The 10 Best Jobs to Make $100,000 Without a Degree

how to make $100,000 without a career

Are you someone who didn’t go to college, but you still want to make six figures in a career?

jobs that make six figures without degree

The conventional wisdom of the late ’70s and early ’80s – go to school, get a degree, get a corporate job and make six figures – has changed with the emergence of the internet and entirely new industries.

While college is still a great option for many, you don’t have to have a college degree to make $100,000 in America

If you are someone who was afraid to take out student loan debt, didn't have the grades or funds to go to college or maybe you never even wanted to go – You can still make $100,000.

Below is a list of 10 professions or career tracks that require no college degree, yet you can still make six figures (infographic included)… the best jobs without a degree!

10 Jobs to Make $100,000 Without a College Degree

Not every six-figure career requires a standard 4-year Bachelors's degree, counter to what we are usually told. And while you can get free college with some jobs, most of the time a degree results in student loans.

However, some of the best high-paying careers don't require a degree, but still, have the potential to earn high (you can still learn to invest while you're at it too).

Personal Note: Whether you have a degree or not isn't the sole indicator of your success. My wife and I have graduate level degrees, however, neither of my brothers went the college route yet they've done well owning small businesses and working in the construction industry. Whatever you choose to do, be sure you never compare yourself and stay true to yourself! ~Josh

1. Insurance Sales

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In layman's terms, an insurance agent is someone who helps clients find insurance policies that fit their needs. Ranging from auto insurance and homeowners insurance all the way to umbrella and business insurance, insurance agents can make some serious money, especially when they own their own “book”.

The average insurance agent makes $50,000 a year, but without a degree, a top-performing agent in the 90th percentile can make $128,000 plus.

While sales get a bad name because some salespeople go about their business all the wrong way, what you will learn in reading today is that some of the best jobs without a degree typically revolve around the element of sales.

Starting out, you can make sales a part-time thing while you get your feet wet before jumping all in. Whether you have a degree or not, typically a high social IQ goes hand in hand with making six figures!

Read how to become an insurance agent here.

2. Real Estate Agent or Broker

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No degree, no problem. A real estate agent is a great career path for someone who loves working with people and likes having flexibility in their lives. Like anything, there is a learning curve to becoming a great agent who makes over $100,000, but it won’t happen overnight.

In fact, most people in the world will never make over $100,000 annually, so patience is key with any industry, especially real estate.

Real estate is a grind. You need to know your game and be open to learning and growing in order to hit the 6 figure club. Matthew Lama made the jump from accounting full time to working for himself as a real estate agent and in this video below, he shares the steps to becoming a real estate agent:

You can start a real estate side hustle on the side and grow it as you learn before making the big jump, or you can do what Matt did and go all in. Either way, recognize that becoming a real estate agent does not guarantee you six figures.

That being said, becoming a real estate agent and keeping your nose to the grindstone can be one of the best jobs without a degree!

3. Construction Superintendents

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Superintendents for construction companies oversee a wide variety of tasks.

From planning the daily operations to implementing and organizing work, a project manager is no simple job, but the pay isn’t too shabby. Overseeing the work on a construction site or large project requires experience, but starting out in the field and growing with a company can happen relatively quickly.

Emphasize learning new skills and find another superintendent to mentor you. How much do construction superintendents make?

According to Payscale, it ranges from $50,000-$110,000, with the average being $75,000. But there are opportunities within most companies to reach six figures with bonuses and performance.

Another added benefit to working in a construction field is the trades (#4) you learn are forever. Degrees become outdated with changes in the industry, however, working in a trade equips you with skill sets that allow you to become a superintendent or even start your own company one day.

4. Trade Industry

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Electricians, HVAC techs, plumbers, master welders, linemen, and a plethora of other trade professionals can eclipse the six-figure mark annually, and often faster than those who have their college degree.

six figure careers in trade industry

With the trade profession being in such high demand, some trades pay over $35 an hour. Throw in overtime because of project timelines, and at $50+ per hour, trade workers can quickly start approaching the six-figure mark annually… and fast!

