22 Best Emma Roberts Movies and TV Shows Ranked and Where to Watch Them

Emma Roberts is an actor with a lot going for her immediately from birth, as the niece of the fabled and award-winning Julia Roberts. However, she soon proved in her teenage years that she is so much more than riding the coattails of her name, capable of putting on tremendous and hilarious performances.

Ranging from generic rom-coms to teenage comedies to even becoming a memorable Scream Queen in her own right, Emma Roberts has some fantastic movies and TV shows under her belt. Here are the best Emma Roberts movies and TV shows ranked, and where you can watch them.

1. Scream 4 (2011)

Emma Roberts Scream 4
Image Credit: Dimension Films.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

This fourth iteration of the beloved slasher series is arguably among the best, largely because of how well it subverts expectations and Emma Roberts as the leading screaming lady.

She is impeccable here, balancing the horrifying and also funny parts while giving some surprise moments that rival anything else she’s done in her career and showing her impressive range among a horrifying and surprising storyline.

2. Scream Queens (2015-2016)

Emma Roberts Scream Queens
Image Credit: Fox.

Where to Watch: Hulu

If there is a show you should watch to see Emma Roberts in her comedic prime and at her peak, look no further than the two seasons of Scream Queens. This hilarious horror slasher show about a mysterious killer, despite having stars like Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele, is entirely Roberts’ show.

Her role as Chanel Oberlin is undeniably the best character in her career and a walking meme that steals every scene she’s in as the snooty sorority-rich girl who doesn’t care all that much about the killer.

3. American Horror Story (2013-2019)

Emma Roberts American Horror Story
Image Credit: FX.

Where to Watch: Hulu, Prime Video

Emma Roberts starred in several seasons of this unmatched horror show, allowing her to uniquely show the full extent of her acting skills. She was able to play the cowardly scared girl to the darker and more sinister characters, and more. A special shoutout to her role in 1984, where she got to put her Scream Queens talent to full use again for a masterful first half of the season.

4. Who We Are Now (2017)

Emma Roberts Who We Are Now
Image Credit: FilmRise.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

This is one of the best movies and performances that Emma Roberts has ever given, in no small part since it is far different from everything else she does. Devoid of most of the humorous parts of her other characters, this is a straightforward drama about a former inmate’s second chance that Roberts steals the show in as the convict’s only hope.

5. Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

Emma Roberts Celeste and Jesse Forever
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Classics.

Where to Watch: Hulu

Emma Roberts has more of a supporting role in this fantastic rom-com that tries to go far beyond the boundaries and clichés of the genre. Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg are showstoppers in their roles as the leading couple who are struggling with an impending divorce.

6. Unfabulous (2004-2007)

Emma Roberts Unfabulous
Image Credit: Nickelodeon.

Where to Watch: Prime Video, Apple TV+

This is the TV series that put Emma Roberts on the map in the first place. This Nickelodeon live-action series follows her as Addie Singer, a middle school girl who always ends up in awkward situations and writes songs to convey her feelings. Roberts’ star power is on full display here and there’s a reason this show led to most of the other movies and shows on this list.

7. The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

Emma Roberts The Blackcoat's Daughter
Image Credit: A24.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

This horror movie follows Roberts as she tries to help two stranded girls in an abandoned school who have to deal with a dark evil threat. Though it can be a bit slow at times, there’s no denying that the spooks are impressive and this movie otherwise avoids stereotypes with some genuine surprises.

8. Paradise Hills (2019)

Emma Roberts Paradise Hills
Image Credit: Alfa Pictures.

Where to Watch: Paramount+

This futuristic dystopian movie is about a group of women, led by Roberts, who find out a horrifying secret about their perfect island society and now wish to escape from it. It is mixed at times but it mostly stuck the landing. See this film for terrific performances from Roberts, Awkwafina, and more.

9. Nerve (2016)

Emma Roberts Nerve
Image Credit: Lionsgate.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

Emma Roberts has proven time and again that she is compelling as the lead in mysterious thrillers like this one. After checking out an online game that challenges kids to pull off increasingly worsening dares, Roberts finds herself being asked to do disturbing acts to win.

10. About Fate (2022)

Emma Roberts About Fate
Image Credit: United Artists Releasing.

