Top 25 Best Dragon Pokémon of All Time: Garchomp, Rayquaza, and More

Of the 18 types that exist in the Pokémon mainline games, one of the most popular types is the Dragon type. After all, it was the pinnacle of the typings back in Generations 1 and 2, being elusive and among the most uncommon. 

It helps, too, that the Dragon type is among the most powerful, with an unbelievable set of resistances and few weaknesses. It can elevate to even better greatness when paired with the proper secondary typing. But what is the best Dragon Pokémon of all time? 

Below, you'll find the top 25 best Dragon Pokémon ever made. With only one entry per evolutionary line of the 89 total Pokémon, these are the ones that come out on top in terms of design, utility, flexibility, typing, and more from the number one best onward. 

1. Rayquaza

rayquaza pokemon
Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

There is a clear winner when it comes to the Dragon Pokémon race in the series, and that is Rayquaza. Ever since its release in Generation 3, this Flying Dragon Pokémon has been at the pinnacle of what a Pokémon in its category should be. 

There is no contest here. It has the single best design out of any legendary Pokémon ever made, solid typing that is fun to use, and its lore is extraordinary. It is far and away the embodiment of the best the Dragon type offers. 

2. Dragonair

Dragonair pokemon
Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Despite being the game that introduced them, generation 1 skimped on the Dragon Pokémon, with only a single evolutionary line. But, perhaps this was intentional when you have a magnificent Pokémon like Dragonair. Gorgeously designed and impeccably detailed, Dragonair is the definition of a pure Dragon in every sense. 

3. Zekrom

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

The Gen 5 box art legendary, Zekrom nearly takes the cake for the best design on this list. The sleek black dragon has a mix of power and futuristic techno vibes with its strange but intriguing Electric secondary typing. Zekrom is one of the few situations where it also clearly beats its fellow Gen 5 legendary, coming out on top as one of the best in the business. 

4. Giratina

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Despite Gen 4 having three legendary Dragons, Giratina is the clear winner. The Ghost and Dragon typing is a phenomenal mix that is far too underused while its design is simultaneously creepy and unforgettable. Mix in the fact that it has multiple forms, and you have one of the best Dragon Pokémon ever made. 

5. Dragapult

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Ironically, the only other Ghost Dragon line to exist is nearly as good as the original. Dragapult and its entire evolutionary line are easily the most consistently fantastic across all three forms. But the final evolution, Dragapult, is the clear winner, having its ghostly nature matched by the horrific level of detail, like the fact that it shoots out its babies as ammunition. 

6. Garchomp

Garchomp pokemon dragon
Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Garchomp will always be one of the most iconic Dragon Pokémon in the series, and for a good reason. It has a memorable design as a land shark meets a dragon, while its stats are some of the best. In addition, Garchomp has been and likely will continue to be one of the best competitive Dragon Pokémon in the series. 

7. Necrozma

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Regarding gimmicks in the Pokémon games, Necrozma is the best of them all. This third legendary can have several forms, fusing with the other legendaries as Kyurem did. But Ultra Necrozma, the uniquely bright and alien Dragon Psychic Pokémon, elevates this far above most others.

8. Miraidon

Miraidon pokemon
Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

The box art legendary for one of the Gen 9 games, Miraidon edges out over its fellow time-warped dragon companion. The Electric and Dragon type is cool on its own, but what's fantastic about Miraidon is how it embodies this typing from head to toe. Unlike Zekrom, this futuristic robot-dragon makes it clear what its typing is and stands out because of it. Plus, you can use it as a vehicle in the Gen 9 games. 

9. Naganadel

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Naganadel has one of the best Dragon Pokémon designs in the series. But where the Poison and Dragon Pocket Monster truly wins is in its lore and style. As the only Ultra Beast with an evolutionary line, it clarifies why it is a starter Pokémon in its universe, rivaling the greats of the Pokémon world like Charizard and Greninja. 

10. Koraidon

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

The other rideable box art legendary from Gen 9, Koraidon, is no joke, either. As the first Fighting Dragon Pokémon, it only narrowly loses to its competition. This is mainly due to its ancient design, which is slightly lackluster, especially in the color scheme chosen. Even still, the player's relationship with Koraidon and its typing make it one of the best. 

