Best Ghost Pokémon of All Time

The Ghost Pokémon typing represents the most deliberate scary group of Pokémon in the entire series. Even more so than the Dark type, Ghost Pokémon showcase the worst parts of the world. From vengeance to hate to even tragedy, the most disturbing Pokémon in the entire series remain the Ghost ones. 

As such, ranking the best Ghost Pokémon of all time feels like an immense challenge. Not only do these Pokémon need solid designs, stats, moves, popularity, and utility, but they also need to fit the typing motif well. Without further ado, players should check out the best Ghost Pokémon of all time below with only one Pokémon per line.

1. Mimikyu

Mimikyu spookiest Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

No other Pokémon with the Ghost typing captures the idea of what makes this typing unique more than Mimikyu. The Ghost and Fairy type combo alone makes it so viable in battle and with some fantastic moves. 

But more than anything else, Mimikyu’s design and lore outshines every other Pokémon here. Players only see its twisted costume, a degraded version of Pikachu cosplay.

Its lore dives into its immense jealousy and hatred for the series’ mascot and how its appearance remains so ugly and terrifying someone died when they saw what it looks like underneath the costume. It balances horror and tragedy better than any other Ghost Pokémon. 

2. Lunala

Lunala Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The box art legendary for Pokémon Moon, Lunala, features one of the top designs in the entire series, and not only for Ghost Pokémon. Mix this with the excellent Psychic typing, and players have a memorable galactic magical bat legendary. 

3. Giratina

Giratina TPC MSN
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The original Ghost Dragon in the series scared many players with its underworld-like home in the Distortion Realm. Its visual appearance looks a bit less exciting in the 3D era of Pokémon, but it stands out with some of the best stats for any Pokémon on this list. 

4. Hisuian Zorua

Hisuian Zoroark and Zorua
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Both Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark deserve a spot on this list. The shoutout only goes to Zorua for its adorable design, which gives off a spectral feeling well for its Ghost typing. But its strongest asset remains its second typing of Normal, which makes it overpowered with only a single weakness to Dark

5. Aegislash

Ghost Type Pokemon Aegislash
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Some might find the single Ghost and Steel-type line in the series to be a bit weird. After all, Aegislash appears to be a floating, haunted set of a sword and shield. If players look past the arguably excellent detail in its design, it has some of the best moves and flexibility out of any Ghost Pokémon in battle. 

6. Ceruledge

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Ceruledge impresses as one of the strongest designs and Pokémon in general from Gen 9. It works so well in competitive, and it helps, too, that it has an excellent signature move like Bitter Blade, which heals Ceruledge with the damage it inflicts on its opponent. 

7. Dragapult

Dragapult TPC e1696888617115
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Ghost and Dragon remains one of the most intense type combinations in the series, and Dragapult feels quite different from its counterpart in Giratina. It opts for a surprising familial and loving Pokémon that carries around its Dreepy younglings and even uses them as literal cannon fodder when necessary. 

8. Mismagius

Ghost-type Pokemon Mismagius
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Players may think Mismagius should be a Ghost and Psychic type, which is true and holds it back some. Even still, it has one of the most memorable designs with its elegant purple dress and witch hat. It stands out as one of the best Pokémon from Gen 4. 

9. Rotom

Ghost type Pokemon Rotom
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Rotom lacks much of the cliché Ghost Pokémon design motifs, but it makes up for that in its placement as a pseudo-mascot for the series these days after Pikachu and Eevee. It accompanies the player in almost all of the recent generations, plus its ability to possess various appliances helps. 

10. Gengar

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Ghost typing all began in the Pokémon series with Gengar and its line. While its simplistic design became overshadowed quite fast by other Pokémon on this list, it still stands out with its signature unnerving smirk. It also gets more love than other Ghost Pokémon, including Mega Evolution and Gigantamax forms.

11. Marshadow

Marshadow ghost Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Even now, years later after its release, Marshadow remains the most mysterious Pokémon in the entire series. Its haunting design looks like a little kid in a ghastly form with its glowing eyes and wispy style. Even after its inclusion in an anime film, fans know so little about Marshadow, which adds to its mythical status. 

