These Are the 10 Best Foods for Weight Loss

With summer right around the corner, shedding that extra bit of weight is on everyone's priority list. Here are the best foods to help with your weight loss journey.

1. Apples

Woman in an orchard holding up a bunch of apples
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Apples are available pretty much all year round. Try Pink Lady, Granny Smith or Golden Delicious.

2. Asparagus

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We all need more vegetables, right? Asparagus is a low-calorie option packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

3. Avocados

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Take advantage of the healthy fats and fantastic flavor of Avocados. Who doesn't love Avocado toast?

4. Broccoli

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Adding very nutrient-dense veggies like Broccoli is a smart thing to do when wanting to lose weight.

5. Cabbage

Bowls of red and green cabbage.
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Cabbage is very underrated, and it shouldn't be. It’s nutritious, and if prepared well, unforgettably delicious too.

6. Whole Eggs

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For a while, eggs were feared for being high in cholesterol but they are becoming more popular now. Eggs are nutrient-dense, and nearly all those nutrients are found in the yolk, so make sure to keep the yellow in.

7. Salmon

Plate with salmon on table
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Protein is an essential part of any weight-loss plan. Salmon is full of high-quality protein, healthy fats, and iodine, which helps your thyroid function properly.

8. Nuts

Wooden bowls filled with assorted nuts
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Various nuts are high in fat yet provide you with protein, fiber, and various plant compounds that benefit a healthy heart. Be mindful when taking handfuls, and make sure to grab the unsalted choices.

9. Carrots

Bunch of carrots on table with glasses of carrot juice
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This orange vegetable is great because it is a vegetable and is rather sweet. Win-win! A cup of carrots is only 45 calories and is full of vitamin A, fiber, and vitamin C. Highly recommended. You may even try juicing carrots to spruce up your smoothies.

10. Greek Yogurt

Bowl of greek yogurt with wooden spoon.
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Greek yogurt is packed full of protein, riboflavin, calcium, and vitamin B12. Avoid standard yogurt as it doesn't have the health benefits of Greek yogurt.

Final Thoughts – Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods does not have to be a dull effort. These different foods will add some spice to your weight loss journey. Keep at it!

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