If you like working with your hands or don’t think college is the best route for you, consider an in high-demand trade.

Unlike college where you pay high tuition costs to earn your degree, typically you learn as you work, thus making money while going to a trade school 1-2 nights per week. Use this list to find the highest paying trades by hour according to  

Are you somewhat handy and want to first do it on the side? Another option is to do something like Task Rabbit where you can offer handyman-like services and explore the different trades!

5. Start a Blog

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As a full-time teacher, blogging was my first teaching side hustle because of the flexibility. Now brace yourself for this… there are bloggers who make $100,000 blogging not in a year, but sometimes in a single month.

While this is certainly, not the norm and blogging creativity, commitment, and an extremely strong work ethic, there are bloggers that make six figures a year and in some cases a month.

Now, that being said, that doesn’t go for every blogger. However, there are plenty of examples of moms who blog full time and raise their kids and bring in a six-figure salary. Just eclipsing the 30,000 views per month mark can land advertisement and sponsorship deals that bring in an extra $1,000 per month.

So while blogging is not a “Career” in the sense of traditional thinking, there is the potential to bring in six figures as a blogger. Really, blogging just means you own an online business that utilizes content, social media, and communication to market goods and services.

For example, most media companies of the digital age started as a blog (Huffington Post, Nerd Wallet, etc). You can literally start a blog in a matter of minutes while sitting on your couch for less than $4 a month.

That said, it will take time to develop the skills, expertise, and content to be able to command six figures, but the opportunity is there.

Considering starting a blog?: You can learn how to start a blog step by step using this guide! It's how I got my start making a $1,000+ extra per month!

6. Service Writer

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Similar to #8, working in the auto industry can be lucrative.

Service writers at dealerships that sell services ranging from oil changes to major engine repair make a nice commission on the work they sell.

The hours are actually better than car sales themselves and high volume dealerships are an easy way for some service writers to make over the $100,000 mark. However to make $100,000+ each year, plan to work 50 hours a week according to most six-figure earners.

7. Sales Jobs

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One of the quickest ways to best jobs without a degree is to land a sales job.

Whether you are selling exterior home products or software, most sales jobs require a general understanding of products and people.

There are plenty of sales jobs as companies always want to grow their profits. If you think you might be someone who is or isn't good at sales it doesn't matter. The process of learning how to make sales work for you typically consists of:

  1. Personal development & reading
  2. Product Knowledge
  3. Sales system and process
  4. Follow up process
  5. Care for the person or customer

Pros of Sales:

  • Flexiblity in schedule
  • Can sometimes work out of your home
  • Can make more money than salary our hourly jobs

Cons of Sales:

  • Demanding expectations
  • Can mean more hours to make sales
  • Irregular income
  • Quota adjustments
  • Always on the clock

8. Master Mechanic & Collision Repair

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The average adult will spend more money on cars in their lifetime than anything else aside from housing costs and possible medical costs. And while having a car payment is a liability, working in the car industry is actually lucrative for some.

Certified techs (Mechanics) and collision repair experts have the ability to bring in six figures as they progress in their field. Typically these industries pay high dollars for certified mechanics and car experts.

Most of the work is performance-based and the certification programs vary but don’t require formal education. Diesel mechanics, in particular, can do very well.  

9. Start a Company.

male business El Nariz e1700087837362

Are you an entrepreneur?

My brothers have each started landscaping businesses. My dad owns a small plumbing remodeling company. I have a friend who is an exterior home specialist remodeler. The list goes on.

Starting a company has never been easier than it is now (Don’t misinterpret that statement as starting a business means you do nothing and make money, I am referring to the actual process of setting everything up). You can literally hop on Legal Zoom and start a business within minutes.

With a laptop, there are a plethora of businesses you can start. Or you can be like my family members and go into the service industries. If you’re someone who is a master in a subject area you can do consulting work.

A common question most will have is, what is it like starting a business? Brian from MeiggsMedia puts it this way,

If there is one thing that many people are afraid of, it’s starting a business and not having the funds for it.

