17 Best GL Manhwa You Simply Can’t Skip

Manhwa fans, greetings! Ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of GL manhwa? Well, get ready to explore captivating stories and heartwarming relationships as we unveil the best GL manhwa titles out there!

In this blog post, we've carefully selected the finest GL manhwa that will take you on an emotional journey. These manhwa explore a wide range of themes, from tender romances to empowering stories, all centered around love, friendship, and the journey of self-discovery.

Our carefully selected list is perfect for both avid fans of GL stories and those who are simply curious about this genre. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Best GL Manhwa

GL manhwa, also known as Girls' Love manhwa, explores romantic relationships between women. We've selected the best GL manhwa titles that highlight love, self-discovery, and inclusivity.

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17. True Colours

best gl manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
17+ ChaptersOngoingRomance, School life8.5/10

In “True Colors,” a GL manhwa, Sora Yoon, who is shy and anxious, pretends to have a relationship in order to make friends. Unexpectedly, she meets Haena Woo, an outgoing and slightly oblivious girl. They strike a deal: Haena will assist Sora in finding a boyfriend if Sora aids her in college admission.

As their journey unfolds, they question whether their initial agreement will lead to something deeper. It is a heartwarming and delightful exploration of friendship, love, and self-discovery. It is regarded as one of the best GL manhwa right now among the fans of this genre.

16. Can't Get Along With Dear Princess

Can't Get Along With Dear Princess manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
100+ ChaptersOngoingComedy, Historical, Yuri9/10

The thrilling manhwa depicts the protagonist's devotion to their nation, which drives them to agree to an arranged marriage proposal, however, they uncover that their would-be spouse is a female. 

Believing it to be a divine trick, they realize the tables have turned, and they are the ones who have been pranked by fate. This unexpected twist sets the stage for a compelling tale of personal growth and navigating unanticipated challenges in the realm of relationships.

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15. Working Overtime to Destroy the World!

Working Overtime to Destroy the World
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
110+ ChaptersOngoingComedy, Girls Love (GL), School life8.7/10

Limbo, a reclusive girl obsessed with tentacle comics, makes a birthday wish for the world's destruction. Instead, she encounters a demonic female programmer. Sharing a mutual desire for global annihilation, they become project partners.

Through their comical efforts, they tirelessly work towards their goal, causing uproarious chaos along the way.

14. Straight Girl Trap

Straight Girl Trap GL Manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
100+ ChaptersOngoingDrama, Romance7.5/10

Zhan Ying, an office worker with a dramatic flair, is caught off guard when she begins to question if her boss, Zhou Yuanyou, has romantic feelings for her. Her face flushes, her heart pounds, and she becomes embarrassingly flustered.

Without much time to process her thoughts, Zhan Ying finds herself already ensnared in the web of this potential love interest, unsure if Zhou's actions are sincere or simply a clever ploy.

13. My Food Looks Very Cute

My Food Looks Very Cute
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
130+ ChaptersOngoingFantasy, Romance, Yuri8.5/10

Maria, a vampire who has been asleep for two hundred years, is awakened by a chance meeting with Star, a wandering werewolf. Unknown to Star, when she opened Maria's coffin, she unintentionally unleashed a strange curse upon herself.

Despite her initial fear, Star discovers a kindred spirit in Maria. The two embark on an exhilarating journey together to the vibrant city.

The two characters develop a strong bond as their adventure progresses, leading to a captivating tale of love and companionship. This adorable manhwa is undoubtedly one of the top GL manhwa among fans.

12. Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess!

best girls love manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
70+ ChaptersOngoingIsekai, Magic, Romance, GL8/10

Yvonne, the reincarnated evil noble in an otome game, finds herself expected to torment the villainess and manipulate her into different romance routes. However, there's a peculiar twist involving the female protagonist, Elsa. Yvonne, aware of her hated status among readers, tries to keep her distance from Elsa, but the persistent protagonist insists on being close.

An uneasy tension builds as Elsa teasingly asks Yvonne about her plans for torment. Uncertain of how to proceed, Yvonne struggles to navigate the unexpected dynamic that has developed between them.

11. Seeing Xinghuo Again

Seeing Xinghuo Again manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
49 ChaptersCompletedComedy, Yuri (GL), School life8.5/10

In the club's storage room, Gu An stumbles upon an old camera and witnesses the impossible—a shooting star named “Xinghuo” from three years ago. Curiosity ignites within her as she questions why she alone can see this celestial being in the night sky.

Inspired to break free from conformity, Gu An embarks on her first-ever proactive investigation. With Xinghuo as her trusted guide and “the most important friend,” they journey together to reunite with their former club members and fulfill their forgotten dreams. Amidst revelations and challenges, Xinghuo expresses gratitude to Gu An, despite their exposure.

10. Her Lies

Her Lies manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
80+ ChaptersOngoingComedy, Romance, School life7.5/10

Zhao Fugui, a perceptive high school girl, possesses the unique ability to see everyone's life score. Determined to find her perfect boyfriend, she fearlessly navigates the complexities of relationships, unaware that the person she seeks has been by her side all along. Little does she know, her best friend holds an impeccable score and secretly harbors deep feelings for her.

As their bond strengthens, Zhao Fugui discovers the true meaning of love, challenging the limits of her extraordinary power.

9. For Her, I'd Give It My All

best yuri manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
120 ChaptersCompletedSlice of Life, Comedy, GL9/10

Jiaxia, a passionate newcomer, joins BliBli as an editor. Inspired by the infamous comic artist Taiji-sensei since high school, she sets her sights on becoming Taiji-sensei's new editor. Despite Taiji-sensei's notorious laziness and troublesome nature, Jiaxia remains determined. However, the challenge lies in motivating Taiji-sensei to create a new comic.

