We Tested 12 Golf Grips – These Were The 9 Best Golf Grips

Are you looking for the best golf grips on the market right now? Look no further because we’ve got you covered.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of 9 of the best golf grips to enhance your performance and perhaps help you out if you always have sweaty palms. Let’s dig into it shall we;


1. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip

First, let’s start with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet golf grip. This one is available in seven different sizes and in one particular color all with that velvet touch feature.

This feature is going to provide you the exact feeling and consistency. In addition, the fine texture of the grip is going to give you a comfortable feeling every time you make a hit with your club.

This golf grip is also quite flexible and as a result, it is expected to last a very long time. Another reason to trust this product is that it is made in Thailand and players from all over the countries are feeling comfortable playing with this golf club grip.

This grip is best for any golfer that prefers the look and feel of a classic golf grip with better performance features.


  • Various size variations to choose from
  • Velvet touch feature which also gives you comfort and consistency
  • Very durable with all-weather control
  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Very good traction which guarantees better shots on the course


  • To some, the softness of this grip may not be desirable
  • Not as budget friendly as other grips
  • Will not give you maximum feedback
  • Lacks color options


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2. Golf Pride Tour Golf Grip

The golf pride tour velvet aligned golf grip is an aesthetic iron club grip available in two sizes.

The rubberized outer layer of the grip will be beneficial for getting exact friction to make an optimal stroke.

In addition, the align technology added with this awesome grip is going to give you the freedom to align the grip with the club quite easily.

Tour inspired larger lower hand design will provide a lighter grip pressure and more power.

If you are looking to get a consistent performance every single time you hit with the iron, them this grip should be the exact choice for you.

Assisting hand alignment of the grip will allow you to massively improve your swing to a greater extent. This grip is best for golfers seeking maximum comfort and non-slip performance even in wet conditions.


  • Assisted hand alignment to improve your swing
  • Rubberized outer layer for enhanced grip and friction


  • Available in only two sizes and this doesn’t give you a wide selection variety


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3. Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip

Coming in at number three is yet another great golf product from Pride Tour. It is available in four different color variations you’ll definitely love.

If you are looking for consistent performance with your stroke, then this one should be your exact preferred choice.

The combination of rubber and cord is going to provide you the exact comfort that you can expect from a top class golf grip.

The align technology attached with this grip is going to give you the consistent hand placement every single time.

In addition, the maximum surface texture of the grip is going to provide you maximum comfort, which will last for a long time with its all-weather control technology.

This grip is best for golfers who love tacky grips and softer feel.

All in all, should you buy this golf grip, you will surely get value for your money.


  • Multiple color selection
  • Very good traction and control
  • Very soft material for a great feel
  • Align technology for more consistent hand placement


  • Gives best results only for irons
  • Doesn’t do well in wet weather conditions


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4. Winn Dritac Oversize Golf Grip

This comes with a rubberized outer layer so that you can get enough friction with every stroke you make.

The shock absorbent feature of this awesome grip will ensure perfect feeling every time you make a hit. The classic wrap style design of this grip makes it even more aesthetic to look at.

In addition, the wind tri-polymer construction material is going to make your experience great with this grip worthwhile.

All weather control features will give you the freedom to use it anytime you want throughout the whole year as well.

This grip is best for golfers suffering from arthritis or hand injuries, and those seeking maximum comfort, tackiness and shock absorption all in one.


  • Shock absorbent feature in the grip giving you comfort for each stroke you make.
  • All-weather control features which allow the grip to last longer.


  • Comes in one color variation only
  • Does not have multiple size variations.

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5. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

This particular iron golf club grip is available in four different sizes, i.e. mid, standard, jumbo and undersize.

It also comes in four different color variations, i.e. blue-gray, green-gray, orange-gray and red-gray. The larger outside diameter in the lower hand is going to provide you a lighter consistent feeling that you would love when making every stroke with your iron club.

The compound construction of the upper hand brush con and lower hand material soft rubber is going to provide you both an enhanced feeling and stability.

This awesome product from golf pride is going to promote less tension in the hand and thus you will get more consistency every time you make a hit with your golf club.

If you are familiar with golf for a certain period of time then you should definitely know that golf pride has been providing quality products for a long time and this MCC Plus 4 isn’t any different either.

This golf grip is best for any golfer who may have issues with squeezing too tight on their grips and require good texture for added traction and less sleeping.


  • Multiple size variations available
  • Multiple color variations to choose from
  • Very light but efficient
  • Very durable
  • Great for all weather conditions


  • Not so budget friendly
  • The external texture may feel rough on hands


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6. ST+2 Hybrid Golf Grip

Coming in sixth place is the ST+2 Hybrid golf grip. The ST +2 is predominantly made for wet conditions but it offers all-round performance grip traction with smooth tech genesis material incorporated into two distinct zones for all weather conditions as well.

