15 Best Dictation Apps For Writers To Get In 2023

Are you looking for the best dictation apps for writers to ease your writing?

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A dictation app is a software that allows you type a document or anything else using your voice that is aided by a text to speech recognition feature.

It accurately and very fast modifies the spoken word to text saving you the typing of lengthy passages when writing lecture notes, writing fiction novels and short stories, composing speeches, writing essays and emails or even jotting down articles like this one.

Other benefits of voice dictation apps are:

  • People with dyslexia find it easier to maneuver their way through projects and assignments especially if it is incorporated in the school system for those with the health issues. At home, it is easier for kids to complete their projects when they have a problem with writing because of some other health issue or even an accident like an arm fracture.


  • You can easily perform other tasks while getting your project done, which includes moving around or cooking whilst dictating.


  • It is good for your health in that it prevents you from staring at your screen for hours trying to type, allows you to move around while working which improves your blood circulation and helps you stretch your muscles.


  • The flexibility provided by dictation apps makes writing all the more fun since you do not have to stay at one place especially the office to write something. You can easily work on projects from your smartphone, anywhere.


  • By using a dictation software, you will find that there will be fewer errors both in spelling and grammar. You do not even have to struggle to spell a word in writing. You just need to say it and it is done for you reducing the number of grammatical errors.

You find that it is easier for your thoughts to flow when you just speak them and your word count per hour automatically increases.

You can easily use your smart phone to write an article of any length by using the following dictation apps that carry out voice commands effectively.


15 Best Dictation Apps For Writers

#1. Google Docs Voice Typing

Currently one of the best voice typing software, it can accurately convert your speech to words without needing installation of additional software or features.

As long as you have a web browser and a google account, you are good to go. The ownership of a google account is useful since you need to log into it, open google doc, navigate to tools and then activate voice typing, for you to use this software.

You will find a microphone feature and once you click on it, it turns red meaning you can start speaking and it will start typing.

Google Docs Voice Typing will need an internet connection for you to use it. It is however free and does not need any payment or monthly premiums so if you do not want to spend money on a dictation app, this will do.

It is a better option for those who do not require extra commands other than continuously writing and those using a dictation app for the first time.

It is highly recommended for such so they can gain experience of using a dictation app as they practice. The best part about google docs voice typing is, it supports 125 languages.


#2. Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions

Other than Google Docs Voice Typing, the other largely recommended best dictation app for writers to get is Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions.

The voice recognition embedded in it is without a doubt of high quality and it does not require an internet connection to use it.

Most of its versions however, are not compatible with Apple users and some versions like the latest Dragon version will need them to upgrade to the  professional version which is quite obviously expensive.

It costs $300 but currently going up to $500. Other versions of Dragon have discontinued the app that is compatible with Apple devices.

The Dragon app in general, is the best for office purposes and the most powerful compared to any other dictation app or software so your money is put to good use.

Dragon does not have any free option and for its quality and highly efficient features, you will need to pay a considerable amount for it.


#3.Windows 10 Speech Recognition

This one comes embedded or built in the windows 10 version. If you do not own the google docs voice typing software and find Dragon speech recognition expensive, then this is a good option.

The microphone feature is activated by clicking on the mic or by pressing the +H key which is also the same key to turn the microphone off.

Windows 10 speech recognition will need to learn your voice with time so as it does, there might be a few inaccuracies that go away with time as the system is calibrated to conform to your voice.

In the meantime, as it learns your accents, intonations and pronunciations, editing will solve everything else.


#4. Winscribe

Winscribe is becoming one of the leading providers of speech productivity technology seeing that it is part of Nuance which is a Dragon technological dictation app; the best dictation software out here.



Winscribe is available in any device so that it is easy to create documents anywhere with an organized workflow.

Winscribe can be used for both dictation and transcriptions or any documentation solutions to solve most of the problems you might encounter while documenting anything.


#5. SpeechNotes

Speech notes supports various languages like Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Hindu, Portuguese, Turkish and many more. In total, the languages amount to 11.

It will translate from English to any other language effectively but it is not as effective if you dictate in other languages other than English.

It is best for preparing long documents or emails in the office because of its features like auto save, printing, and allowance of many keyboard shortcuts, its easy access to any website and allows exporting of the text to google drive.

SpeechNotes has both the free and paid version. It is a free Chrome extension but there is the paid version with premiums that amount at around $9.99.

It gets rid of ads, allows working on any screen, as big as you want it and automatically counts words for you as you type. The paid version also has in-app purchases.


#6. Apple Dictation

All Apple devices have Apple dictation that is basically free with no paid versions or installation. It also does not need any internet connection unless you are using an iOS app that only allows you 40 seconds at a time.

After that, you can activate, the dictating feature again. It allows the inclusion and sharing of audio recordings and can be used on any platform including social media sites. It is also supportive of 31 languages.

Apple Dictation has downsides which include inaccuracies every now and then, especially if you are dictating at a very fast speed which will require editing every now and then.

The other downside is, it is ineffective when being used for long hours.

It is best for mac users who need a free voice to text feature.


#7. Dictation.io

Dictation.io recognizes most world languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and many more.

The best part of Dictation.io, is that you can add punctuations marks, smileys by saying “smiling face” or “wink face” for a winking emoji and other special characters.

You can also move the cursor to the next line by saying “next line” or “new paragraph”.