Brian goes on to say, “After all, not only are there the startup costs of a company, there are the costs of running a business.” Additionally, Brian stated that the pro behind starting a business is that there is the opportunity cost of the money that you make as a business owner compared to what you would make as an employee at a pre-established company.

He just recommends to new small business owners not to commit to their new business all at once,

“It can be worked on alongside another job in the beginning so that one can still supplement their needs such as rent and groceries. About 35% of millennials that have started a business started them on the side to increase their primary source of income.”

Either way, starting an LLC is simple, just do research ahead of time to help you, and don’t confuse simplicity with being a business owner is easy. Be sure to have a long-term plan and vision.  

For business ideas and ways to get your feet wet, here are 18+ side hustles that make $1,000 per month that you can turn into a business of your own!

10. Air Traffic Controller

air traffic controller
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Air traffic controllers on average make $124,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are some requirements when it comes to becoming an air traffic controller such as passing the AT-SAT, or air traffic standardized aptitude test. If candidates pass the AT-SAT, they then must complete 2-5 months of training in a certified FAA academy.

By no means is the path to becoming an air traffic controller simple. Requirements include three years of experience in the aviation field, which many candidates are getting by completing a 4 year Bachelor's degree. But ATC is one of the best jobs without a degree for sure!

If you’re interested, read up on how to become an air traffic controller here.

11. A few more jobs you can do without a degree:

There is certainly no shortage of available jobs you can leverage to make six figures. In fact, in any industry, there is someone who makes six figures and there are others who don't. Always keep this in mind.

Before going over a few more of the best jobs without a degree that can help you land six figures, be sure to recognize that staying with a particular company or within a niche is key to moving up the ranks so to speak (and obviously doing a good job).

Other jobs to make six figures without a degree:

  • Grocery Store Manager
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy & Water Plant Technician/Supervisor
  • Elevator repairman
  • Detective
  • Logistics and Warehouse Management Supervisor

My Takeaway for Best Jobs Without a Degree:

Growing up I always heard:

  • Go to school and get good grades...
  • Use those good grades to get into college. ..
  • Once you are at college make sure you study what your passionate about and continue to get good grades.
  • After that get a job in your passion area and consider getting another higher education degree to continue to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

If the above statements sound familiar, chances are you have probably heard it a million times. In fact, you might even be someone who has told others that their best path is the college route.

Like myself, you might have asked someone in your life why they weren’t in a good financial position and their common answer was something along the lines of them not going to college.

True statement: Statistically someone with a college degree still makes more on average than someone without. However, these numbers can be overrated because they don’t factor in the costs of college.

BUT, just like 2+2 is 4 and so is 3+1, I share this perspective just to state that there are many ways to get to six figures in your lifetime. There isn’t just one proven path, there is many.

So depending on what you want to create and want to do with your time, recognize there is no proven or guaranteed path. A college degree doesn't guarantee six figures or success, just like not having a degree doesn't mean you CAN'T make six figures ever.

College Degrees or Jobs Without a Degree?

Opinion Piece

I want to share a short story about choosing the right path for YOU and not because someone else told you to. This has a lot to do with finding the best job without a degree and very little to do with “Passion.”

At age 18 I was asked to pick a major (something you are passionate about) and I personally went with physical education. I always find it funny that we ask 18-year-olds to chose something that they are “passionate” about.

At 18 I was passionate about video games, friends and sports.

On the other hand, one of my younger brothers (At 17) landed a small landscape job from a neighbor to do over the summer. Alongside a buddy, they used an old skid-steer and cleared out the backyard of our neighbor, and laid some sod.

While they worked, three other neighbors asked if he could do the same for them. They ended up doing about 10 houses in a row that summer, charging somewhere around $1,000 per job.  

It was at that point my brother decided to go into landscaping. School was never his thing and even though he was a superstar athlete, pursuing sports in college really wasn’t up his alley either.

So for the rest of his senior year, he did jobs here and there and then went all-in at 18 after graduating. Now as a business owner, he makes more some months than I make all year… with a Master’s degree.

This led me to think if the goal is to get to become financially secure, does it matter how you get there?

Question: What are the best jobs without a degree that we missed?

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