This provides more traction in the upper hand and a soft tactile feel in the lower hand for incredible performance, something that wasn’t possible some years ago in the golf industry.

Lampkin has come a long way in engineering next level grip materials. They call it smooth tech. Smooth tech genesis material offers a great-feeling tacky surface that is long lasting, comfortable and far more resistant to degradation than standard rubber compounds.

The grip’s hybrid lower section capitalizes on the smoother, tackier treatment further accentuated by the slightly larger +2 design profile to provide the guiding hand a comfortable tactile feel.

If you are looking for a great feel, durability, comfort and feedback, you should definitely check out the ST+2 Hybrid.

It is available in standard size, mid-size and oversize and great for all sizes, not just the irons.

You will especially feel the benefits of this grip when you are playing using the shorter irons where the black lower section will increase accuracy and feel.

This grip is best for golfers who want more traction in their grip but don’t want the harsh feel of most cord grips.


  • Comes in all sizes
  • Compatible for all golf clubs, not just the irons
  • Has the all-new smooth tech genesis material which is long lasting and comfortable as well


  • Not so budget friendly


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7. Lamkin Sonar Golf Grip

Sonar from Lamkin features some new technologies. They are super tacky, with a great feedback response from hitting the ball. While not tour proven like the golf prides, they are still worth a look.

The surface texture is Lamkin’s new fingerprint technology. In essence, it has a huge lot of micro grooves engineered into it, similar to a human fingerprint.

All these micro textures provide a lot of traction when combined and feel more comfortable as well. Since the larger grooves from traditional grips are nowadays avoided, along with the new genesis material which has increased tackiness and durability, the sonar grips are very much up to date with today’s grip technology.

These grips are super tacky and the micro texture gives an awesome feel not felt by other manufacturers.

They are definitely worth a try if you are looking to try something new and an interesting choice when you set your mind on new grips.


  • Genesis material and fingerprint technology enhance grip and give you better performance
  • Variety of hand sizes for both women and men
  • Very comfortable


  • Efficiency and performance deteriorate in wet weather conditions

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8. SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Grip

This special iron club grip is available in six different colors that you can choose if you are fastidious about colors.

It has a tacky polyurethane outer layer which will make your experience great with the grip.

The rubberized inner layer of the grip provides enough shock absorbent capacity to have a really smooth feeling while striking the golf ball.

This iron grip also has the tapper control technology adaptation which provides you the fastest swing capability.

In addition, you will also benefit from, this grip’s consistency of stroke.

You will never feel out of balance if you own this great product for sure. This grip is best for golfers seeking the maximum comfort from a swing grip.


  • The X-style surface texture delivers non-slip performance and consistency across the grip span
  • Extremely tacky and will provide good grip for sweaty hands
  • Very stylish look
  • Very versatile and works well in all weather conditions
  • Budget friendly


  • Wears out quite easily
  • Heavy and or bulkier than previous mid-sized grips


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9. Lamkin UTx Cord Golf Grip

Are you a high swing speed player? Do you seek improved grip both in good and bad weather conditions?

Look no further because the Lamkin UTx will match your needs. This awesome grip from Lamkin combines tackiness with cord, a combination which is rarely seen in the grip industry.

This provides players with exceptional control over the club with minimal effort.

It is subtle in looks but the inside consists of Lamkin’s tri-layer technology.

The technology makes it possible for Lamkin to engineer the grip with different firmnesses in all of the grip’s length and this is very handy for providing great torsion control.

This single greatest thing is the combination of cord and tacky rubber compound. For players with high swing speeds looking for the ultimate control, there is no grip out there to match the UTx.

It is mostly made for higher swing speed golfers because if the firm rubber compound on the upper part of the grip.

It makes for excellent torsion control so that the grip is twisted as little as possible during the swing.

Additionally, this grip is even good on your wallet and will help you keep the club face square to your aim since they don’t come out of shape during the swing.

This makes them the best golf grips for high swing speeds because high swing speeds add to the stress in the rubber material of the grip.


  • Budget friendly
  • Offer top-shelf performance for its price
  • Perfect for all weather conditions


  • isn’t centered around comfort and softness


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Our Final Thoughts: The Best Golf Grips

This list of the best golf grips we have compiled is indeed expansive and cuts across various aspects including quality, durability, comfort and how budget-friendly they are.

Some products will always be preferred by professional golfers due to the unmatched combination of quality and comfort they offer.

This is why many professionals will prefer to use Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips over any other which raises the rather simple question, “if pro golfers are using them, why not you?”

We do hope that this expansive list has provided you with enough information to guide you and make your decision pretty much easier.

They are no doubt the best grips currently available on the market and will up your performance and golfing experience. Chao!