10 Best Game Boy Accessories You’ll Actually Want

Best Game Boy Accessories

The Game Boy is a nostalgic handheld that I have many fond memories of. I discovered the Pokémon franchise and beat my first Mario game on it. I took it everywhere and played it constantly.

Over that time, I discovered some of the limitations of the hardware. The best Game Boy accessories, however, look to enhance the console and make it even easier to use. Many of these accessories are ones I used back then, but others are ones I wish I discovered in the '90s because they would have made gaming on the handheld even better.

There are definitely some weird Game Boy accessories that are more than a bit out there. Nintendo threw a lot at this console back in the day, but I decided to limit this Game Boy accessories list to things that you would actually use.

Sure, you can make your Game Boy look like a Transformer, but, why would you want to? At the end of the day, these Game Boy and Game Boy Color accessories are designed to make life easier.

10. Game Cases

After Markget Game Boy & Game Boy Advance Game Cases
10 Best Game Boy Accessories You'll Actually Want 12

Let's face it, cardboard boxes were a bad idea. It's hard enough for the plastic shells around more modern games to stay in good shape after all of these years, but the cardboard game cases weren't meant to hold up after decades of use.

That's why, if you're lucky enough to come across an original Game Boy game that is still in its original case, it's usually worth a ton of money. Fortunately, more affordable and sleek options are available from retailers across the web and on Etsy.

There are a bunch of great different options so peruse the web to find one that you like. One popular option is the recycled Nintendo DS game-sized case that has been modified to fit Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges, but new and unique options are popping up all of the time from artistic fans.

9. Game Genie

Game Genie
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As essentially a cheat code generator, the Game Genie really feels like a relic of a bygone era. Games like the Grand Theft Auto series have made cheat codes a major part of their series, but the Game Genie brought that idea to a ton of your favorite nostalgic games like Super Mario Land and Tetris.

The Game Genie was already a game changer for consoles like the NES, but this brings all of that fun on the go. Just this one accessory can really open up what dozens of your favorite games can do.

8. Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak

Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak
10 Best Game Boy Accessories You'll Actually Want 14

Most gamers will probably remember the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak because of the Pokémon franchise, but it actually featured a few more games than that. Titles like Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, and Perfect Dark all saw compatibility between their Game Boy and Nintendo 64 versions.

That being said, perhaps the best reason to own a Transfer Pak is to transfer various Pokémon from all of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2 on the Nintendo 64. The Stadium games even have unlockable modes that allow gamers the ability to play their Game Boy Pokémon games on a television.

7. Cartridge Cleaner

Cartridge Cleaner
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Believe it or not, blowing in your cartridge isn't the best way to clean them. Fortunately, we have learned a bit about console and game maintenance over the years.

Products like the 1Up Video Game Cartridge Cleaning Kit are perfect for keeping your cartridges clean and helping them last longer. Not only that, but they work for all sorts of cartridges from consoles like the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64.

6. Magnifier

Game Boy Light Boy
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I don't know who needs to hear this, but our eyesight isn't getting any better as we age. Pair that with the fact that the Game Boy's screen wasn't exactly the biggest and best, to begin with.

What makes the magnifier one of the best Game Boy accessories is the fact that it turns the screen—you know, the thing you look at—bigger and even brighter in many cases as a lot include a much-needed light. It's a little obtuse as an accessory, but it is definitely helpful for those who want to see their games even better.

5. Game Boy Player

Game Boy Player
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The Nintendo Switch has really spoiled gamers. Now, everyone wants to be able to take their games on the go and plug them into the television. Nintendo may have perfected that design with the Switch, but they didn't start there.

Nintendo (and other companies) have been offering gamers methods to play Game Boy games on a television for decades at this point. While I have detailed all of the different ways to play Game Boy games on the big screen (as per the link in the last sentence), perhaps the best way is through the GameCube's Game Boy player accessory. Again, check out our article for a complete list of pros and cons to see which method is right for you.

4. Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries
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Rechargeable batteries are an easy way to make the Game Boy and Game Boy Color even more useful. As the original Game Boy uses four AA batteries and the Game Boy Color uses two, it's pretty easy to burn through packs after hours and hours of gameplay.

Rather than having to pull out your wallet each time you need new batteries, rechargeable ones are a good substitute to save money and always have backups on hand. Again, it's a really simple solution but one that will make playing the Game Boy even more enjoyable.

3. Battery Pack

Game Boy Battery Pack
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One annoying aspect of the Game Boy is that dead batteries mean losing game progress. The console will just shut off without notice when the batteries burn out and you can lose a ton of progress if you haven't saved recently.

Battery packs are great for travel because they extend the life of your console and keep you from having to pack a ton of extra batteries. Give yourself a little more boost on the go and keep those gameplay sessions going a little longer before switching batteries.

2. Link Cable

Game Boy Link Cable
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Again, Pokémon fans will likely be familiar with the link cable because it was the only way to trade Pokémon and battle your friends, but the accessory has a ton of usefulness across dozens of games. In fact, there is even a four-player adaptor for four-player titles.

Essentially, multiplayer Game Boy game requires a link cable for multiplayer capabilities to work. So, if you want to play games like Bomberman, Street Fighter II, and, of course, Pokémon on the go with friends, you will need a link cable.

1. Worm Light

Game Boy Color Worm Light
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Again, the Game Boy screen hasn't aged all that well. Both the Game Boy and Game Boy Color suffer from being a bit dimly lit.

Luckily the worm light accessory makes the console playable in low-light situations. In particular, the worm light is great for playing the Game Boy and/or Game Boy Color at night.

There are mods that replace the Game Boy's screen with a backlit version that negates the need for this accessory, but that requires some DIY know-how. It might not be the most elegant solution, but it is certainly useful.

Best Game Boy Accessories: Honorable Mentions

The Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer are a couple of other accessories that were popular back when the Game Boy was being produced. That being said, while they are cool pieces of Nintendo history, they don't serve too much purpose today.

Mods like rechargeable battery packs and backlit screens are stretching the definition of accessory, but they've become somewhat popular on the secondhand market today. A lot of nostalgic gamers want to improve the technology they had as kids and have come up with some ingenious concepts that have improved the Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

These generally require a bit of DIY ingenuity, so it's not for everyone. Still, some creative gamers have made some fantastic modded consoles and are selling them online, so its worth taking a look if you are curious.

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