Dynamic Movie Pairs: 14 Best Examples of Non-Romantic On-Screen Chemistry

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Great on-screen chemistry makes for a fantastic movie-watching experience. Someone in a popular online forum asked for examples of the “best non-romantic on-screen chemistry.” There are so many to choose from, but here are 14 examples of actors who were perfect movie matches.

1. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson: Wedding Crashers (2005)

Wedding Crashers Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

Many agreed that these two have amazing chemistry. One movie fan noted how their on-screen interaction is “out of this world good,” while another said Vaughn is “so charismatic” that he pairs well with anyone.

2. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost: Cornetto Trilogy (2004, 2007, 2013)

simon pegg nick frost
Image Credit: Rogue Pictures.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's real-life friendship is very apparent on screen. One film fan noted that Hot Fuzz is a platonic love story between Nicholas and Danny. The two definitely make a dynamic duo.

3. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling: The Nice Guys (2016)

The Nice Guys 2016
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling create absolute movie magic in The Nice Guys. This film was a seriously clever detective comedy featuring two towers of acting and the sparks are undeniable.

4. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau: Grumpy Old Men (1993)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau had a rare special on-screen spark, and their brilliant depiction of two feuding neighbors shows this off. One person called their performances amazing and pointed out how Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis clicked on screen as well.

5. George Clooney and Brad Pitt: Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt, George Clooney
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Steven Soderbergh had to wrangle an all-star cast in his supreme Vegas casino heist flick, featuring George Clooney and Brad Pitt using their snappiest A-game dialogue. “The two of them make the movies work,” one movie fan said.

6. Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon: Thelma and Louise (1993)

Thelma and Louise
Image Credit: MGM-Pathé Communications.

Many fans named Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon in Thelma & Louise, a movie about two women on a road trip to escape their mundane lives. The friends get more adventure than they bargained for, however.

7. Elijah Wood and Sean Astin: Lord of The Rings (2001-2003)

The Lord of the Rings
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

In all three installments, Elijah Wood’s Frodo shows such affection for Sean Astin’s Samwise as the book comes to life on screen. Peter Jackson once said the entire studio wept after Frodo’s “death” scene in Return of The King.

8. Chris Farley and David Spade: Tommy Boy (1995)

Chris Farley
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Former SNL alumni and close friends Chris Farley and David Spade tickled many ribs with their amazing buddy comedy movie. The film features a road trip across America as the duo tries to save the family business following the death of Tommy's father.

9. Robert Redford and Paul Newman (Various)

butch cassidy and the sundance kid
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Some fans prefer these guys in The Sting, while others are crazy about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. All I know is these two were best buddies off-screen, which showed in their scenes together.

10. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer: Top Gun (1986)

Top Gun
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer’s on-screen rivalry echoed real-life tensions while shooting the iconic Top Gun due to Kilmer’s need for method acting. With such a fiery, insecure role to portray, Kilmer needed to get into the right headspace.

11. Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman: Identity Thief (2013)

Identity Thief
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Jason Bateman is a great comedy foil; this time, it is future comedy Hall-of-Famer Melissa McCarthy he helps shine. The victim of identity theft chases down the thief and they embark on a road trip to clear his name, with plenty of hilarious hijinx en route.

12. Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn: Swingers (1997)

Image Credit: Miramax.

One of the most talked-about comedies in young men’s circles of the 90s, Swingers starred a young Jon Favreau and obnoxiously masterful Vince Vaughn in searing hot form. The expression “money” pertaining to something cool originated from this movie — I am sure of it!

13. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover: Lethal Weapon (1987)

Lethal Weapon
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

The best buddy cop movie ever? The 80s were so full of great buddy movies that it's hard to tell, but Mel Gibson and Danny Glover were naturally spontaneous on camera. If that wasn’t enough, Joe Pesci’s third-wheel comedy foil is legendary.

14. Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder: See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989)

See No Evil, Hear No Evil 1989
Image Credit: TriStar Pictures.

The two comedy actor legends made four movies together, including Silver Streak (1976), Stir Crazy (1980), and Another You (1991). However, See No Evil, Hear No Evil is pure class. A pair of best friends witness a murder, but there is only one problem: deaf Dave sees the murderer, while blind Wally hears him.

Source: Reddit.