The Great Film Debate: Which Decade Had The Best Movies of All Time?

While enjoying my daily scroll, I found an impossible question. What was the best decade for films, in your opinion?

Okay, this is a tough one. I don't know which is more complicated to determine, movies or music. Nonetheless, check out what Letterboxd fans had to say about the decades. 

The 1960s

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“The 1960s,” said one. “Great movies from the French New Wave. Fellini made his best movies and Leone with his Westerns. Stanley Kubrick made masterpieces. Bergman also. I have so many favorites from that period.”

Another agreed, “The 60s, where the Golden Age of cinema met the New Wave movements. Both the turning point of cinema and its peak.”

Some people couldn't decide, “The 1960s is probably my favorite, followed by the 70s or 90s, depending on my mood.”

The 1970s

Two Lane Blacktop 1
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“In the 70s, cinema had to do something that TV couldn't do…but it wasn't in competition with home video or streaming. So directors made cinematic movies. Cinema was itself,” stated one.

A second added, “70s movies are so gritty and raw.”

“Some of the best endings to films are from the 1970s. Finales like: Two-Lane Blacktop or Fat City don't happen in other decades.”

“The 70s because of how biting the social commentary was. The greatest decade from that perspective. The biggest movies in America were also not 100% escapism as would happen to start in the 90s but beginning in the 80s.”

The 1980s

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Someone shared, “It's the 1980s for me. So many incredible genre films in that decade.” Another replied, “80s. At least for sci-fi.”

Finally, a third said, “The 80s: Blade RunnerThe ShiningBack to the Future, Empire Strikes BackParis Texas, BrazilPlatoonKing of ComedyBlue VelvetThe Thing.”

The 1990s

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Someone shared, “The 90s. It has the most five stars movies out any decades: Good Will HuntingLife is BeautifulBefore SunriseThe Green MileSilence of the LambsSevenFight ClubTruman ShowShawshank RedemptionForrest GumpPulp FictionSchindler's ListTerminator 2The Lion King.”

“I'm not a 90s kid. So it isn't nostalgia that's speaking for me. This decade is a perfect mix of small intimate dramas, more gritty arthouse films, and blockbuster action/adventure movies.”

The 2000s and 2010s

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Someone shared, “I agree with the 70s. However, 2000-2010 has some of my favorite movies: There Will Be BloodInglorious BasterdsUpGladiatorCity of GodSpirited Away, Superbad40-Year-Old VirginWALL-EFinding Nemo, and Oldboy.”

Another person stated, “2010s are the rise of streaming services, and online functionality opened the floodgates for international films significantly. Furthermore, it's almost never been easier to find the film you want to see.”

Mixed Responses

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“Either the 70 or the 90s are my favorite decades. I could interchange the 90s and 70s for my overall favorite. The movies that shaped me tend to come from those eras,” one user confessed.

Another replied, “Depends on the genre. Horror had its best decade in the 80s and its worse decade in the 90s. Westerns had its best decade in the 60s and its worst decade in pretty much—every decade after that.”

We hope you enjoyed the list of the best decades for incredible movies.

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