Best Flying Pokémon of All Time Ranked

Gyarados Pokémon flying Pokémon

The Flying type in the Pokémon series has one of the largest selections of Pokémon companions. This typing feels so versatile despite its idea of revolving around beings with wings or flight of some kind. The best Flying Pokémon of all time make use of this idea well. 

Despite the type depending on its other typing more than any other in the series, the Flying type has some excellent Pokémon options. The best Flying Pokémon of all time show their remarkable traits through their stats, moves, secondary typing, utility, visual design, popularity, and much more. 

1. Rayquaza

Rayquaza Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Rayquaza elevates the Flying type on its own. Its mixture of the Dragon and Flying combination in Generation 3 gives it a strength no other Flying type has. Better yet, it emphasizes the Flying type so well in its flowing serpent design. Its brilliant Delta Mega Evolution form only makes it even better. 

2. Charizard

Charizard Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Many fans find Charizard to be the mistake in how it has the Fire and Flying type combo instead of Fire and Dragon. That said, it makes sense in the end and works well for Charizard as one of the mascots of this typing. It also offers one of the best evolutionary lines for all starter Pokémon in existence. 

3. Altaria

Altaria Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Altaria showed how the Dragon and Flying Pokémon type combo could end up even better than what Dragonite did in Generation 1. It has the most stunning appearance out of any Pokémon on this list with its mixture of blue dragon and clouds. Plus, it has some fantastic versatility as well.

4. Yveltal

Yveltal Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The box art legendary for the Generation 6 games has the odd but surprising Dark and Flying-type combo. This sounds weird for a legendary, but the magnificent legend makes it work well. It feels like one of the most powerful on this list. 

5. Corviknight

Corviknight Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Skarmory offered the Steel and Flying-type combo first, but Corviknight perfected it. This three-stage regional bird from Generation 8’s Galar region has some of the strongest stats out of any regional bird and incredible utility in the competitive scene. 

6. Hawlucha

Hawlucha Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Fighting and Flying type combo gives Hawlucha an edgy, one-of-a-kind vibe compared to other Pokémon in this category. It only has a single stage, but it makes up for this with one of the most memorable designs in the series with its luchador wrestler-inspired style and phenomenal shiny version. 

7. Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The counterpart to Lugia as the box art legendary for Gen 2 gives a better overall vibe to the Flying-type combo. The Fire and Flying mix feels solid, along with its almost phoenix-like appearance. It also stands out as one of the first Flying Pokémon fans see in the anime. 

8. Pidgeot

Pidgeot Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

It all started here with the first regional bird from the Generation 1 games with Pidgeot. It has three stages, along with the iconic Normal and Flying type combination. Ash Ketchum had one on his team, and it still stands as a mascot for this typing. 

9. Articuno

Articuno Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Articuno gives the best option for players when it comes to the underwhelming legendary bird trio in Generation 1. The Ice and Flying type combo gives it a few weaknesses to deal with, but its glorious design feels so much more thrilling than most other Kanto Pokémon.

10. Noivern

Noivern Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Dragon and Flying Pokémon remains a classic type combination for this group, and Noivern plays it well. It has a fascinating sound-based design that helps it look like one of the most detailed Pokémon from Generation 6. 

11. Kilowattrel

Kilowattrel Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Kilowattrel mixes it up with the impressive Electric and Flying-type combination. This regional bird from the Paldea region in Generation 9 has some of the best utility and flexibility in the series, especially since its two weaknesses in Ice and Rock feel like some of the lesser typings. 

12. Gyarados

Gyarados Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Gyarados gives players in the community a headache for the immense missed opportunity it has. While some may understand how Charizard lacks the Dragon typing in its base version, Gyarados makes no sense, especially with the lack of Dragon Pokémon in the first generation. Still, it remains one of the most powerful Water and Flying types in the series. 

13. Oricorio

Oricorio Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Oricorio gives players a unique sense of choice in Generation 7. It has not one, not two, but a whopping four different forms in a single game. Better yet, all four of the forms have different secondary typings, which gives players so much versatility from Ghost to Fire. 

14. Lugia

Lugia Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Lugia represents another case of a missed opportunity. However, it at least makes sense for the Flying type. Though its Water secondary typing feels awkward and random, the Flying type works well for this leader of the legendary bird trio from Generation 1. 

15. Skarmory

Skarmory Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Skarmory offered the first look at the extraordinary Steel and Flying-type combo, which ranks as one of the best potential combinations for this typing. If players don’t have Fire or Electric Pokémon, they will have a tough time with this Gen 2 Pokémon.

16. Gligar

Gligar Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Gligar gave Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon anime one of his best companions in the series during the Gen 4 story arc. It felt like one of the best additions to his already excellent team, and it works well in the games, too, with its solid design. 

17. Beautifly

Beautifly Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Beautifly teaches players the beauty of branched evolutions. The Gen 3 regional Bug Pokémon in Wurmple has the possibility to turn into Beautifly. This represents the far better end of the bargain with its welcoming design over its companion in Dustox.  

18. Talonflame

Talonflame Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Talonflame showed the regional three-stage bird of a region didn’t have to be only Flying or Normal and Flying. It added the Fire secondary typing in there while looking great at the same time. 

19. Shaymin

Shaymin Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Shaymin may be a Mythical Pokémon, but it lacks the power and utility of many of the others. It makes up for this in its two various forms, one of which looks fantastic, but the other—its Sky Form—feels a bit underwhelming. Even still, it has a legendary status, which puts it on this list. 

20. Vivillon

Vivillon Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Vivillon looks and feels a lot like Gen 1’s Butterfree, but it has its own unique quirk in the many gorgeous patterns it has. Vivillon feels like the most majestic of the Flying-type Pokémon in existence, which makes it a strong candidate on this list. 

21. Butterfree

Butterfree Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Butterfree feels like yet another missed opportunity for a Pokémon. It works fine for the Bug and Flying type combo, but it feels like the prime candidate for the Bug and Psychic-type instead. Still, it stands out as one of the best in the category due to its inclusion in the anime.