FIRE Podcasts: Financial Independence Retire Early

I’ve noticed a lot more Financial Independence Retire Early FIRE podcasts which I love because it means the FIRE movement is spreading!  It's also inspired me to share my list of the best FIRE podcasts, especially for new members of the FIRE community.

Listening to these podcasts is not only entertaining, but they also help you get ahead in life.

While everyone else is mindlessly scrolling through their phones or listening to the same songs on the radio, you can learn and apply a new concept to your life.


Learning With FIRE Podcasts

You don't need extra time in the day; you can replace un-useful with helpful information during your daily routines.

It hit me how much I’ve learned from these FIRE podcasts when I realized that I have more knowledge about personal finance and tax than almost everyone in my circle of family or friends.

Only one family member knows more about the US tax code than me, and that is because they are a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)!

I've learned it all by simply listening to a podcast on my daily commute instead of the radio.  That is the appeal of these FIRE podcasts; you can earn financial education for FREE while commuting to work or jogging.

This can have a massive impact on your life over time!


Inspire To FIRE PodcastInspire To FIRE Podcast

I have to start by recommending you listen to my podcast!  In the show, I interview some of the most inspirational people from the FIRE community.

I aim to inspire you by sharing their story and getting the most actionable advice on our topic.

Topics include lifestyle design, investing, side hustles, entrepreneurship, real estate, geoarbitrage, and much more!

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More Great FIRE Podcasts

ChooseFI PodcastChooseFI

Hosts Brad And Jonathan have done an incredible job bringing people together using their podcasts.  What I like most about ChooseFI is its focus on actionable tips and giving you step-by-step advice for applying FIRE concepts to your life in a responsible way.

They also have a weekly recap that helps solidify the concepts that their guests introduced.  It's called the weekly round-up every Friday.

They've built a vast community through Facebook groups that allow you to join and meet up with locals who are also pursuing financial independence.  Lastly, they just came out with a new book: ChooseFI Blueprint.  It's a great starting point for someone who wants to learn everything about the FIRE movement.


Mad Fientist

Mad Fientist

The Mad Fientist was the podcast that introduced me to the FIRE movement.  Brandon covers topics like optimizing your finances and lowering your tax liability.

This helped me make the most of my retirement accounts and pay far less tax than most people.

His journey had an incredible impact on my life and inspired me to start my FIRE journey.  He also has a blog filled with exciting experiments, such as the Roth IRA Horse Race.

Lastly, learning from his journey can help in other aspects of FIRE, such as transitioning from mandatory work to optional work.  Since he has already reached financial independence, he provides insight into post-FIRE struggles, such as fulfillment and purpose.


Afford Anything Podcast

Afford Anything

Paula Pant of Afford Anything can make FIRE concepts fun and easy to digest.  She also has excellent recaps at the end of her episodes, which ties everything together nicely.

Paula has also hosted some fantastic interviews on her show.  One that stands out is when she interviewed Suze Orman.  Find out why it sparked so much controversy within the FIRE community.

Her site also has excellent resources available to her audiences, like her Blog, Ebook, and fabulous Online Store.



FIRE Drill

J from Millenial Boss and Gwen from Fiery Millenials are super entertaining, and their podcast just hit 1 million downloads!

Recently, Gwen decided to leave the show and explore other passions.

However, the show must go on, and J is doing a fantastic job bringing on exciting guests and sharing her perspectives on FIRE topics.

What I like about the show is the focus on different side hustles like Airbnb, Etsy, and online businesses.  FIRE Drill does a great job of covering unique topics not covered on other shows.

Take a listen and find out why they have over a million downloads.


Bigger Pockets Money Podcast

Bigger Pockets Money

Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen are the hosts of Bigger Pockets Money.  This was a natural transition for Bigger Pockets, which for years has focused on real estate.  However, with Bigger Pockets Money, they are exploring the financial independence movement.

They have plenty of shows to keep you binge-listening, with over 100 shows to date!  The only criticism I have is the advertising during the show can get frustrating at times.  I usually skip 30 seconds and continue listening and learning.

Lastly, you’ll love Scott’s jokes at the end!

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These shows helped me form a solid basic foundation of financial literacy.  After a short while, I applied those skills to my situation.

This has made me more confident when making financial decisions for myself and my family.  This confidence has made my FIRE journey much more accessible, and I know it will do the same for you!

Lastly, I want to leave you with some new FIRE podcasts that are just starting but are very entertaining and educational.

I’ve also been lucky enough to be invited as a guest for these shows.


New FIRE Podcasts

Friends on fire

Friends On Fire

Mike and Maggie host Friends On FIRE and are hilarious together!  They offer excellent FIRE advice in only 30-minute length shows.

This is great for those with shorter commutes or who like shows that get right to the point.  The show is just starting, so I encourage you to head over and show your support!

One of my favorite episodes is when they interview their kids about money.

It had my family laughing, and we also learned how kids could perceive different FIRE topics.

Listen to When I Joined The Show!


FIRE The FamilyFIRE The Family

Nick over at Fire The Family is doing some fantastic work.  He and I discussed vital concepts in the FIRE community.  He also introduced me to his B.E.S.T Method for Financial Independence, which I highly recommend reading.  

Nick is a one-man band with a Blog, Podcast, and Social Media Presence!  The topics covered on the show range from budgeting to starting your own business.


Captain FI Podcast

Captain FI

Captain FI is a pilot based in Sydney, Australia.  He blogs and posts regularly on Instagram.  He recently started his podcast as well.

His story is inspiring because he has been able to pursue FIRE while living in a very expensive city.

While he only has 4 episodes to date, I would highly recommend listening to them. 

The show gives you an international perspective on financial independence.