20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter has a special place in the hearts of anime fans. Those who have watched the anime or read the manga know exactly what makes Hunter x Hunter so good in the first place.

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Re-adapted by Madhouse in 2011, people never thought that Hunter x Hunter will claim the title of one of the greatest anime ever aired, especially since the 1999 version by Nippon Animation also was a wonderful adaptation.

Let’s start things off with world-building. The world-building in Hunter x Hunter is phenomenal. Yoshihiro Togashi (you should know this person already if you are a fan of Hunter x Hunter) has wonderfully crafted such a vast world that begs to be explored.

But there's one more reason Hunter x Hunter is adored worldwide: its characters.

Hunter x Hunter has various kinds of characters, and everyone, literally every one of them, has distinct characteristics from one to another. You would never get bored of discovering the characters' individual designs, motives, natures, etc.

Although each of them is unique in their own way, some characters tend to stand out because of many factors. Today, I would like to talk about a few characters who are adored by the fans. Twenty of them, to be precise.

20. Pariston Hill

Hunter x Hunter Characters: Pariston Hill

Yes, our beloved chaotic-neutral character has made it to the list. Pariston is one of the few characters in this anime who prove that the brain matters the most, even more than brawn. The way he predicted everything that was going to happen in the chairman election shows how much of a genius Pariston actually is.

His past is also shrouded by mystery, making this story even more intriguing to dive deep into. He uses his cheerful and playful nature as a tool to get whatever he wants to get. Despite his beguiling smile, he could be a stone-cold serial killer if he wants to.

19. Knuckle Bine

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Knuckle Bine
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 22

At first glance, he looks like your stereotypical knucklehead (no pun intended) without the ability to calculate strategies and think calmly. While it is true to some extent, Knuckle has proved himself to be the most meticulous character in the series.

Just look at his Nen, APR. If I am being completely honest, I still cannot grasp the intricacies of the calculation that made Gon explode. But Knuckle's power arguably makes up one of the most well-thought Nen abilities out there.

Knuckle was also a really good senpai figure for both Gon and Killua, something they badly needed after losing Kite. He provided them with insights about Nen and trained them to become better than ever.

18. Ging Freecs

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Ging Freecs
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 23

“The worst dad ever” – a moniker that only a few selected anime characters can achieve. And Ging most definitely fits that title.

So, why did this guy make it to the list? For starters, despite everything he has done to Gon, he did not fully abandon him. Ging constantly monitors Gon’s adventure and collects intel about him. He has faith in Gon and knows he will survive despite undergoing dangerous adventures.

Ging also embodies “freedom” in the show. Sure, leaving your son to venture outside is not a responsible thing to do. But, as I explained, Ging never forgot to check on Gon’s well-being during his journey. And his motives make it clear that he means no harm to Gon. So, cut him some slack. He is a bad father, yes, but not a bad person.

17. Uvogin

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Uvogin
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 24

Some people thought Uvogin’s death was a waste since he has such an interesting personality behind that killing intent. They thought it was completely necessary to show how much more of a threat the Phantom Troupe actually is by keeping him alive.

Regardless of their opinion, Uvogin is dead. Kurapika killed him and showed us his hatred towards Phantom Troupe.

Despite having such a short screen time, Uvogin has beautifully described Phantom Troupe. They might kill people and steal things, but they always do it together. Uvogin’s character, who valued friendship and loyalty, willing to sacrifice himself to protect his colleagues, is a joy to witness while he lasts.

16. Pakunoda

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Pakunoda
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 25

She is another Phantom Troupe character who died in the early stages of the story. Though, unlike Uvogin, for some reason, not many people mourn her death.

It is quite understandable when you compare the energetic, flashy, explosive Uvogin to the monotone, cold character of Pakunoda. But some fans, including me, have delved deeper into her character.

Just like Uvogin, Pakunoda died protecting her Phantom Troupe colleagues. But one tiny detail made her death more serene and meaningful. Her last exchange with Gon and Killua showed how much she valued the camaraderie between her and the Phantom Troupe. Pakunoda is definitely not the strongest member of the group, but she arguably has the biggest heart of them all.

15. Alluka Zoldyck 

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Alluka Zoldyck
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 26

Compared to some characters, she did not have much screen. However, she managed to steal the show because of 2 factors: her overpowering Nen ability and, most importantly, her cuteness. Yes, she is extremely adorable.

