Best Freebies Websites in 2022: Get Free Stuff Online Now!

Check out the Best Freebies Websites to get free stuff delivered to your house today!

Who doesn't like to get stuff for free? Even if you don't like something, getting it for free will always be interesting to you. Now if you can have an item for free that you want, there can be no better feeling than that. If you're going through different websites online, you will be finding a lot of platforms offering freebies to you. They will have some terms & conditions to provide you with such benefits.

But in most cases, you can fulfill those rules comfortably and get the freebies. 

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Best Freebies Websites in 2022

We are going to discuss some of the websites providing freebies to you. All these platforms can be trusted and are almost certain to provide you with the benefits. Here we go: 

  • freeBfinderFreebies 

If you need dozens of freebies on a day-to-day basis, freeBfinderFreebies is meant for you. You will see a lot of websites providing freebies but can all of them be trusted? We have seen immensely popular platforms scam their users too. But freeBfinderFreebies have got the most authentic freebies available.

These are updated 24/7 by a team of amazing experts. You need a platform that can keep you safe online and give you the benefits too. You can trust this platform as a useful source of freebies. 

  • BzzAgent 

You can get freebies here but you will have to put some effort into it. This can be described as a product testing opportunity. So the platform is going to send products to your place and you have to review them. Would you like to know how BzzAgent works? It is quite simple. You have to sign up for free here.

Thereafter, you will be receiving products that can be tested by sitting back at home. You have to complete a questionnaire regarding the product and tell what you liked and disliked about the product. Thereafter, you get to keep the product. Isn't it cool? 


Let us tell you an interesting thing about this platform, it is run by a husband and wife team. The amazing part about using this platform is that it is updated regularly. So you will be getting new freebies to look forward to every other day. Vonbeau provides only legit offers so you can completely trust this website. You will get free stuff to deals, product tests, coupons, sweepstakes, and much more here. 

  • PINCHme

You will be getting freebies on PINCHme if you can do either of the two activities. One, you have to get the word out and attract new customers to the product. You have several friends on your social media platforms. You will have to share the details about the product with them and persuade them to check it out. Secondly, you need to get real feedback regarding the products.

So not only do you have to attract the customers, you have to ask them to review the products too. You will be getting boxes for free which contain a variety of items, health and beauty, food, snack, drink mixes, magazine subscriptions, and more. 

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  • Free Stuff Times 

This platform has been around for quite a few years now so you can trust it completely. There are regular updates on Free Stuff Times. So if you think that you won't be getting freebies at some point, things will change in the times to come. Back in the day, it used to be a forum.

But it has changed and evolved into something else currently. The downside of using this platform is that it is not friendly for beginners. They will find it hard to understand it initially. But if you know how things work here, there are very few platforms that are as useful as Free Stuff Times.

  • WomenFreebies 

The name itself suggests that it is a platform that is based around women. There are so many items to get from this platform. These items include Rag & Bone fragrance, Chamos honey face mask sheets, Cuvee Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner, etc. You can find anything from baby and pet stuff to feminine products, hair and makeup, perfume samples, books, and more.

There's a different section available where you can enter freebies contests. You can enter these contests and earn freebies from this platform. The products are insanely good so you should give it a try. 

  • Yo! Free Samples 

This is one of the earliest names when we talk about freebie websites. The good thing is that updates are provided regularly here. Since they post deals, freebies, sweepstakes, and roundups, you will be finding it a fascinating use.

If you have got a lot of time to waste, you should be trying to use it here on To! Free Samples. You will get entertained thoroughly and manage to earn freebies for it at the same point. 

  • Toluna 

This is quite different when we compare it with other names on this list. We can't describe it as a freebie site technically. It's a survey site and one of the best at it too. They have programs where they test products regularly. You can get freebies instantly after joining the website. When you join it, you have the chance to earn gift cards and prizes for taking surveys.

But that's not all, there's more to the story. You also have the opportunity to get free products through their Test Products program. They will send you a product, you use them for a few weeks, and fill out the online questionnaire stating its pros and cons.

Afterward, you can keep the product free of cost. 

  • Freebie-Depot 

The name itself states that it is meant to provide freebies to you. It has a hot list that includes birthdays, weddings, and newly married couples. Since the platform comes with roundups now and then, you have the chance to get freebies comfortably. Just make sure that you keep using this platform consistently. It will reward you somewhere and you won't have to pay a price for such a reward! 

