Best 10 Fidget Toys of 2022 for Focus and Anxiety

Fidget toys are thought to help people improve and maintain concentration. The need to fidget often coincides with OCD, ADHD, or anxiety disorders. With or without a diagnosis, many find they are more comfortable and productive during work with something to fiddle around with absentmindedly.

This article will explore what fidget toys are, why you may benefit from one, and compare several trending toys to help you find something that fits your lifestyle.

Are You a Fidgeter?

Signs of natural fidgeting may go unrecognized for years, subtly annoying teachers and classmates. You might bounce your leg when required to sit for too long, tap your pencil, take too many unnecessary trips to the bathroom just to walk around, or something else you’ve developed on your own. This natural reaction to prolonged focus and boredom is nothing to be ashamed of and is just as common in adults as in children.

But why do some people have a more challenging time occupying their minds with the task at hand, and how can fidget toys help? Fidgeting has been anecdotally related to attention disorders, and there is a science to back it.

Dr. Carol Claflin of Therapy Shoppe says fidget research is generally focused on people with ADHD and finds that children with ADHD are more productive and focused the more they move. Dr. Claflin’s research suggests that movement.

Fidgeting is the brain’s attempt to compensate for a lack of arousal or stimulation, while a typically developing child without ADHD may feel entirely fulfilled by the task at hand and don’t need to compensate. Dr. Claflin explains this process from a neurological level aptly.

“In ADHD, there are low levels of some neurotransmitters in the brain, especially dopamine (DA) and norepinephrine (NE). Traditional ADHD medications work to increase the levels of these chemicals.[5,6] The good news is that physical activity, including fidgeting, can help to increase levels of dopamine and norepinephrine [4,7,8] and allow children who have ADHD to focus better, concentrate more, and improve cognitive performance.”

Fidgeting is a common reaction to stress and anxiety and is not necessarily exclusive to ADHD or attention disorders. VeryWellHealth has a great guide to understanding this behavior in relation to other conditions.

What Are Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are devices that offer a simple and repetitive action. They vary widely in size and function and may offer a more straightforward and discreet option for fidgeting than bouncing your legs or squirming in your seat.

Fidget toys may spin, pop, stretch, and more and are easy to use absentmindedly while focusing on something else. You may have seen fidget spinners, the toy that created a fad frenzy in 2017. These were actually marketed towards kids with attention difficulties, although many schools banned them as a distraction.

For Leg-Bouncers

Gnawrishing Chair Bands

These bands create a solution for classroom leg bouncing. Instead of vibrating the floor or squeaking your shoes on linoleum, you can quietly bounce your feet on these responsive and durable bands that fit any school chair or desk. As our educational system becomes more accepting, more schools are implementing these bands for any child that seems to need them. Less distraction for other kids and more fun for the fidgeter sounds like a win-win.

Price: You can order a pack of 3 of these for about $10 on Amazon

For the Office

ONO Roller

This is a sleek and mature approach to fidgeting. The ONO roller has two smooth rods attached to ball bearings that allow you to repeatedly roll it with one hand. You can, of course, use two hands and whatever other variations come naturally. It is marketed to double as a massage tool, which could be useful for tired desk hands. It comes in black, grey, rose gold, sapphire, and stainless steel and includes a neat carrying case.

Price: $34.99

For Discreet Fidgeters

ALEXTINA Spinner Ring

ALEXTINA rings are built with an outer ring layer that rotates smoothly over the inner base ring. It’s common for people to spin rings even if they are stationary, so you might as well get one that turns smoothly. It looks like a standard ring and can be rotated with your thumb or middle finger, so it’s unlikely anyone will notice what you’re doing. ALEXTINA rings come in several patterns and designs, so you’re sure to find one that fits you.

Price: $7.99-$14.44 on Amazon

For Creative People

HONBQYCC Magnetic Fidget Pen

This pen is a great way to decompress with a much-needed creative recess during the workday. The design looks like a regular pen, but the pen casing comprises detachable and magnetic pieces connecting with small spheres to create figures. If you’re the inventive type, this might be worth trying out. The sections snap back together quickly to reveal a fully functional pen.

Price: $18-$20 on Amazon

For Stress Relief

4E’s Novelty Expandable Breathing Ball Sphere

This classic desk companion has been around for it all, but many people are unaware of its use in meditation and breathing exercises. For example, if you hold the ball on your lap, expand it with each inhale, and close it while exhaling, it can help anchor you to the present moment. Plus, look at all the pretty colors!

Price: $13 on Amazon

For Back to School

Fidget Pencil Toppers

These are sure to get your kid’s attention, literally. The plastic toppers can be spun to move up or down, like a typical wing nut and bolt. They’re fun but subtle enough to avoid distraction.

Price: Six-pack for $15.89

For Younger Kids


You are already familiar with these if you’re around kids. Pop-it mats and toys have created a craze to rival the fidget spinner fad. The silicone bubbles are soothing to pop in and out, and you can even create designs on them.

Price: Varies

For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Duomishu Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

This fidget spinner is marketed for those on the Autism spectrum, who are said to be calmed by objects in motion. This spinner has two bearings, allowing the smaller bearing to spin wildly while orbiting the larger bearing. Watch it in action to get the full effect.

Price: $18.90

For Multi-Functional Use

Chuchik Toys Fidget Cube

This is a smooth woodgrain version of the fidget cube. Each side has a different fidget function, including a joystick, gears, and a traditional worry stone simulator.

Price: $10.97

For Younger Adults

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

This putty never dries out for endless stretching and forming. It comes in several colors and styles, even a triple-color putty that changes color when touched. Pulling this putty is ASMR heaven; check out this video if you don’t believe me.

Price: $12-$16 on Amazon

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