Best Items To Sell on eBay for Profit

Out of all the side hustles, eBay is definitely one of my favourite ways to make money from home. It’s so therapeutic to have a good declutter and make cash from unwanted items!

I’ve been selling on eBay for at least ten years now, and one of the most common questions I get asked from people a lot is ‘What are the best things to sell?’

If you’re just starting out, choosing stuff to sell for profit can be quite a challenge.

I hope this guide can help give you some clarity on which items can help you make the most cash.

What can I sell on eBay to make money fast? 

Looking to sell your items for quick cash?

It’s best to start with things that have the most demand. You can check this by searching for your item in eBay’s search bar and filtering with ‘sold’ and ‘completed’ options to see items that have sold recently.

This will also help you fairly price your items based on previous sales.

The more competitive your price, the quicker it will sell.

Items that tend to sell quickly on eBay include:

Clothes & accessories

 Designer brands such as Chanel and high street favourites like Topshop are popular, as lots of people will be searching for these.

Electrical & technology items 

iPhones, game consoles, camera equipment and retro devices such as VHS players are in high demand.

Household items 

Look around your home for accessories such as cushions, crockery and devices from well-known designers like Emma Bridgewater, Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley.


Items such as watches and valuable pieces from big brand names are also good sellers on eBay.

Kids and baby stuff 

These items are always in popular demand, especially essentials like:

  •  clothing
  •  cots
  •  breast pump machines
  • prams


There is still a market for flogging used books, especially first editions from well-known authors and also when there is a film release, e.g. Stephen King novels and Harry Potter books sell very well!

Board Games

Since lockdown, thas been a spike in board game sales on eBay. 

But even before, board games have been a good seller for those wanting to make quick money – just make sure you’re honest about the condition and any missing pieces!

What are the easiest things to sell?

In terms of listing and posting, there are certain items that are easier to sell and post than others.

For example, a dress can easily be photographed in a light room on a hanger on the back of a door. It can also be folded neatly into an envelope or parcel bag to post.

In some cases, clothing and items such as DVDs and books will fit as a large letter, meaning you can pop them in a post box and avoid visiting a post office altogether.

Kids cuddly toys, plus any board games and square items are also easier to list and wrap up to post.

Save time – copy key information

If your item is popular and you can find a similar listing, eBay has a ‘sell similar’ functionality, where you can copy over key information about a listing, which will also save you so much time listing and selling items.

childrens shoes are always in demand on ebay

Consider postage costs versus collection

Other items, such as breakables and bulky items are more difficult to post and may require extra insurance and courier costs. You can, of course, add this into your costing, but bear in mind it might put buyers off. There is also the option to list heavy items such as furniture on ‘local collection only’ which means the buyer will have to collect from your address.

Which items sell for a lot of money on eBay?

Obviously, some items are worth more than others and this is where it pays to do your research. Rare and one-off pieces are worth major £££s on eBay, as long as there is a buyer willing to pay.

Items which sell for lots of money include:

  • Memorabilia and collectors items e.g. stamps, war medals, retro toys, etc.
  • Antique furniture
  • Cars and car pieces/accessories
  • Any limited edition or signed items, e.g. musical instruments from a well-known musician’s autograph, football t-shirts and footballs, that sort of thing
  • Designer items and vintage clothes

Selling successfully on eBay all depends on:

  1.  What you have to sell
  2. The condition of the item
  3.  How much you’d like for it.

You can choose to auction your items and set a reserve.

Or if you know the exact value, you can sell it using the ‘Buy it Now’ option.

I personally prefer auctions, as you often find buyers panic bid and drive up the price at the last minute.

It’s also more exciting to watch the price go up!

What are the weirdest items to sell on eBay?

Aside from your bread and butter items around your home, there are certainly a lot of weird and wonderful items you can sell on eBay for profit!

Here are just some of the things you can sell on eBay to make extra cash:

  • Smelly shoes & socks (yes, really!)
  • Loo rolls & egg cartons for crafts
  • Mystery boxes
  • ‘Creepy’ vintage dolls & dollhouse furniture
  • Coupons & vouchers
  • Discontinued stuff
  • Packaging and bags from designer brands
  • Empty perfume bottles

Plus loads more!