  • Freeflys 

This is another website where you can expect all kinds of freebies. There are various samples to test and you get items for free in return. Some of the freebies include Pearlosophy O2 Oxygen Super Cleanser Sample, La Bella Styling Gel Product, and Bath & Body Works freebie. There's much more on offer so you should give this website a try. 

  • Freebie Shark 

This guy is run by a single person. The name of the person is Jason. Although he handles the website single-handedly, there are opportunities to earn freebies daily. With a huge catalog of deals, free stuff, and sweepstakes that are updated daily, Freebie Shark is meant to be a fun use. Since there are regular updates, you won't feel bored of the platform at any point. 

  • Freaky Freddie’s

Unlike most of the names on this list, Freaky Freddie isn't a huge name just yet. But considering the quality freebies that it can provide, you can always trust this platform in the times to come. There are so many categories to explore here. These categories are Games, Gags, Bathroom freebies, Phone Stuff, Religion, Software, Teacher Stuff, Travel Supplies, and whatever else you can think of. The freebies are available for kids too so this platform and its benefits transcend age groups. 


If you want to get a website that offers legit freebies, is meant for you. They post good, legit freebies and they’re usually timely. You have the chance to earn gifts in many ways. The website posts coupons, deals, sweepstakes, and more from time to time. There are hundreds of things to choose from here so you shouldn't worry if you're going to run out of options at any point. 

  • Just Free Stuff 

As the name suggests, the platform is primarily meant to provide freebies to its users. It has been regarded highly and created a huge name for itself. Since the website has been running since 1997, Just Free Stuff can be trusted solely based on its experience. If the website is running for over two and a half decades, it must have satisfied its users in some way. You can find free stuff from electronics to food, baby products, games, books, and much more. 

  • Internet Steals and Deals 

Would you like to find hot deals to earn freebies? You can start using Internet Steals and Deals. This platform is run by Becky and she is having a major goal to provide freebies to all the users of the website. Internet Steals and Deals is a good site to find hot deals, as well as freebies in-store and by mail. 

  • Influenster 

This platform is unique from the other names on this list. If you love to use social media platforms, which we are almost sure that you do, you will be finding Influenster a great use. It is quite like the PINCHme platform that we have already discussed on this list. The stuff that you get in boxes here is full-sized freebies. These boxes have got a massive scope as it contains coupons and exclusive promo codes. 

  • Julie’s Freebies & The Freebie Guy

These are two different platforms but they are run by the same team. Although these are two distinct websites, the idea and purpose behind them are the very same. You get a list of coupons and freebies here. When you don't have money, you will do anything to earn things for free. Do some simple tasks on Julie's Freebies & The Freebie Guy and you will do just fine. Since the updates are made regularly, you will have a chance of earning some quality coupons and freebies all the time. 

  • Smiley360 

Smile360 is quite an entertaining platform to earn freebies. They send out boxes of free full-sized products and samples. You know how things are going to work when you get the products. You need to fill up the questionnaire and list down all the good and bad about the product. You should try to analyse the commodity for a decent amount of time before framing an opinion. Once you've filled out the questionnaire, you get to keep the product without any cost. 

  • Free Stuff Finder 

This is one of the best freebie websites in the entire world. The platform is run by a lady named Tina. There are deals, discounts, and giveaways offered from time to time. Since the updates are made daily, Free Stuff Finder is going to stay entertaining and engaging consistently. While they provide freebies to a great extent, its major goal is set on offering deals to their clients. 

  • Free Stuff

In this day and age, there are various scammy websites all across the world. They will ask you to do a few activities but never offer freebies to you. The safest way to deal with a legit freebie website is to know about its longevity. If it has been in the business for many years, you can trust it. Free Stuff has been running since 1998. You can gather how reliable this platform is based on how long it has been in the business. 

  • Hunt4Freebies 

This is another genuine website that offers freebies. The only concern here is that this platform makes freebies available rarely. It is run by a couple, Mike and Michele. Although they have backed away from offering freebies regularly, they manage to provide some quality ones for sure. As they say, quality should always be preferred above quantity. 

  • SampleSource 

SampleSource is a free sampling website. They send you a box of free samples every couple of months. How to get these boxes? You have to sign up to SampleSource, which is completely free by the way. You need to stay in touch with the platform after signing up and get notifications about the next available box. The box will come with 5 to 15 items. 

Conclusion: Legit Freebies Websites to Get Free Stuff Online Today

These are the 22 websites offering freebies. You can trust these platforms completely. Various other websites promise to offer freebies to you but these have to be the safest of the lot. Most of them are offering you regular updates as well!