4 Best Stock Investing Podcasts To Ignore the Market Noise

I used to stream music or talk radio to keep my sanity when driving or working on the road. Then, I discovered the universe of podcasts. Each week, I listen to podcasts about several topics. But, I always make sure to listen to the best stock investing podcasts to help me understand what's going on in the stock market.

For starters, I invest a small portion of my portfolio in individual stocks and ETFs with the help of investing newsletters. But, there's only so much information a monthly or bi-weekly publication can give you.

What I like about investing podcasts, is that you can get a daily or weekly wrap on the market. And, you can even hear about special investing topics and varying opinions on certain companies.

Plus, you don't hear all the jabber that's on CNBC trying to maximize tv ratings.

Below are some of the best stock investing podcasts (in my opinion) that I think are worth a listen. While I don't listen to every episode every week. Or I sometimes listen to a different one, I think these offer a good perspective on the market.

The Best Investing Podcasts for Any Investor

Whether you invest in index funds or want to trade options, you can benefit from these podcasts.

The Motley Fool


There's a lot to like about The Motley Fool. Personally, I subscribe to their Stock Advisor platform that recommends two new stocks each month. And, they have a long-term track record of beating the S&P 500 with their picks.

There are actually five different Fool podcasts to listen to:

  • Market Fool Money (Posts each Friday and recaps the market events)
  • Market Foolery (A daily recap of the biggest market news and some company analysis)
  • Industry Focus (A near daily podcast that focuses on a different industry each day)
  • Rule Breaker Investing (Weekly podcast from Fool founder David Gardner)
  • Motley Answers (Weekly podcast for beginner investors with basic investing advice)

I don't have time to listen to every episode. But, I usually try to focus on the first three podcasts.

If I can only choose one, it's Market Foolery. This is basically a short and sweet analysis of one or two companies making headlines. But, you don't get all the hype that comes with a CNBC or Fox Business program.

A close second is Industry Focus. Each day talks about a different industry. More specifically, they usually focus on one or two companies in that industry. It might be the latest earning reports for Exxon Mobil and Chevron, or the recent IPO of a company like Upwork.

The Disciplined Investor

For a weekly market recap, I listen to The Disciplined Investor by Andrew Horowitz. He does a straightforward job of talking about market fundamentals and how they may impact future market performance. Periodically, he interviews other investing experts so you can learn more about a certain industry.

Andrew earns his keep as a full-service financial advisor. So, you're not going to get the latest stock tip. But, you get enough information to understand what's happening in the markets.

Wall Street Unplugged

Frank Curzio is another investing newsletter I subscribe to. He also has two weekly podcasts. Plus, he one of his partners (Mike Alkin and Talking Stocks Over a Beer) has a weekly podcast too.

Wall Street Unplugged is his flagship podcast. He covers different investing topics and also interviews a weekly guest.

On Frankly Speaking, Frank answers reader questions. And, he might also talk about some of the latest market happenings.

So, take a listen to all three and see which ones you like most.

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Stansberry Investor Hour

The Stansberry Research team is one of the leading newsletter teams. Their founder Porter Stansberry can be provocative (controversial?) at times, so I don't recommend listening to this podcast with children around. But, he's not in the same camp as Howard Stern.

If you want to listen to investing and current events from a libertarian perspective, listen to Stansberry Investor Hour.

Take a listen and see if you like it. This isn't going to be like the other podcasts on this list. And, it's one reason why it makes the list for being one of the best investing podcasts.


Investing podcasts help me keep tabs on the latest happenings of the market. I don't have the time (or desire) to watch investing newscasts from CNBC and the like. And, I don't have the time to read the Wall Street Journal or Barron's on a regular basis.

What investing podcasts do you listen to? Which ones do you think are full of hot air?

Use your newfound knowledge from investing podcasts to invest in stocks for free.



Josh founded Money Buffalo in 2015 to help people get out of debt and make smart financial decisions. He is currently a full-time personal finance writer with work featured in Forbes Advisor, Fox Business, and Credible.