12 Fictional Detectives Fans Voted To Solve Their Deaths if Murdered

It's not exactly pleasant to contemplate one's potential murder. But if we're going to play that game, you might as well make it fun and pick a fictional detective to solve the hypothetical case. An online forum poses this question. Which fictional detective is your favorite?

If your answer is Inspector Clouseau, your murder will no doubt go unsolved. So, let's look at the ones who can get the job done.

1. Columbo (Columbo)

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Columbo is the absolute best because of his keen ability to read people and pick up on small, ordinary details. His disheveled look and hapless appearance also make him an unassuming detective. But his intelligence and relentless pursuit of the truth are unparalleled.

One commenter points out, “he's just trying to sort things out, and he ends up harassing the killer so much they are relieved to be found out and taken into custody by the end of it.” Columbo never gives up.

2. Hercule Poirot

murder on the orient
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The character created by author Agatha Christie is a highly intelligent, emphatic, and refined detective. He can figure out things by asking unique questions others would never consider. He also cares about the victims no matter who they are.

Someone says, “Poirot is very driven about solving and thwarting murder, no matter the social status.” The only question is, which version of the character do you prefer- David Suchet or Kenneth Branagh?

3. Jessica Fletcher (Murder, She Wrote)

murder she wrote
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The sweet, kindly mystery author who lives in the sleepy seaside town of Cabot Cove, Maine, has a knack for solving murders. Of course, there is a running joke that murder seems to follow her everywhere, so if you see her coming, run.

But Jessica is someone that many would choose to solve their case. She is empathetic to the victim's loved ones and will make the culprit feel so guilty they might confess right there on the spot.

4. Adrian Monk (Monk)

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Adrian Monk may have O.C.D. and other eccentricities, but he is unquestionably brilliant. He is a detective who notices things no one else ever does and has the ability to quickly and succinctly find the culprit. One individual asserts, “If there's any fictional character who can solve a case no matter how wild and cold it is, it's Monk.” Every time Monk says, “He's the guy,” he's never wrong.

5. Benoit Blanc (Knives Out)

Knives out 2 Lionsgate MSN
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If you want your murder solved fast, just call upon Benoit Blanc. If you watch Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, you'll see how easily and quickly he figured out the fake murder created by Miles Bron. One viewer notes, “Blanc usually catches onto evidence way faster than people realize.”

Real murders take him a bit longer, but he can decipher evidence with the best of them and find that donut hole inside a donut's hole.

6. Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster (Psych)

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Shawn and Gus from the series Psych are best friends turned private detectives who consult with the police. Shawn also pretends to be a psychic but, in actuality, has exceptional observational skills and photographic memory. Together with Gus, who is extremely smart, the two have an impressive success rate. They joke that they solve one a week, even on Christmas.

Of course, the two are great choices because they are goofy and silly, making the situation easier for loved ones. A Psych viewer claims, “Not only would he get the right person or persons, but there would be joy and comedy along the way.”

7. Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes
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The character Sherlock Holmes has been around for what feels like eons. He is also undoubtedly the most well-known fictional detective. He is also a superb choice to solve any potential murder because, no matter the version, Holmes has the most exceptional deduction skills and a keen sense of what motivates a killer. He'd say “elementary, my dear Watson” in no time flat.

8. William Murdoch (Murdoch Mysteries)

murdoch mysteries
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William Murdoch from Murdoch Mysteries isn't necessarily the most obvious choice, but he is exceptional. Murdoch is smart, kind, sympathetic, and persistent. Having Murdoch on the case also means you'd have the entire fantastic Murdoch Mysteries team on the case. One fan of the show explains, “I can't see the murder going unsolved with creative George, Jill-of-all-trades Dr. Julia Ogden, and wily Detective Brackenreid.”

9. Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)

the mentalist
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In The Mentalist, Patrick Jane is a police consultant with exceptional observational ability. He also figures out crimes with an unorthodox approach that looks odd from the outside and annoys his partners at the C.B.I., especially Detective Teresa Lisbon. But there is no denying he can always figure out “who-dun-it.”

Moreover, as one watcher shares,” He'd 100% find the murderer and ensure they were nicely humiliated and antagonized in the process.” And he does so with a smile and twinkle in his eye. The only downside to choosing him to solve my murder would be that I wouldn't meet the charmer.

10. Richard Castle and Kate Beckett (Castle)

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The mystery writer turned police consultant Richard Castle, and the extraordinarily brilliant homicide detective Kate Beckett, are an incredible pair. Beckett is kind, tenacious, and never jets go. With Castle as her partner, they provide an ideal balance and can finish each other's sentences. They'd certainly be some of the most entertaining crime solvers.

11. Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)

veronica mars
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Despite her youth, Veronica Mars is brighter and more mature than most her age. Her charisma and brains are fundamental attributes to help her solve any crime. The modern-day Nancy Drew can deduce clues and charm her way into places that help her find necessary evidence. And when she works with her father, Keith, an exceptional private detective in his own right, they're an unstoppable pair.

12. Lenny Briscoe (Law &Order)

law and order
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Lenny Briscoe from Law & Order is grizzled, mainly by the book, but unconventional when he needs to be. He's rough around the edges but has a good heart, both good assets when solving a murder. One person is funny in their reasoning for wanting Briscoe on the case: “The only thing I'd care about is that Lenny Briscoe has the chance to make a witty, murder pun over my corpse.” They are not wrong. In addition to being a great detective, he is a pun master.

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