Best Fighting Pokémon of All Time Ranked

Blaziken, Mienshao, Lucario, and Machamp

The Fighting type in the Pokémon series feels like one of the most underrated of all 18 types. This type often plays second fiddle as the secondary but less exciting typing for Pokémon. But Fighting Pokémon often have a hefty physical attack or speed, making them fun and viable in battles. 

The best Fighting Pokémon of all time below shows off the most impressive parts of this typing. These particular Pokémon nail the idea of this typing with their visual appearance, stats, moves, secondary typing, and more. Any player looking for a powerful Pokémon companion should take a look at the best Fighting Pokémon of all time ranked below. 

1. Lucario

Lucario Dog Pokemon e1698954920343
Image Credit: Nintendo.

When players think of the Fighting type, they often think of Lucario, and for a good reason. It has the sleek and stylish speedy nature of the Fighting type in its visuals, plus the phenomenal Steel type as its other typing. 

Better yet, it has some fantastic moves and stats, such as Aura Sphere and more. It represents the most balanced and all-around best Fighting Pokémon in the series. And that doesn’t include its terrific Mega Evolution, which only makes it even better. 

2. Koraidon

Koraidon Pokemon e1699492360706
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Koraidon might lose to its box art sibling in Gen 9, but it comes close to the top of the overall Fighting Pokémon of all time. It has some of the most impressive stats on this list, coupled with a decent visual appearance and its welcome lore in its game. 

3. Infernape

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Infernape gave the community the best iteration of a starter Pokémon with the Fighting secondary type. It proved how to do it right and how it should never happen again. The fiery ape Pokémon looks solid in its design, and its swift stats and moves put it above the rest. 

4. Zamazenta

Zamazenta Dog Pokemon e1698955258272
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The box art legendary from Gen 8 has a bit of everything. It has a memorable design in its shield wolf-like appearance, its powerful stats, and impressive moveset. It also gets even better with its Crowned Shield form. 

5. Kommo-o

Kommo o
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Gen 7 saw the release of the first Fighting and Dragon-type Pokémon in the series. Kommo-o and its line nail the idea well with their decorative visual appearance and influential stats. It embodies the beauty and power of both typings quite well. 

6. Annihilape

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Many players thought Mankey and Primeape felt complete as Fighting Pokémon, but Game Freak thought differently in Gen 9. The late introduction of Annihilape gave players an unbelievable companion to use in competitive battles with its phenomenal versatility. Better yet, it has some thrilling lore on how it gets the Ghost typing. 

7. Marshadow

Marshadow ghost Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Marshadow introduced the Pokémon community to the Fighting and Ghost type combo. This weird combo looks a bit strange for the tiny, mysterious mythical, but Marshadow owns it well with some solid stats and moves. 

8. Hawlucha

Hawlucha Pokemon e1700882243924
Image Credit: Pokémon

The single-stage Hawlucha from Gen 6 has a few weaknesses, representing its most significant flaw. However, it makes up for this in its stats and moveset, which rivals even the best on this list. Plus, it has an excellent luchador-inspired design, which gets better in its shiny form. 

9. Bewear

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Alolan Pokémon Bewear feels like one of the strangest Fighting Pokémon in the series, but it works so well. It evolves from the incredible Stufful into a massive stuffed bear Pokémon. It sounds strange, but it has a lovable nature about it. 

10. Quaquaval

Fighting Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Generation 9 saw the release of the Water starter Pokémon Quaxly. The adorable little duck evolves into a magnificent and entertaining third-stage Water and Fighting-type Quaquaval. It has such an immense and wonderful personality. 

11. Iron Valiant

Iron Valiant
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Fairy and Fighting-type combo feels so unique and intriguing, and Iron Valiant handles it well. This unique futuristic Pokémon looks like a blend of Gardevoir and Gallade with the best elements of both. It stands out as one of the best Paradox Pokémon in Gen 9. 

12. Iron Hands

Iron Hands
Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Paradox futuristic form of Hariyama takes an already solid design from Gen 3 and makes it even better. The Electric and Fighting-type combo works so well; its bulky health stats, attack, and defense help it out. 

13. Virizion

Virizion Pokemon e1699489350933
Image Credit: Nintendo.

When it comes to the legendary Musketeers in Gen 5, Virizion has the best visual appearance out of all of them. That may not be too hard of a competition, but it balances its design well with the elegant and welcoming Grass and Fighting combo. 

14. Mienshao

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Mienshao represents the prime example of the idea of being worth the wait. This Pokémon doesn’t arrive for players until Mienfoo reaches a whopping level 50, which feels like one of the highest in the series. Still, Mienshao has an incredible, graceful design and powerful stats. 

15. Keldeo

Keldeo Pokemon e1699489625925
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The mythical Pokémon from Gen 5 and youngest member of the Musketeers' legendary Pokémon has a striking design. Its Water and Fighting type combo feels excellent, but it could use some work in the moveset and stats department. 

16. Kubfu

Kubfu Pokemon e1699491373837
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The adorable Kubfu has a hilarious name, which matches its idea of a kung fu Pokémon. It has a unique status in The Isle of Armor DLC in Gen 8 of being the player’s partner until it evolves into one of two possible and great Urshifu options. 

17. Machamp

Machamp e1700882602552
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Machamp feels like the most basic and quintessential form of a Fighting Pokémon, for better and for worse. It has a wrestler vibe to it, but also the multiple arms. It almost seems like Machamp represents a child-friendly version of Goro from Mortal Kombat

18. Galarian Zapdos

Galarian Zapdos
Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Gen 8 version of the classic legendary Pokémon Zapdos trades out the Electric type for Fighting. This switch seems a bit off, as it might make more sense for it to be Electric and Fighting than Fighting and Flying. This somewhat holds its otherwise excellent design back. 

19. Heracross

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Bug and Fighting feels like a fascinating combination, and Heracross nails the idea. This beetle Fighting Pokémon has a simple but clean design of a blue beetle with wings and a massive horn on its head, which helps with some of its Fighting-type moves. 

20. Croagunk

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Brock’s signature Pokémon, Croagunk, during the Gen 4 anime arc blasted this Pokémon‘s popularity through the roof. It has a solid design with the intriguing but odd type combo of Fighting and Poison, which works pretty well. 

21. Blaziken

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Generation 3 brought players the first starter Pokémon line to feature the Fighting type as a secondary type. Blaziken starts out wonderful as the Fire-type Torchic, but this third stage loses some of its visual quality when it becomes Blaziken, which holds it back some. 

22. Paldean Tauros

Tauros Variant
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Generation 9 introduced the Paldean version of Tauros, which realized the true potential of this old-school Pokémon. It features not one, not two, but three different welcome forms of the bull Pokémon. The mix of Fighting with Water or Fire gives it some excellent utility.