You just need to select the right language you want, click on the start button that is located at the bottom of the page and start speaking clearly while adding punctuation marks by announcing them.

Dictation.io is not compatible with iPhone and iPad and you must have a google chrome browser in your device for it to function in your device.


#8. Otter.io

Just like Dragon speech recognition app, Otter is also a voice to text app that offers very high quality voice recognition.

It uses Ambient Voice Intelligence that is highly productive in the voice to text process.

Its unique feature that proves to be beneficial and necessary, is the speaker identification feature.

With this feature, you can be in a meeting or in a room with several people and it will only recognize your voice all throughout the writing.

A change of speaker will be highlighted. It has the free version and the paid version with added benefits for $8.33 as a monthly premium and $20.00 for teams.

It is efficient for those who want the best dictating app at a cheaper price. The duration you can use the dictating feature though is 600 minutes in a month which is not favorable to an author whose writing is a full time thing.


#9. Braina

Braina supports more than 90 languages and they are all typed accurately.

What makes it stand out though, is the fact that it can control more than just words; it can also control apps using its voice command feature.

It literally eliminates the usage of a keyboard since by using the voice recognition feature, it is can execute almost all functions in your computer.

It is also not biased when it comes to accents and can accurately type well following the diction of any accent and voice.

It also recognizes themes and terms where if you are writing an industry specific report, it will be favorable to the theme and make it easier for you to navigate around the terms.

It is therefore good for writers who need it for other dictations other than book dictations and need an quality app just like the highly recommended one, dragon, but cheaper.

Its lifetime price is around $200 which is slightly cheaper than dragon.

With this price, it comes with other functions such as opening programs, controlling media files such as music which are additional advantages to the ones stated above.

Its shortcoming is the fact that it is only available for PCs so it is not as flexible for those who want to be able to type anytime, anywhere or on their smart phones.


#10. Amazon Transcribe

Amazon transcribe understands your specific theme from the vocabulary you use therefore enhancing its accuracy and efficiency.

Amazon transcribe allows you to pay for the services you need only for as long as you want. You can cancel the services any time.

Depending on the services and features you wish to use, you can start with a free trial that lasts about a year, short term free trials or always free trials.

If your projects are mainly business oriented, then Amazon transcribe is the best option.


#11. Siri Dictation

Siri dictation is the best dictation app for writers with any Apple gadget. Once the voice to text feature is activated, it displays a sound wave graph that is based on what you are uttering at the time.

The best part is you can switch to another language in a second and it will recognize and type it the way you want since it supports 120 languages which is quite a lot compared to Apple dictation.

Siri dictation is free for all Apple users and works offline too.


#12. Microsoft Dictation App

Microsoft dictation app is available for all devices with the Microsoft 365 subscription and Microsoft word online.

It is not as popular but it is as effective as the rest and free as long as you have MS word online, Microsoft 365 subscription and an internet connection.

It has an auto-punctuation mode that automatically adds a punctuation after every sentence.

Not only that, it includes the profanity filter that adds asterisks to it unless you do not wish to have it hidden.

Microsoft dictation app supports 20 languages. From this, it is evident that it does not favor many world languages and is not favorable to heavy accents.

#13. Gboard

Gboard is the best dictation app for writers to get if one is writing on the daily and on the go most of the times. All android users and iOS devices have it and it is linked to google.

It also needs to learn your voice and patterns over time to be more accurate so be patient with it. It supports 47 languages in total.

Gboard is free in any google play store.


#14. Happy Scribe

Happy scribe prepares files that are ready for any kind of platform.

Their machine translation types translations for any type of project, in any language for anything including creating subtitles for your videos.

Other than that, it is efficient when it comes to dictating as long as you are clear.


#15. Verbio

Verbio is more than a dictation app for writers. Its speech technologies and AI powered solutions are high end and have been so for more than 20 years.

With Verbio, you can do various tasks around that are more than just typing using voice commands. It also has a biometric voice recognition that recognizes the speaker.

With all the aforementioned guidelines, you have to be aware that as much as it is a digital tool that makes your work easier, it is also a tool that requires skill to use.

They are easy to use but various features need to be used right to make your work effective. The following tips will help you with what you need to know when using one:

  • You have to pronounce your words clearly and pronounce them correctly and sometimes at a relatively slower pace to avoid errors like incorrectly spelled words or another word that was not intended.
  • Add the punctuations in your speaking like once you are done dictating a question, dictate the punctuation by saying “question mark”.
  • Speak in full sentences instead of one word in a go. It is faster this way and you avoid confusion like the app thinking you are beginning another sentence each time you pause after one word. Doing this will make it capitalize each word and automated punctuations.
  • Learn navigations that make it easier to type a document like “move back five words” to go back to a certain word, or “delete that”.
  • You can also use other assistive technology software for writing like graphic organizers. It might prove to be more helpful to young people, especially with their assignments.


Conclusion: Best Dictation Apps For Writers

With the best dictation app for writers, you can achieve 99% accuracy. Not only that, you get to improve your memory, speech skills and your voice quality.

These apps can be downloaded on digital gadgets like Dragon Dictation, some are specific to android, iPhone such as apple just press record, Speech Notes or even a certain phone. Windows and other gadgets come with built in dictation software though most of the times, the microphone and other tools might need internet connection to function.

A number of tools from the Chrome browser also offer dictation software like WordQ, Co-writer Universal and Read & Write.

I hope you found this article on the best dictation apps for writers helpful.

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