Pro- seller tip

Remember to get creative with your listings.

I once knew a guy who sold those creepy dolls I mentioned above. 

He gave each one a story and said they were haunted to drive sales. Now in reality, those dolls were probably just off a car boot or found in a charity shop, but her got such good feedback for selling them in this way. 

Top marks for creativity!

(Just remember, these items might attract some pretty peculiar people. It’s best to be polite and answer any questions they have. If they get super weird, maybe block them).

Top tips for selling on eBay 

Optimise your listings

eBay is a great platform for selling your stuff, but there is so much competition for sales!

With that in mind, it’s worthwhile ensuring your listings are optimised for selling so that buyers can find your items when they search on eBay.

To do this:

  1. Fill your titles with keywords including brand name, colour, size/material and any special features (you get an 80 character limit so make it count!)
  2. Tick off as many item specifics as possible in your listing – lots of sellers don’t bother to fill these out so you can use this to your advantage by taking just an extra few minutes to include these
  3. Include a detailed description – pack your description full of information about the item – this is an excellent opportunity to build trust and really sell your item to your buyer!
  4. Use acronyms in your titles for veteran eBayers who know the lingo such as BNWT (brand new with tags) and VGC (very good condition)

Take amazing photos 


As you can probably imagine, images are very important and act as your shop window to attract your buyer.

Help your photos stand out from other sellers using these secret tips:

  • Take advantage of your 12 photo spaces and photograph as many details as possible, including any special features, tags, etc.
  • Edit photos using eBay’s free editing tool to brighten up and crop your pictures.
  • Use a collage as your main photo to help showcase your items and catch your buyer’s eye.

Make sure it's clean and in good condition

Whatever you’re selling, make sure it’s clean and in good condition, ready for photographing and listing.

There is also the option to use stock photos for items, but I would avoid this, as buyers prefer to see the condition and view the actual item they will be receiving.

Plus, if you choose the wrong stock photo by accident, you might find your buyer won’t be too happy with what they receive in the post!

Bundle similar items together

If you’re having a mass clear out and would like a load of items out of your house in one go, selling in bundles is a really good choice.

It also makes your buyer feel like they’re getting a bargain!

This is useful for items like baby clothes, computer games and consoles, plus things like makeup and beauty samples.

selling items in bundles is a great way of selling on ebay

Create a template within eBay to list faster


I’m not going to lie, sometimes it can feel like items do take forever to list, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Utilise eBay’s template options and build templates for each of your items to bulk list and get your items sold faster.

As mentioned earlier, you can also use the ‘sell similar’ feature to copy information from one listing across to a new one to help save time.

List on £1 max fee selling days


To make more profit on eBay, it’s best to list during £1 max fee selling days.

As a personal seller, eBay takes 10% of your final sales total.

However, there are certain days and weeks when it runs a promotion (often over Bank Holiday weekends and busy periods) and you only pay £1 as a maximum fee on up to 100 items.

So if you sell something worth £50, instead of paying £5 to eBay, you would only pay £1 max.

Look out for these promotions in your emails and on eBay’s homepage on their website to make even more money on eBay.

Try another selling site


Finally, if you’ve tried selling your items on eBay with no success, or you find the fees too expensive, try one of these alternative selling sites instead.

Local selling sites are a good option for heavier items that you don’t want to post, and many of these sites don’t charge listing fees either.

In conclusion

Now you know what are the best items to sell on eBay, the items that get the most money and how to sell items, why don't you give it a go! 

It will all count towards extra income and help you achieve your financial goals.  This could be paying off debt quicker, building long term savings, or saving for a family treat. 

Today's guest post comes to you courtesy of Collette, who is over at Cashbackcollette

She was able to afford to buy a house in an expensive part of rural Surrey, as a result of her side hustling. Her website is worth a nosey – it has soo many great tips for making extra income! 

Thanks for sharing your ideas today Collette! 

Other ideas for making money? See below!

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