Alluka’s addition to the series makes it more colorful, although she was introduced in one of the most emotion-draining arcs. 

14. Shaiapouf

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Shaiapouf
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 27

Hunter X Hunter has shown us many forms of loyalty, be it to a person, group, or even a thing. One of the prime examples of this is beautifully embodied by one of the Royal Guards, Shaiapouf.

Shaiapouf is not the strongest of the Royal Guards. Sure, he can fight, but Neferpitou or Menthuthuyoupi will perform that duty better. One thing he can do better is come up with clever strategies, mostly for his beloved king, Meruem.

We have seen him manipulating people behind the scenes, from Neferpitou and Komugi to even the king himself. At a glance, what he did was nasty and dirty. However, from his point of view, all he wanted was for Meruem to be happy and protected. Even if what he did were wrong, there is no denying that Shaiapouf only did it for Meruem. Now that is what we call true loyalty.

13. Illumi Zoldyck

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Illumi Zoldyck
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 28

This guy, right here, has the potential to become the most dangerous character in Hunter x Hunter. He is known for mostly pulling strings behind the scenes. Whenever Illumi does make an appearance, you just know something bad is about to happen.

He is not only gifted with his assassin skills, but Illumi is also considerably smart and cunning. The way he put a needle inside Killua’s head and manipulated him indirectly shows how dangerous Illumi is.

Still, nobody can fully hate him. His antics are sometimes fun to watch, especially when he is with Hisoka. Overall, just like Pariston, I personally can hardly wait to see him back in action. He is the true embodiment of the element of chaos in the show.

12. Feitan Portor

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Feitan Portor
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 29

People might argue there are more interesting characters than Feitan. But it is quite difficult to find other characters who are cooler than him.

The De facto leader of Phantom Troupe proves his looks are as menacing as his skill sets. It is pretty hard not to feel goosebumps when he released his Nen power against Zazan. 

Outside the arena, Feitan also shows that he is capable of goofing around and having fun with his comrades. This is another great example of Togashi portraying two sides of the coin with every Hunter x Hunter character. 

11. Neferpitou

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Neferpitou
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 30

The Royal Guards have proven to have some of the best characters in Hunter x Hunter. In Neferpitou’s case, her greatest moment came after her death.

Ever since her introduction, Neferpitou is portrayed as a bloodthirsty character who loves to kill and torture her opponents. Unlike Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi, Togashi rarely portrays her as a loyal guard.

But the moment before she dies, she shows she is as loyal as Shaiapouf. She felt relieved that Gon was specifically targeting her instead of Meruem. Her loyalty went even beyond life and death, awakening her Nen to protect her King even after she dies. Neferpitou showed that she is more than your average fight-loving character.

10. Isaac Netero

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Isaac Netero
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 31

Being one of the strongest characters, Netero always does what he does best: having fun whenever he wants. But we already know this type of character. They may all be fun and games, but when things get serious, he is the last person you would want to mess with.

His willingness to sacrifice himself in his fight against Meruem shows just how serious Netero can be. In his final moments, he magnificently portrays the brutality of humankind and how the sky is only the limit for human evolution.

9. Komugi

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Komugi
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 32

She is the sole reason why Meruem is willing to abandon his life as a King just to play Gungi with her for the rest of his life.

She began her journey as a useless crybaby, but Komugi slowly started showing why she is the perfect match for Meruem. She is the only character who was brave enough to deny Meruem's order, even after he threatened to kill her. Her compassion and humility were enough to melt the coldest ice. 

Komugi is always there for Meruem, even though she only accompanies him to play Gungi. They are only apart when Meruem fights Netero; by then, Meruem has become more humane than human beings. Thanks to Komugi, we witness one of the greatest character developments in any Anime ever. 

8. Leorio Paladiknight

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Leorio Paladiknight
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 33

He is a real brother figure to Gon. Despite Having many flaws, such as being quick-tempered, perverted, and reckless, Leorio has proven himself to be one of the best allies Gon has ever had. 

One prime example is how he boldly shows his Nen ability in front of spectators and punches Ging with it. This is especially incredible since exposing your Nen to others might endanger you since other Hunters can use that information for their own benefit. What Leorio did to support Gon, even though it may not be as big or amazing as other characters, was impressive on its own. 