Where to Watch: Prime Video

Emma Roberts stars as a goofy but lovable girl named Margot who is about to get married when she meets a man also about to be married, and both realize that they are meant for each other. Thomas Mann and Roberts have an undeniable chemistry that helps to keep this well-balanced rom-com enjoyable.

11. Palo Alto (2013)

Emma Roberts Palo Alto
Image Credit: Tribeca Film.

Where to Watch: Peacock

Roberts stars in this R-rated teen drama about rich kids who find themselves able to get into whatever trouble they like, since their parents don’t seem to care. Dramatic, emotional, and wild, it doesn’t shy away from exploring the darker, more realistic side of rebellious teens.

12. Blow (2001)

Emma Roberts Blow
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

Where to Watch: Max

This dramatic interpretation of the biographical story of George Jung, a drug lord who took over the 1970s, is brilliantly played by Johnny Depp and other stars like Penelope Cruz. The storyline is gripping and the stakes are high, even if its story does have some mixed results in its execution.

13. It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

Emma Roberts It’s Kind of a Funny Story
Image Credit: Focus Features.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

This teen comedic drama does a surprisingly good job of navigating the difficulties of mental health and a teen boy who checks himself into a clinic to get help. In turn, genuinely funny and heartfelt moments happen as he connects with the other patients there, including Roberts.

14. The Hunt (2020)

Emma Roberts The Hunt
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Where to Watch: Peacock

This violent thriller features a group of 12 strangers who find themselves waking up in a strange place with no memories of how they got there. In turn, they are hunted down by people for fun, leading to surprisingly funny but great performances from Roberts and others like Hilary Swank.

15. Nancy Drew (2007)

Emma Roberts Nancy Drew
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

This long-awaited adaptation of the beloved novel series isn’t quite as impressive as it could have been. Roberts is certainly the best possible choice for the titular teen detective, but everything else around her, including the other cast members and the mystery, lets her down.

16. Aquamarine (2006)

Emma Roberts Aquamarine
Image Credit: 20th Century Studios.

Where to Watch: Disney+

This odd take on The Little Mermaid storyline features Roberts as a supporting friend of a mermaid girl who wishes to show her father true love exists after she has fallen for a lifeguard. There isn’t anything too special here, but Roberts, JoJo, and Sara Paxton are goofy and charming all the same.

17. Valentine’s Day (2010)

Emma Roberts Valentine's Day
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

This massive cast of A-list stars from Hollywood, including Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Kathy Bates, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Queen Latifah, and so many more are what you come for here. This movie, telling the lives of various people on this romantic holiday is a bit too bloated, but the performances are stellar.

18. Little Italy (2018)

Emma Roberts Little Italy
Image Credit: Entertainment One.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

Far from his past, this movie features Hayden Christensen in something other than Star Wars for once. This rom-com is surprisingly basic, but there’s no denying that Christensen and Emma Roberts have unbelievable chemistry with one another that sells this idea of a modern, not serious at all take on rival Romeo and Juliet-style pizzerias.

19. We’re the Millers (2013)

Emma Roberts We're the Millers
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

This ridiculously over-the-top comedy is about a fake family coming together to help Jason Sudeikis get his stash of goods and money back in Mexico. Check this otherwise typical movie out for wild performances from Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter, and, of course, Roberts.

20. Grand Champion (2002)

Emma Roberts Grand Champion
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Where to Watch: Prime Video

One of the first movies for Roberts in her career, she starred as the sister of a young boy who wants nothing more than to save his prized calf, Hokey, from Bruce Willis, who seemingly is going to chop the poor creature up for meat.

21. Wild Child (2008)

Emma Roberts Wild Child
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

Emma Roberts meets her match as a spoiled teen with lots of money who finds herself shipped off to boarding school in England. Filled with classic laughs and early hints at Roberts’ future Chanel Oberlin performance, this is a decent teen comedy film.

22. Maybe I Do (2023)

Emma Roberts Maybe I Do
Image Credit: Vertical.

Where to Watch: Vudu, Prime Video, Apple TV+

This traditional rom-com tries to be so much more than it is but ends up as generic as they come. That said, watch it for the phenomenal cast that includes Roberts, Diane Keaton, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, and many more that are involved in this complicated string of affairs across the generations.