

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Zarude takes center stage in one of the final Pokémon movies to feature Ash Ketchum. The movie itself offers an emotional and surprising tale of Zarude raising a human boy, which makes up for this otherwise underwhelming legend. 

21. Obstagoon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The surprising third stage for the Galarian Zigzagoon line in Gen 8 gave fans a Pokémon they may not have realized they wanted. This Kiss-inspired Pokémon looks hilarious and ridiculous in a great way while rounding out this line of Dark and Normal Pokémon well. 

22. Grimmsnarl

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The mix of the Dark and Fairy typings remains one of the most extraordinary type combos on this list, but the actual line feels a bit odd in terms of design. Grimmsnarl nails its idea of mixing a fairy with a more gruesome imp-like creature, but it also looks weird at the same time.

23. Hydreigon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Dark and Dragon type combination feels like one of the most impressive, but the visuals of Hydreigon let it down. Its potential Japanese mythology inspiration seems nice, but it has a disappointing execution. Despite this, it has some great stats and utility. 

24. Hisuian Samurott

Hisuian Samurott
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Generation 8 fixed some lesser starter Pokémon in the series, such as Samurott. With its new additional Dark-typing, the Legends Arceus version changed its appearance enough to be a good starter and Pokémon

25. Poochyena

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Poochyena and Mightyena feel pretty similar to one another in terms of great visual design, so either could take this spot. Poochyena gets the slight edge for its unique idea of adding a bit of cuteness alongside its dark side. It remains one of the more memorable standard Dark Pokémon.