Will Jiaxia's unwavering determination and admiration be enough to ignite Taiji-sensei's artistic spark once again? Only time will tell if Jiaxia can help Taiji-sensei rediscover their passion for the 2D world.

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8. Goddess of Jealousy

Goddess of Jealousy girls love manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
100+ ChaptersOngoingYuri (GL), Drama, Psychological8.5/10

Xiao Fengyu, a bubbly and innocent idol, crossed paths with He Yunhan, an award-winning actress known for her calm demeanor. Their meeting was followed by a serendipitous reunion as trainee and mentor on a reality show. Excited about getting closer to her idol, Xiao Fengyu couldn't shake off the constant sense of rivalry she felt.

Despite the show's collaborative environment, the unexplainable tension lingered, raising questions about the underlying dynamics between them. As the story unfolds, the two women navigate their complicated relationship, unveiling hidden motives and personal aspirations that fuel the intense atmosphere around them.

7. I'm More Dangerous Than You

girls love yuri manwha
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
80 ChaptersCompletedGirls Love, Mystery , Romance8/10

Jiang Wanshu believes she has found her light in Ren Pingsheng. However, what starts as a seemingly serendipitous encounter soon turns into a nightmare. Ren Pingsheng, a seemingly gentle teacher, is actually an obsessed reader of Jiang Wanshu's book.

Their meeting was not a coincidence but a calculated plan. As peaceful days unfold, the passionate reader embarks on a relentless pursuit, leading to a thrilling and gripping storyline filled with suspense and unexpected twists.

6. Her, Who I Yearn For

Her, Who I Yearn For manhwa, best gl manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
105 ChaptersCompletedGL (Yuri), Romance8.8/10

Dream Chaser Nuo En's life takes an unexpected turn when she collides with the Queen of Fashion, Jun Ling. Their fates intertwine as they start living together despite their contrasting backgrounds. As their bond deepens, a series of conspiracies unravels, threatening to freeze Jun Ling's heart forever.

In this gripping tale, Nuo En, known for her timidity, must summon her courage to protect the woman she loves from the chilling grasp of destiny. “Her, Who I Yearn For” is hailed as one of the best GL manhwa, captivating readers with its enthralling storyline and emotional depth.

5. Lala

Lala manhwa, best girls love manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
177 ChaptersCompletedSlice of Life, Campus, GL9/10

Xia Yuxun, an enthusiast of all things cute, finds herself repeating a year at school. But her luck changes when she encounters Xue Shini, a short and adorable girl whom she deems an angel.

Determined to see her designs on Xue Shini, she resorts to playful attacks. Will her efforts pay off and persuade Xue Shini to wear her cute creations? Watch as a lighthearted and humorous schoolyard comedy unfolds with unexpected twists.

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4. Girl In The Birdcage

Girl in the Birdcage manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
49 ChaptersCompletedDrama, School Life, Yuri8.5/10

Yeonkwang Arts High School clearly differentiates between students with exceptional talent and those who are average. The gifted students enjoy the full benefits of the Gifted and Talented program, receiving funding, training, and exclusive opportunities in art contests. Meanwhile, the mediocre students are left to navigate their artistic journey independently, hoping to one day gain entry into the prestigious program.

However, when Chung-eun, a talented student, falls for Yumi, a non-G/T student, the power dynamics shift. Chung-eun becomes infatuated with Yumi's charms, unaware of her hidden agenda, which threatens to disrupt the competitive atmosphere of the school.

3. Ring My Bell

best yuri manhwa, best gl manga
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
65 ChaptersCompletedComedy, Romance, Drama8.7/10

Mai Sohn, a talented writer, lands a dream opportunity to create a relationship-themed webcomic. However, her recent breakup leaves her heartbroken, making it challenging to find inspiration.

Desperate for love, she embarks on a quest to reignite her passion. Meanwhile, her neighbor's puzzling behavior adds to her troubles.

In this rollercoaster journey of self-discovery, Mai seeks solace, inspiration, and a chance at happiness, all while navigating the complexities of relationships and the mystery surrounding her neighbor's conflicting actions.

2. Winter Before Spring

Winter Before Spring manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
65+ ChaptersOngoingDrama, Romance, GL9/10

Hana, immersed in newfound love for her best friend, confesses her feelings and they begin dating. Happiness fills her, but reality strikes when she discovers the shocking truth about her best friend.

The manhwa shows how relationships can be complicated and trust can easily be broken. As Hana's world shatters, readers are left captivated by the emotional rollercoaster that unfolds, making it a must-read in the realm of best GL manhwa.

1. Mage & Demon Queen

best gl manhwa, girls love manwha
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
45+ ChaptersOngoingComedy, Romance, GL9.5/10

In a fantasy world governed by RPG rules, human adventurers strive to conquer the Demon Tower and defeat the powerful Demon Queen Velverosa. Malori, an exceptional mage, consistently outshines her friend Cerik, not by killing the queen, but with the goal of winning her hand in marriage.

With resurrection magic granting multiple attempts, Malori poses a constant challenge to the Demon Queen and becomes a thorn in her side. Fame, fortune, and an ultimate reward from the kingdom await the victor.

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It's worth noting that there are many GL manhwas to choose from, and each one features a distinct and profoundly moving plot. Our team has invested significant effort to curate this list of the best GL manhwa, ensuring a selection that celebrates love, self-discovery, and inclusivity.

We strive to help you discover stories that truly resonate with you and leave a lasting impression.

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