12. Basculegion

Basculegion male and female Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Basculin released as one of the most forgettable and unnecessary Pokémon in the series in Gen 5. Legends Arceus came around and fixed all of that with Basculegion. This otherwise unlikeable fish expanded, became more detailed, and added Ghost to its existing Water typing to make one of the best additions to this group.

13. Decidueye

Pokemon Decidueye
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The first starter Pokémon to feature the Ghost typing remains one of the most memorable of the bunch. This Grass and Ghost starter has incredible type coverage, able to use both moves to take down many different opponents while also one of the most underrated starters in the franchise. 

14. Spiritomb

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Spiritomb embodies the Ghost typing better than most, as the home of 108 different spirits within its body. Its method of acquiring in some of the games feels disturbing as well, as the player gathers together people’s souls to create it. What only holds it back is its lackluster appearance. 

15. Chandelure

Chandelure ghost Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Yet another Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon on this list, the Gen 5 Pokémon somehow makes a chandelier look great in this series. It has no business looking this impressive in its design while also featuring a great moveset. 

16. Froslass

Pokemon Froslass
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Froslass stands out as one of the only beautiful Ghost Pokémon. Its unique, haunting beauty allures people to follow it into the snowy mountains, where it eliminates them and hangs them up as decorations. Players shouldn’t let looks deceive them, for sure. 

17. Hisuian Typhlosion

Hisuian Typhlosion ghost Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Pokémon Legends Arceus took three classic starter Pokémon and revamped them. In the case of Hisuian Typhlosion, this Pokémon became even better with its new Fire and Ghost dual typing. It looks pretty similar to the original, which is welcome, but the new purple flames add a nice touch. 

18. Poltchageist

Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Gen 9 DLC Pokémon looks quite similar to the Sinistea line from Gen 8, but better with its matcha inspiration. It also has one of the most detailed Pokémon designs in the series, from the cracks in its pot to the creepy smiley face it drew and more. 

19. Phantump

Image Credit: Nintendo.

When it comes to the cutesy Ghost Pokémon, Phantump stands near the top of the list. However, this Grass and Ghost Pokémon features some of the darkest lore in the series. A child became Phantump when they passed away lost in a forest, and now it lures other kids into forests to have them feel its suffering. 

20. Annihilape

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Some players didn’t think Primeape needed an evolution in Gen 9, but GameFreak delivered with Annihilape. Its excellent design showcases its signature ape rage but in the afterlife. Its Ghost typing plays into its evolution method, as players have Primeape Rage Fist itself to death to turn into this third stage Pokémon.

21. Pumpkaboo

Pumpkaboo a ghost Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

This cutesy little Pokémon represents the jack-o-lantern from Halloween in Pokémon form. While its evolution, Gourgeist, feels quite disappointing, Pumpkaboo remains one of the more child-friendly Pokémon in this typing group. 

22. Dusknoir

Dusknoir in Pokemon Go
Image Credit: Niantic, Inc.

The Gen 4 final evolution for the Duskull line completes it with this intriguing mix of the Cyclops from Greek mythology and some Japanese folklore for one of the more gripping Ghost designs. 

23. Shedinja

Shedinja a Ghost Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

This unique Bug and Ghost Pokémon has some strange lore behind it as the remaining shell when Nincada becomes Ninjask. It somehow lives and has only a single health point, no matter what. Its bizarre Wonder Guard ability also throws a wrench in the competitive scene. 

24. Drifloon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Drifloon joins the unique and adorable group of Ghost Pokémon in the series. However, players shouldn’t let its design fool them, as it harbors a sinister secret. It fits the typing well, as it spirits children away by making sure they’ll float, too, IT-style. 

25. Spectrier

Spectrier ghost Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Spectrier looks the most elegant and majestic of the two horses from the Gen 8 DLC. It enhances quite a bit in stats when Calyrex pairs with it, but it fails to do much on its own in battles. This sets it back some in the rankings despite its excellent design.