The Best Ground Pokémon of All Time Ranked

groundpokemon Ground Pokémon

The Ground type in the Pokémon series often fades into the background. It has exceptional defensive capabilities but lacks in the visual design department. This leads to many Ground-type Pokémon that look forgettable and uninteresting. 

However, that isn’t the case for the best Ground Pokémon ever. This list includes the most substantial entries in this almost 100-strong category of Pokémon. The best Ground Pokémon find themselves ranked below based on their appearances, stats, moves, utility, uniqueness, popularity, and much more. 

1. Groudon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Groudon almost has the typing itself in its name. This rare legendary Ground Pokémon represents the full force and potential of this underrated typing. It has some of the most vital stats from any Pokémon on this list.

But the best part remains its box art status as a mascot for Generation 3. Its incredible story in one of the best generations in the series cements itself at the top of this typing. 

2. Bloodmoon Ursaluna

Bloodmoon Ursaluna
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Ursaluna released in Gen 8 and offered a solid third stage for the Teddiursa line. However, Bloodmoon Ursaluna came out in The Teal Mask DLC and took it further. It has legendary-level stats, which dominate the overall competitive scene of the game. If players want one of the strongest Ground Pokémon, look no further. 

3. Zygarde

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The third legendary from Gen 6 took time to develop into its own in Gen 7. However, its fascinating approach to various forms put it as one of the most memorable Ground types in the series to date. Plus, it has some excellent signature moves. 

4. Garchomp

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Garchomp didn’t offer the Ground and Dragon type combo first, but it did it much better than its predecessor. This fast and overwhelming Gen 4 Pokémon commanded the overall meta of the series for a long time and for a good reason. 

5. Torterra

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Torterra showed how to make a starter Pokémon use the Ground type in a more impressive way. It looks fantastic in appearance with its world turtle-inspired design. Better yet, its Grass and Ground type combo gives it some excellent versatility. 

6. Flygon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Flygon offered the original Ground and Dragon-type Pokémon combo. However, it failed to make sense of it, looking and seeming more like a Bug. That said, it has solid stats, great moves, and a striking design, which put it at this spot on this list. 

7. Iron Treads

Iron Treads
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Paradox future form of Donphan fares much better than its past counterpart with the Steel and Ground type combo. This combo gives it the edge over the competition, especially with its legendary stats and moves. 

8. Nidoking

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Nidoking and its female counterpart in Nidoqueen pretty much offer the exact same options in terms of typings, stats, and moves. However, Nidoking triumphs over its pal in a slim way with its better design and color scheme. 

9. Nidoqueen

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Nidoqueen takes the unique Poison and Ground combo and makes it work so well. It also teaches fans about gender differences in the series early on in Gen 1. She still remains a powerhouse all these decades later and worth using in battles. 

10. Steelix

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Steelix removed the Rock part of its pre-evolution in Onix and added the Steel type instead. This blend of two of the most defensive typings in the entire series leads to it being rock solid in battle and hard to take down. 

11. Great Tusk

Great Tusk
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Great Tusk feels like a delicate balance between the excellent stats and moveset it has with the overwhelming number of weaknesses it has. This Pokémon has the opportunity to be a behemoth in the right hands, but it takes some careful consideration. 

12. Wooper

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Wooper takes the cake when it comes to the cutest Ground Pokémon of all time. This Gen 2 Pokémon sells plushies and merchandise all on its own. But it also introduced the excellent type combo of Water and Ground, which stands out as one of the best for this category. 

13. Mamoswine

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Mamoswine makes up for its intense set of weaknesses with incredible stats. The Gen 4 Pokémon completes its three-stage line with a great design and fantastic utility, which makes up for the five typings to which it is vulnerable.. 

14. Cubone

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Cubone cemented itself in the pantheon of Pokémon with its horrifying backstory in Gen 1. Its Charmander-like appearance matches well with the lore of its skull helmet, which comes from its passed-away mother in true morbid fashion. 

15. Gligar

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Gligar looks much better than its weird and vampiric evolution, Gliscor. That said, it also has some excellent utility in its limited two weaknesses to Water and Ice. The pink bat Pokémon makes for a solid Ground option in Gen 2. 

16. Whiscash

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Whiscash came out in Gen 3 and offered a much more appealing Water and Ground-type Pokémon from a visual standpoint than the starter of the generation. It also has some iconic moments in the franchise, such as in the Mystery Dungeon games. 

17. Ting-Lu

Image Credit: Nintendo.

This legendary Pokémon from Gen 9 has a bizarre appearance in the ancient form of a moose. The Dark and Ground type combo seems weird, but it works well with its solid stats, emphasizing its health, attack, and defense. 

18. Palossand

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Ground and Ghost sounds like an odd type combo, but it works well for the Gen 7 Pokémon, Palossand. This haunted sand castle has a memorable appearance and Pokédex, which features its innate ability to force people to build its palace of death. 

19. Swampert

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Gen 3 Water and Ground starter Pokémon Swampert suffers from an overall lack of visual quality. Its appearance looks terrible, especially compared to its first stage evolution in Mudkip. However, its single weakness to Grass keeps it on this list. 

20. Sandy Shocks

Sandy Shocks
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Sandy Shocks takes the Magnemite line and gives it an ancient Electric and Ground option. This sounds pretty interesting at first, and it has some solid stats. However, it holds itself back with its awkward weakness in Ground. 

21. Geodude

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Geodude appeared in caves for the first time in Gen 1 and tormented many players on their way to various cities. Despite this, it carries an iconic nature of mixing the Ground and Rock types, making it one of the more memorable Ground Pokémon.