35 Best Game of Thrones Memes & Reacts to Use at the Office

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Sometimes, the office can feel like a battlefield, so we’re bringing you the best Game of Thrones memes to use at the office.

Whether you just need something to get through the day or are looking for the best Game of Thrones memes to annoy your coworkers, this is the list for you. We’ve got the perfect Jon meme for replying to your boss, and just the right Littlefinger meme to deal with that chatty coworker. Let the game of memes begin!

1. When your co-worker didn’t pull their weight during a group project

No one likes group projects. There’s always that one person who never pulls their weight, and there are plenty of funny Game of Thrones memes for that occasion. The question is: are you an Ayra or a Bran?

2. When someone asks you what happened in the meeting

We’ve all been there, Tyrion. Or at least wished we’d been drunk so it had been more bearable.

3. When your boss tells you to stay overtime to finish that task

As soon as the clock strikes 6, my watch has ended.

4. When you’re the tech support and you’ve been called downstairs to fix the same problem three times in two days

It’s wise not to upset the IT department; the North always remembers.

5. When your boss has it out for you

Everyone’s had that one boss who’s had it in for them since day one. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s always your fault.

6. When someone steals your lunch

Your name was on your lunch, their name is on your list.

7. When you just want everyone to shut up

Everyone knows that the hardest commodity to buy in an office is peace and quiet. Even those in power seek it.

8. When you see your work crush

Even in the darkest moments, your work crush lights up your day like Brienne does for Tormund.

9. When you’ve become a master at office politics

Just like Cersei, you know the score; you play the game or it plays you.

10. The easiest way to use the office microwave

You’re not getting anywhere near that microwave without the resilience of the Mother of Dragons and at least one of her dragons.

11. When you get asked to come in on your day off

Not today, god of work, I’ve got people to introduce to Needle.

12. When you catch the office flu and feel like you’re dying

No matter what you do, you always get sick. It’s as predictable as people dying in Game of Thrones.

13. When your manager keeps nitpicking every little thing

They wouldn’t be so keen to do so if they knew you had an army of dragons at your beck and call.

14. When you’re asked to do work just before your shift ends

The only time anyone will ever see you cry, but you’ll handle it like the queen that you are and get that shit done.

15. When that annoying coworker keeps messing with the thermostat

There’s a Game of Thrones winter is coming meme for everything. But you really didn’t need Ned Stark’s warning, you already knew winter was coming because it never actually left.

16. When you volunteer for something without checking what it is first

King of the North? Sign me up! What could go wrong? Nope, not feeling called out by this King of the North meme at all.

17. Me vs. office gossip

That’s a mistake you’ll only make once.

18. When you make a mistake and your boss wants to “have a word”

You might as well just start calling your boss the Three-eyed Raven, you’re pretty sure they see and know everything.

19. When that one person pulls a prank. Again.

They’ll soon realize that just like Cersei, you’re not someone to be trifled with. Cersei memes are the best Game of Thrones memes for throwing shade.

20. When you’ve perfected the art of looking like you’re working

Some days you just need to fake it and hope that there isn’t an Olenna Tyrell waiting to catch you out.

21. That one coworker who got a job because he knows someone in management

We all know that one guy on staff who has zero qualifications and only got in because they know the right people.

22. When you ask a coworker about something personal and they answer in great length

Thankfully, your regrettable decisions didn’t result in marriage to a spoilt brat like Joffrey.

23. When you try to book time off for the holidays

You’re pretty sure your coworkers are members of the Faceless Men because your death is more certain than getting the time you want booked.

24. When you’re stuck working with the coworker you can’t stand for a special project

Sometimes, there’s nothing left to do but scream at the sky when it feels like the world is out to get you. The best Game of Thrones memes understand you completely.

25. When the photocopier breaks down for the 998th time that day

Burn it, burn it all down. The best Game of Thrones memes involve dragons, just saying.

26. When someone else gets credit for something you did

Oh, yes, Sam’s discovery is absolutely wonderful. I have absolutely no idea where he came up with it.

27. When you end up on hold for over an hour

G.R.R. Martin will be done with the next book before you finish that call.

28. The day you start your new job vs. the day you quit

I was young, fresh, and eager to please, now look at me; I’ve learned the truth about the world.

29. When you meet the competition for a new promotion

Everyone will be treated fairly, they said. You all have a chance, they said. Right.

30. When you send out information and get an email back asking for that precise information

Now you know why Cersei drank so much wine; it’s the only way to deal with so many idiots on a daily basis.

31. When you have to rely on a coworker to do a task and they fail spectacularly

It wasn’t even a hard job, Sam. You didn’t need any special training for it.

32. When your boss still can’t remember your name even though it’s been 6 months

Might as well just call me no one, my boss doesn’t remember my name anyway.

33. When you’ve organized the filing and someone messes it up the next day

There’s always that one person sitting somewhere, laughing gleefully. This Cersei and Olenna meme is my favorite from the many Game of Thrones funny memes you can find online.

34. When you’re trying to win an office challenge

We may not have Lyanna Mormont, but we have the next best thing… Susan from IT.

35. Waking up on a Saturday vs. waking up on a Monday

No matter how good the weekend feels, you always have to face the fact that Monday morning arrives again every week 🙁

That's a Wrap!

Yep, there really are GoT memes for everything. Now that you’ve come to the end of the 35 best Game of Thrones memes to use at the office, do you have anything to add?

Perhaps there’s a Jon Snow and Daenerys meme that works perfectly for an office situation? Have you ever used a Game of Thrones meme in the office? Let us know what the best Game of Thrones memes you’ve ever seen are in the comments!

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