The Best Characters in the DC Extended Universe

With the introduction of Peacemaker into the DCEU one question began to pop up in the fans of DC Comics: Who next? Peacemaker as a character wasn’t the first choice for many of us as a character but James Gunn and John Cena proved us all wrong by showing us the power the show could have. But now we want more from the DCEU in the form of these series and so the question is: Who next?

There are plenty of options within the world of The Suicide Squad alone but there’s a big DC Comics world out there with characters to explore so let’s look at who we could have a series of.

Harley Quinn

The Suicide Squad
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We have an animated series, a live-action version in Margot Robbie, and more but there isn’t a series for just Harley Quinn yet and I think that she’d benefit from it. What we know of Harley was, for the most part, tied to the Joker until Birds of Prey when she showed everyone (and herself) that she doesn’t have to be tied back to him (something that the animated series explores as well).

But with Birds of Prey came a new Harley that was exploring the world with Cassandra Cain and it set up two incredible series ideas: One for Harley and one for the Birds of Prey. Right now, there’s nothing in the works with either of them as a whole (there is a Black Canary series rumored to be in the works though) but we know that a Harley series would do well and it if brings us more Dinah Lance, Helena Bertinelli, and Renee Montoya then we’re ready for it.

Ratcatcher II

ratcatcher 2
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We got a brief look at Ratcatcher II’s history with her father during The Suicide Squad but the instant fan favorite is a character that would be interesting to explore on a deeper level. She’s the kind of character that is so rich with mysteries that a series about her could really flesh out some of the aspects of this character that we don’t really know yet.

Cleo Cazo has a connection to rats (hence the name) and took over the title from her father (played by Taika Waititi in the film). And there’s plenty of backstory to Cleo that we didn’t get to see in a big team-up. It wouldn’t be a long show and she’d probably need some other characters there to join her but it’d be interesting to see where a show centered around the lore of Ratcatcher I and Ratcatcher II could take the DCEU.

King Shark

king shark
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If there is a character that surprised me in The Suicide Squad, it was King Shark. Mainly because I am terrified of sharks in general but love him and his little shorts so very much. There’s something about a giant shark man trying to be a good guy that is both delightful and frightening in the same breath. And we know that King Shark, as a character, is different from what we saw in The Suicide Squad and it’d be cool to get to explore that in a live-action series.

King Shark has been in the live-action before in things like The Flash on the CW or in animated form in Harley Quinn but how cute he was in The Suicide Squad was shocking even if he did try and murder people still. What the show would look like? I don’t know but it’d be fun to have Steve Agee back for another HBO series.

Wonder Woman

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It took so long for Diana Prince to have her big-screen debut. Having had her own TV show starring Lynda Carter for years, it feels weird to want another Wonder Woman show but hear me out: The missing years. The problem is that with the movies, there are so many years between them and we’re left without any Diana Prince content. And right now, there are plenty of decades when we don’t know what happened in her life. After Wonder Woman, she stays in the world of man but is here all the way through Justice League and beyond. What we don’t know is what happened in those years between.

A show that looks into a decade or some area of Diana’s life between the movies could be fun and give us Diana back quicker than the movies are sing we have so long to wait until the third Wonder Woman movie.

Clark Kent

tom welling clark kent
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Yes, this is fully because of Smallville but we should have a Superman show on HBO Max given we don’t know what the future holds for the character. But what if we focused it on Clark Kent’s life as a reporter? We have so many shows exploring his rise to Superman, his life with Lois, and more but we don’t have a journalistic look into his world and it could be fun to explore that side of Clark Kent.

We know he’s a good journalist but we keep getting brief glimpses into that world and not the full picture. The old Superman movies showed us enough but I want more of the Daily Planet and the work that Superman gets to do when he’s not saving the world time and time again. So if they were to bring back Superman in some way, I hope we get a look at his working life.

Poison Ivy

poison ivy
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It is frankly beyond time for Poison Ivy to have her own show. Pamela Isley is a fascinating character because just when you figure her out, there’s a different take on the character that has you thinking you figured her out to only be surprised the next time we see her. We have versions of Poison Ivy in live-action and in the animated form happening all the time but there’s not a show all her own and it could be the time for her to have one on HBO.

What works so well with Poison Ivy is that she isn’t a straight-up villain. She is trying to make the world a better place and just isn’t the best at doing so but she tries and exploring that dynamic with her (and maybe her relationship with Harley Quinn in live-action) would be the fun twist we need to see for the character.

Rick Flag

rick flag suicide squad
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Rick Flag deserved better after Suicide Squad and then had better in The Suicide Squad and then died so…again, he needs more. The character was a hardass who wasn’t fun for the team to have around but each time, he came to care about the squad that Amanda Waller built and wanted to get the job done with them. He trusted people like Harley to have his back even though he probably shouldn’t have and he cared.

It ended up getting him killed by Peacemaker but Rick Flag died doing what he loved and a show about his missions and him as a character working for Waller and doing jobs before either of the Suicide Squad movies would be nice. Mainly just to give him his time again since Chris Smith killed him in the name of peace and then went on to do his own show without thinking too hard about him.


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We keep hearing about a potential look into Themyscira but we never really get it and that feels unfair. The hidden world that Diana Prince came from is a big part in who she is and yet we only have glimpses (in recent years) during the Patty Jenkins’ movies. We could have so much more to Diana Prince’s home and explore the god aspect of Diana Prince’s story more. While we know that she is a demi-God, we barely get to know of her origin outside of what we see before Steve Trevor comes and the Amazonian Olympics from Wonder Woman 1984.

If anything, those moments on Themyscira are brilliant and we get to see how Diana came to be the hero we know and looking to characters like Hippolyta and Antiope alongside the rest of the Amazons would be incredible and what, I think, many other Wonder Woman fans would like to see for the character.


boomerang suicide squad
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Jai Courtney came into Suicide Squad with an energy and it was exciting to see where The Suicide Squad was going to take him. Well, then we saw what happened. But Boomerang is a fun character mainly because he’s chaotic and I think a show about him could be fun in the same way that Peacemaker was. Just exploring why these characters tick and the elements of them that fans like but also pointing out their absolutely horrible aspects too.

Harley could join there, we know she loves Boomerang, or any of the other members of the Suicide Squad and we could explore more of his character than either of the movies really did. Jai Courtney did a great job, we had fun with the character, and then the character died and it felt like a wasted opportunity so why not have a little bit of fun with the character in a series?

The Weasel

DID he kill a bunch of children? Yes. Would I watch a show about him post The Suicide Squad trying to exist in society again and maybe trying to atone for his sins? Absolutely. The thing about the Weasel is that the design of him is absolutely horrific in the most entertaining of ways. It’s truly baffling what he looks like on-screen and yet we all just went with it.

The show would, obviously, not be solely his. Maybe we can see characters like Deadshot or Bloodsport show up and deal with the Weasel but it’d be hilarious to have him running around and interacting with members of The Suicide Squad and deal with them in the midst of him licking windows and running around like a lost dog. Again, the Weasel murdered a bunch of children so we don’t like him but he’s hilarious to look at so why not.

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