15 Best Gyaru Manga Recommendations For Otakus

Hello to all the fashion enthusiasts out there! If you're someone who loves tanned skin and adores the trendy gyaru subculture in Japan, then this list is tailor-made for you.

We have carefully curated a list of the 15 best gyaru manga that gives a glimpse into the glamorous and stylish world of gyaru characters. However, we have to be honest with you – reading these mangas won't make you a gyaru goddess in a jiffy (trust us, we've tried!).

Nevertheless, they will certainly offer you some much-needed entertainment and a chance to escape reality for a while. Whether you're a hardcore fan of gyaru culture or someone who just wants to add some new manga to their reading list, we have got you covered.

So without further ado, let's jump into our list of the best gyaru manga comics. Brace yourself to be entertained, inspired, and who knows, you might even pick up a few fashion tips along the way!

What is Gyaru Manga?

Gyaru manga, or gal manga, is a type of Japanese comic book or graphic novel that centres around the lifestyle of a gyaru (gal) girl. These stories often revolve around fashion, shopping, gossiping, dating, and teenage girl friendships. These stories also typically feature a unique art style that includes exaggerated facial features and clothing.

Gyaru manga are often humorous and light-hearted and can range from simple comedy to more serious stories dealing with issues like bullying or relationships. It is not uncommon for these stories to feature strong female protagonists who are independent, confident, and able to take care of themselves.

Best Gyaru Manga Recommendations

Now, here is the best gyaru manga you're looking for. We've added a variety of manga with good plots to ensure that you'll find something that speaks to you. These comics showcase the fashionable and fabulous lives of gyaru characters and offer a glimpse into their wild and trendy world.

From tanned skin to dyed hair, these mangas are sure to satisfy your craving for all things glamorous. So grab your fake lashes and get ready to dive into the world of gyaru with this must-read manga.

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15. Sanpakugan-chan wa Tsutaetai

best gyaru manga recommendations, sanpaku gyaru manga
Source: Sanpakugan-chan wa Tsutaetai

Amane Mizuno, the protagonist of Sanpakugan-chan wa Tsutaetai, is a timid girl who has always been shy around boys. She is a typical high school student with a big crush on one of her classmates, Katou. Despite her awkwardness and inability to express her feelings, Amane has a burning passion inside her that is waiting to be unleashed.

Amane has the unusual trait of having sanpaku eyes. These are eyes that have an unusually large gap between the pupils, giving them an intensely attractive look. While they are attractive, they also make her feel embarrassed and self-conscious as she doesn’t understand why she has them.

14. Tedama ni Toritai Kurokiya-san

Kurokiya-san gyaru manga
Source: Tedama ni Toritai Kurokiya-san

This heartwarming story follows the growth of Ruu Kurokiya as she discovers more about herself and her relationship with Tadao Tadashi.

The story shows how even though they may seem different on the surface, they both have similar feelings and experiences, allowing them to form an understanding with each other.

13. Jirai nan desu ka? Chihara-san

Jirai nan desu ka

Title in English: That Girl Is Cute… But Dangerous?

Chihara-san is the mysterious girl that everyone seems to be talking about. She's been dubbed “the landmine” by her peers for her tendency to explode with rage at the slightest provocation. Despite her intimidating reputation, Chihara-san has a soft side that few people get to see.

12. The Story Between A Dumb Prefect And A High School Girl With An Inappropriate Skirt Length

gyaru manga recommendations
Source: Ponkotsu Fuukiin to Skaato take ga Futekisetsu na JK no Hanashi

Believe me, that's actually the name of the manga!

Kohinata is a spirited and rebellious student who refuses to abide by the school rules. She wears an overly-revealing outfit that goes against the school's dress code, which makes her the target of prefect Sakuradaimon's discipline.

However, no matter how many times he tries to scold her or make her change her clothes, she always manages to find a way around it.

11. Otaku ni Yasashii Gal wa Inai

Otaku ni Yasashii Gal wa Inai manga
Source: Otaku ni Yasashii Gal wa Inai

The manga is full of comedic moments and scenarios, but it also explores the idea that being an otaku doesn't have to mean being embarrassed or ashamed. Takuya Seo is not embarrassed by his love of “anime for girls,” and instead finds that he is able to connect with the girls through his shared interests.

In the end, Otaku ni Yasashii Gal wa Inai is a heartwarming story showing the importance of self-acceptance and embracing one's hobbies. It's a must-read for any otaku looking for a good laugh, or anyone interested in exploring the relationships between otaku and non-otaku.

10. Cuprum no Hanayome

Cuprum no Hanayome gyaru manga
Source: Cuprum no Hanayome

The manga follows Shiina and Shuu as they struggle to learn how to accept and understand one another. As they grow closer together, they must overcome their differences in order to develop a strong relationship.

Through their adventures, the couple learns to appreciate each other and the importance of communication in any relationship.

Cuprum no Hanayome is a unique story that is both lighthearted and heartwarming. It is one of the best gyaru manga and a must-read for any fan of romance and slice-of-life manga.