11. Kingdra

Kingdra pokemon
Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Gen 2 was far too light on the Dragon Pokémon, especially considering the one new addition was fantastic. Kingdra took the disappointing Horsea line and finally completed it with a stunning seahorse dragon design. Add the fun Water type combination, and you have one of the most underrated Dragon Pokémon. 

12. Kyurem

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Kyurem is one of the most unique legendary Dragons on this list. The Gen 5 third legendary has excellent Ice and Dragon typing and fascinates with its fusion techniques. Though Necrozma did it better after the fact, Kyurem deserves credit for being the first. 

13. Dialga

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Dialga is the box art legendary for Pokémon Diamond, representing the Dragon type alongside Palkia. While its design is a bit meh, it makes up for that in its immense power. Diagla's stats and Steel dual typing are phenomenal and hard to counter. 

14. Palkia

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Though Palkia arguably has the better design, the Water and Dragon-type combination isn't nearly as impressive. As such, the Pokémon Pearl box art legendary is narrowly beaten out by its brethren. Even still, it is one of the best Dragon Pokémon ever made. 

15. Zygarde

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Zygarde debuted in Gen 6 but wasn't fated to get its full appreciation until Gen 7. The Ground and Dragon-type combination is unique, and its hexagonal design is excellent. But the real fun behind this legendary is its gimmick of collecting cells to create several excellent versions, ranging from a dog to a lizard to a giant mech. 

16. Applin

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Applin makes this list for a couple of reasons. Undoubtedly, its evolutions are worthy, too, but Applin stands out in the end. As a Grass and Dragon Pokémon, that is fun enough, but you should have the idea of a dragon living inside an apple that is hilarious and adorable. 

Add in the fact that it has two possible evolutions, and Applin is one of the better ideas that Game Freak has come up with. 

17. Arctibax

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

The Gen 9 pseudo-legendary Dragon line is one of the most disappointing in the series, but Arctibax saves it. The return of the Dragon and Ice-type was welcome, and it has a solid enough design. It's easily the one shining light between two awful Pokémon in its line. 

18. Altaria

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Would you believe there are not one but two evolutionary lines in Gen 3 that include the Dragon and Flying type combination, despite the third legendary having the same? Even still, Altaria stands out for its gorgeous design and, to this day, the only Pokémon to have the Dragon and Fairy typing when it Mega evolves. 

19. Roaring Moon

Roaring Moon
Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Gen 9 introduced Paradox Pokémon, taking the idea of older Pokémon and turning them into ancient or future forms. Roaring Moon was the Paradox version of Salamence and a much better version. 

The mix of the ancient and Mega forms of Salamence plus its slick new Dragon and Dark typing helped to make it better than the original. 

20. Noivern

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

As a Dragon and Flying type, Noivern is nothing surprising or unique. That said, it is one of the easier to use of this type combination, and it felt like one of the best parts of Gen 6. In addition, it and its cute previous form, Noibat, are some of the best-looking Dragon Pokémon. 

21. Eternatus

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Yet another Poison and Dragon Pokémon on this list, Eternatus, has the unique part of being legendary. It played a vital role in its Gen 8 storyline, helping that game improve in the long run. Eternatus' lore and ultimate form help it stand out in this category. 

22. Salamence

Salamence pokemon
Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Salamence was almost doomed to fail, coming out as a Dragon and Flying-type in the middle of a generation where the best dragon on this list has the same type combination, plus Altaria. Despite this, it has a unique design, and some excellent stats have carried it across generations. 

23. Dragalge

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Dragalge is, by and large, the forgotten Dragon Pokémon in the franchise. Despite coming out in Gen 6, it gets no love. The Poison dual typing is a fun one — though overused at this point — and its design is one of the most original to come out of this category with its idea of some algae turned into a dragon. 

24. Duraludon

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Duraludon showed that the overpowered Steel and Dragon typing could work for a non-legendary Pokémon in Gen 8. Its design is one of the worst and unimaginative in the series, hence its placement, but it makes up for that in its impressive stats and utility. 

25. Goomy

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

Goomy is one of the few selections on this list where the first in its line is the best. Though Goodra, and to a lesser extent Sliggoo, are interesting, they feel lackluster compared to what Goomy offers. Nevertheless, it has personality, charm, and a fun design. 

Too bad it's not a Poison type, as its evolutionary family certainly lends itself to that, knocking it down to the bottom of this list. 

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