There are, of course, other occasions where Leorio helps Gon. Togashi, thus, gave us another extremely loyal character in the form of Leorio. 

7. Kite

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Kite
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 34

If Feitan is considered the sickest antagonist, some might argue that Kite is the most wickedly cool protagonist in the series. And it is quite easy to understand why. 

Kite is known as a skilled Hunter. He also has a vast knowledge of different kinds of species, showing how dedicated he actually is to his job. Ging played a big role in shaping Kite's skill as a Hunter, and Kite, in turn, passed on the knowledge to Gon and Killua. 

Behind his stern demeanor, Kite has a soft spot for Gon. Even though his actions may seem rough, he does what he to protect Gon and teach him about what being a Hunter truly means. This is why Gon is absolutely enraged and frustrated when he couldn't save the one person he owed the most. 

6. Chrollo Lucilfer

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Chrollo Lucilfer
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 35

Here he is, our favorite spider. The head of the table, The Almighty Chrollo Lucilfer. When fans speak about Chrollo, there are two things they always mention: his personality and, most importantly, his skills. 

Calm and reserved are perhaps two words that best explain Chrollo's character. We never see him panicking, no matter what the situation is. Normal people would definitely panic if their Nen was sealed by Kurapika's “Judgement Chain.” But not Chrollo. It is like he knows that he will eventually be freed from it. 

Chrollo's combat skills definitely deserve special mention here as well. Despite not fighting seriously, surviving against the two monsters, Zeno and Silva Zoldyck, is not easy. Chrollo Lucilfer is simply amazing. Period. 

5. Gon Freecs

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Gon Freecs
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 36

Some of you might wonder why the main character did not make it to the first place. That is because Hunter x Hunter has incredible characters whom even Gon's endless charms cannot defeat.

Gon's character development is simply amazing. He went from a naive kid long for his father to a monster who only sought vengeance for his mentor. 

People might like other characters in Hunter x Hunter, but there is no way anyone can hate our main character. Gon is simply too lovable to hate, and fans will never disagree with that. 

4. Kurapika

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Kurapika
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 37

Besides Gon and Killua, Kurapika is the only character with his own saga, with a lead role in Yorknew Arc and one other major arc in the manga. Thus, some of the fans might understand his character more than any other characters in the series. 

Kurapika is the embodiment of hatred in Hunter x Hunter. He spent his life looking to get stronger to avenge his Kurta Clan being slaughtered by Phantom Troupe. But because of this, his character feels so humane, despite being quite edgy at some points. 

But being alone most of the time makes him extremely vulnerable and open to manipulation. This is why he enjoys being accompanied by Gon and friends despite straying from his main goal. 

3. Hisoka Morow

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Hisoka Morow
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 38

It is quite difficult to grasp what Hisoka's real motives are in the series. All we know is that he enjoys fighting and is willing to do anything to fight someone strong. 

His appearance at any moment can mean good fortune or bad omen. He often sides with other antagonists and tries to disrupt our main character's plans. But sometimes, he joins Gon and helps him finish whatever he has started. 

Regardless of his true intentions, people never dislike him in general. Fans love watching Hisoka. His antics are sometimes creepy but funny at the same time. And we know whenever he makes an appearance, we will most likely enjoy a good action scene. 

2. Killua Zoldyck

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Killua Zoldyck
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 39

Gon's best friend is arguably the most beloved character in the series. 

Killua is a mix of chill, funny, and cool at the same time. He is your stereotypical protagonist sidekick, to be honest. But Killua is anything but the stereotypical edgy sidekick. 

I mean, he does have his dark side due to his semi-tragic past. But most of the time, Killua simply tries to be a normal kid who loves playing around and having fun. He rarely acts like a dark and edgy boy unless the situation forces him to. 

1. Meruem

Hunter X Hunter Characters: Meruem
20 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters of All Time Ranked 40

There is no denying that Meruem has one of the greatest character arcs in the series, maybe even in anime history. He begins his journey as a tyrannical lord hungry for power before becoming a humble leader who simply wants to play Gungi with his best friend. 

Meruem also portrays an analogy of “The Rules of Survival.” He is a creature who just wants to survive but loses to human beings because the latter can give us their humanity to survive. 

There is not much else to say about Meruem except that we fans are eternally thankful to Yoshiro Togashi for creating such a wonderful character.

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