9. Yankee-kun to Hakujou Girl

best gyaru manga
Source: Yankee-kun to Hakujou Girl

Morio Kurokawa, a high school dropout, is an infamous delinquent known as “Morio the Black Panther”. One day he arrives across Yukiko Akaza, a mysterious girl with a condition that affects her eyesight and causes her to have extremely poor vision.

Despite being unable to see, Yukiko is not intimidated by Morio and they encounter each other multiple times. As they continue to meet, Morio falls deeply in love with Yukiko and has the urge to protect her.

He learns more about the hurdles she faces on a daily basis due to her vision impairment, yet she still maintains a positive attitude and strives to be independent. Morio's admiration for Yukiko grows and he wants to help her in any way he can.

The manga follows the blossoming relationship between these two unlikely characters as they both learn how to open up and trust one another.

8. Super Baby

Super Baby Manga
Source: Super Baby

The story follows Tamao, a small-town girl with a big dream: to become a Tokyo gal. After moving to the capital, she meets Yamada, an unappealing supermarket employee who she instantly falls in love with.

Despite their vastly different backgrounds, they bond over their love of jazz music and eventually start dating.With its unique premise and charming characters, Super Baby is sure to make any shoujo fan swoon.

It has been praised for its beautiful art style and its ability to capture the nuances of young love. It also offers an intriguing glimpse into the culture of modern Japan and how it affects relationships

7. Gal Gohan

Gal Gohan gyaru manga

The story follows Miku as she develops a passion for baking and learns from Shinji’s teaching. From creating signature dishes to sharing secret recipes, Gal Gohan follows Miku’s journey as she discovers her true potential in the kitchen.

Each chapter focuses on a new dish or recipe, such as crepes, mochi, and even strawberry parfaits. With its vibrant art style, captivating storytelling, and tasty recipes, Gal Gohan will inspire you to discover the joys of cooking and give you a newfound appreciation for the artistry behind Japanese cuisine.

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6. Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru

best gyaru manga recommendations

When a mysterious antique doll arrives at his family's shop, Gojou's life changes forever. The gift is no ordinary creation: it's a Bisque Doll that can talk and think and is so lifelike that Gojou finds himself growing attached to it. With the doll's help, Gojou learns the joys of friendship and even begins to explore romance.

This manga recently got an anime adaptation too, here's the trailer that you can watch:

5. Hajimete no Gal

Hajimete no Gal, best gyaru manga

The story then follows Junichi's romantic journey as he embarks on a path of self-discovery, love, and adventure. Along the way, Junichi must learn how to navigate the complexities of love, and not just between himself and Yukana.

As more characters are introduced into the story, Junichi must come to terms with his feelings for them, all while staying true to himself and finding his own happy ending.

4. Yancha Gal no Anjou-san

Yancha Gal no Anjou-san

The main attraction of Yancha Gal no Anjou-san is the contrast between its two lead characters. Anjou is loud, boisterous, and unapologetic while Seto is reserved, serious, and tries to remain composed despite Anjou’s antics.

This dynamic creates a lot of comedic moments and heartwarming scenes as the duo slowly begins to understand one another.

3. Kaette Kudasai! Akutsu-san

Kaette Kudasai Akutsu-san

Kaette Kudasai! Akutsu-san” is a charming romantic comedy manga series by Yuto Tamiya. It follows the story of Ooyama, a timid high school student who gets an unexpected house guest. Riko Akutsu, a delinquent classmate, decides to make herself at home in Ooyama's room.

Initially, Akutsu is annoying and intrusive. She eats his food, sleeps in his bed, reads his manga, and generally makes herself comfortable in his home.

Despite her disruptive behaviour, Ooyama finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. As their relationship progresses, the two start to open up to each other and develop feelings.

2. Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman

gyaru manga recommendations

This hilarious romantic comedy follows Jirou, a third-year in high school, and Akari, a gal in the same year, as they are forced to live together under a course called the “Couple Practical.”

As they act as a married couple, they come to realize that they may actually have feelings for one another. It is one of the best gyaru manga in terms of popularity and definitely worth a read!

1. Ichizu Bitch-chan

Ichizu Bitch-chan gyaru manga
Source: Ichizu Bitch-chan

When Kouhai first meets Senpai, she finds him to be intimidating and distant. Despite her insecurities, Senpai gives her a word of encouragement and promises to tutor her if she passes the entrance exam for Minami High School.

After succeeding, Kouhai begins attending the school but quickly realizes that Senpai's position as her senior has caused her to develop strong feelings for him.

Throughout the story, readers follow their interactions as they experience funny, embarrassing, and even romantic moments together. While Senpai tries his best to remain professional, he can't help but be impressed by Kouhai's determination and strength of will.

To Wrap Things Up

And there you have it, folks – the top 15 best gyaru manga out there! We hope you've found a few new series to add to your reading list (or at least a few style tips to steal).

Remember, just because these manga showcases the fashionable and fabulous lives of gyaru characters doesn't mean you have to go out and get a full-on makeover (unless you want to, of course).

These list of best gyaru manga are just for entertainment, but who knows – maybe reading about the wild and trendy lives of gyaru characters will inspire you to embrace your own inner glamour queen.

Happy reading, and don't forget to slap on some fake lashes before diving into this must-read manga!